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    readings against the mind control conspiracy: documents, News and new additions announced, Resources including documents, organizations, and sites with links, non-consensual brain implants.

  • The Honorable Anti-Yahoo Society
    It doesn't cut the wood to declare yourself to be just anti-Yahoo! People of this Society are honorable members, and this Society has Vision, Dignity, Worthyness and Good Reason to have Honorable Membership Ensignia. Check it out, and become a Member!

  • Your Theory
    Every Day Peoples Theorys About Anything. Where all that matters is Your Theory!!!{;}

  • i scare people
    Community for those who are not quite normal. I often scare poeple.

  • Conspiracy Theory


    A conspiracy theory claims a corresponding group is, or was, in secret working to give illegal or unlawful actions, comprising attempting to conceal the survival of the group as well as its activities. In remarkable cases the theory contradicts what is or was, symbolized as mainstream clarification for past or present events. The expression is also occasionally used superficially in an effort to depict an individual or group's views as being false or strange.


    The term "conspiracy theory" might be a neutral descriptor for any conspiracy assert. To conspire means, "To link in an undisclosed agreement to do an illegal or unlawful act or use such means to achieve a legal end”. However, conspiracy theory is even used to designate a narrative type that comprises a broad selection of arguments for the survival of the grand conspiracies, any of which may have extensive communal and political suggestions if factual.


    The remark "theory" is in this practice is unofficial as in "hypothesis" or "speculation" rather than technical. Moreover, the word conspiracy is naturally used to specify powerful figures, regularly of the founding, which are believed to be misleading the inhabitants at large. The first verified use of the word "conspiracy theory" dates from the year 1909. Initially it was a neutral term however in the political upheaval of 1960s it obtained its present derogatory sense. It entered supplement to Oxford English Dictionary as delayed as 1997.


    The term "conspiracy theory" is often used by normal scholars as well as in well-liked culture to recognize undisclosed military, political or banking actions intended at stealing the money or power from "the people". Less memorable uses refer to myths and urban legend and a range of descriptive narratives that are constructed with practical flaws. The phrase is also utilized in a derogatory sense to automatically release the claims which are deemed: absurd, misconceived, unfounded, outlandish, paranoid or irrational by founding. For instance, the word "Watergate conspiracy theory" signifies to darker aspects of water gate, not the usually accepted edition where numerous participants in fact were convicted of conspiracy. The darker edition proposes substitute and added theories positing that unfalsifiable source of data known as "Deep Throat" was the fabrication.


    Daniel Pipes, in an essay "adapted from the study prepared for CIA", tried to describe what beliefs differentiate 'the conspiracy state of mind from 'more conservative patterns of consideration. He described them as: conspiracies drive history; appearances deceive; nothing is haphazard; the opponent always gains power, recognition, sex and money. The word "conspiracy theory" is regarded by dissimilar observers to be neutral report for the conspiracy claim, a derogatory term used to release such a declaration without test, and the term that could be certainly embraced by the proponents of such a declaration. The term might be used by a few for arguments they may not completely consider however consider exciting and radical. The most broadly accepted sense of the word is that which well-liked civilization and educational usage share, surely having pessimistic implications for the narrative's probable fact value.