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  • American Tragedy
    United We Stand!! Sept. 11,2001 changed our lives forever. This community is for all websites that have a memorial,tribute, or dedication page to honor those lost. Please join us to show your support. Lets show those who would harm us that our Country is United and will not be brought down.

  • Reliable Alternatives
    News and opinion sites that are opposed to the status quo, updated often, outside the mainstream (but not bonkers), and driven by determination and dedication.

  • We Will Survive
    U.S.A. Tribute

  • Community of Conservative Forums
    A community dedicated to conservative political discussion forums.

  • Angels Seeking Justice
    This community features HOMICIDE CASES & UNSOLVED CRIMES. We began this community in hopes it will help families get justice. You may also submit your site if your case is solved if you need support from other homicide victim survivors. We have a great group of friends here that are of great comfort to each other.

  • Media Watch Community
    Offecommunity criticism, analysis, and opinion about the media to allow the consumer to make an informed decision about their media choices. The Media Watch community also tries to scrape off the hype and PR of local and national media outlets. Media Watch sites may also focus on news items that the established outlets under report or ignore.

  • Michele's America In Crisis
    This Community is for anyone who has a website because of the devastating terrorism that the USA suffered on 9-11-01.

  • Fight Terrorism!
    This community is for websites dedicated to anti-terrorism.

  • Am Yisrael Chai
    Unbiased news from Israel

  • Witchmoms santaland classic
    Alle flotte jule hjemmesider er velkomne, du skal dog have mindst 3 sider for at kunne ligge på denne community.All christmas homepages are welcome, but you have to have atleast 3 pages of christmas.Remember to registre the christmas homepage. Husk at registrerer Julehjemmesiden.

  • News Sarasota
    Breaking News, Firefighters News, Homeland Security News, Military News, Opinions, Politics, Road Conditions, Sports News, Truckers News, Weather and MORE...

  • WebLogs Community
    WebLogs Community is a central point for those writing and offecommunity connections to sites on the internet dealing with current events, news and politics. This community is not for personal weblogs. Sites, for the most part, are updated daily with commentary on the links to other sites. No hate, porn or other offensive sites allowed. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • O'Reilly Factor Fans
    Community for fans of the O'Reilly Factor.

  • war + school
    Got something to say?{;}Whether you're adamantly opposed to school violence or have been following crimes related to school violence and have a webpage to share, you are welcome to apply to this community. Memorials and dedications welcome... pretty much anything you have to say, it most probably will be accepted.

  • Fuse to Defuse
    Mission Statement: To build a circle of joined nodes and circle the globe with conscious choice to avert war, hate, boredom, corporate enslavement and other symptoms of millennial self-fulfilling prophecy syndrome.Joining this community requires only that you be against the Bush administration's insanities and understand that this government and the corporations pulling its stcommunitys are threatening at BEST the lives of untold many - and at WORST the very future of life on earth. Silence equals complicity. If enough minds fuse, perhaps we can defuse this bomb in time? This is more than a

  • Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009
    Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009- is the keyword for the interschool seo contest. This contest is open to all the college students and teachers in the province of capiz.

  • Updated With the Current Events Through Online Journalism


    Information is a very important factor that contributes to the progressive civilization of the human society. It could be tracked down through history that with the existence of a way of passing information to the masses, it could be noticed that progress has been easily passed on through generations as well. The birth of journalism paved way to a revolution of information overflow in the human society worldwide. As for a fact, history has been written and has been possible for being studied by latter generations because of journalism and the recording of current events. Important researches by science have also been passed on to the public through the art of journalism. With these truths, it could then be an interesting topic to discuss on how far journalism has already been developing through the years as it enters the new era of technological advancements.


    Journalism is among the arts of communication processes that are referred to as a means by which the public is being connected with the whole society. Hence, having the connotation that it is a major way of being publicly informed, journalism has also been connected with numerous issues of being true and highly dependable. For this reason, numerous experts have been trying to etch the basic points of consideration when journalism is being discussed. Developmental journalism is also one of the key issues that is discussed by the journalist professionals who would like to make it a point that the said field of communicating to the public is highly reliable for the people in the society.


    Numerous forms of journalism are used to send important messages to the public. It could either be in form of written, oral, verbal or audio information. Several mediums are also utilized by journalists to be able to convey their message to the public. Such mediums include television, radio, print materials such as newspapers or broadsheets and magazines as well. One of the most modern systems that journalists at present use to be able to come up with the most sufficient and efficient reporting of current events is the utilization of Internet systems.


    How the Internet Helps in Producing Well Reported Current Events


    Through the digital systems that are available through Internet applications at present, reporting current events becomes much interactive as well as animated and well presented to the public. It could be noted that with these features, more and more people have become even more interested to know the different issues that the society is involved in at present. Through a statistical assessment, at least 30% increase on the number of people around the world are now interested with regards the different current events happening around the world today, at least 20% more of the human population are now more interested in giving their opinions with regards the world situations and share their thoughts to other people.


    Without any doubt, the Internet has indeed become a virtual tool that helped in informing the different generations and different nationalities around the world. Through the creation of this particular connection among people around d the world, everyone becomes more aware, better informed and well versed about the different issues that cover the worldwide scene.