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  • Beginner Babe
    A new site for beginner knitters who have blogs and would like to showcase their talents, but is not limited to these blogs only. This site is for you if you fall under one of the following categories: *Learning to knit. *Have beginner-intermediate-advanced intermediate level knitting experience. *You don't churn out hand-knit sweaters at lightning fast speeds-at least not yet! *You are a master knitter who would like to lend advice and support to beginner knitters, sans intimidation.

  • 9/25/08 -- World MDG Blogging Day
    In conjunction with the high-level event at the UN on Sept. 25, Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation (www.e4gr.org) is asking all bloggers to post about the Millennium Development Goals (http://www.e4gr.org/mdgs/fast_facts.html)and our nation's moral imperative to meet its promises to help achieve them.

  • EB Bloggers
    Members of EB who are bloggers

  • St. Patrick's Day Community
    St. Patrick's Day theme sites. Here you'll find some history, activities, music and great Irish links. Check us out!

  • I Have Wings
    Wings are symbolic for strength and unity. Come join us if you have wings. Show us your strength. Show us your wings. This image is a copyrighted image please do not use or take if you are not a member of I Have Wings. If you are interested in joining this community please visit our community homepage to find out what we are all about and how to join.VERY IMPORTANT::The page where your community is placed must be the page you sign up with otherwise the community checker cannot find your community and your site will be deleted. Thanks for complying with this. We check our community regular

  • The I Love Bears Community
    For people who love teddy bears or any other kind of bear.

  • Etsy in Spanish
    The Etsy in Spanish Team is a group of artists and crafters who speak Spanish. We expect to be a group where we can speak our language and enjoy Etsy as well.

  • Entrecard DropZone
    Entrecard DropZone:Do you have an Entrecard site or blog?("This Community is for Entrecard Users Only!")If you have an Entrecard site or blog please feel free to join and surf Entrecard sites and blogs and Drop your Entrecard.If you don`t have an Entrecard, join anyway.All are welcome!

  • The Webring Of Awards
    The Webring of Awards is a community for sites that are offecommunity awards. A community specially for those who loves to give out awards. Websites that are displaying awards they received but not giving awards are also welcome to submit their site, a good way to promote your site and the site where you receive your award from, so what are you waiting for, come and join us!

  • AB Blogs
    Blogs for members of www.alternativebaby.net

  • Astrology Bloggers
    Astrologers who blog. Bloggers who astrologize.

  • Digs Community
    A community of journals and blogs created and maintained by Digsters

  • Pet Leagues Community
    This is the official community of Pet Leagues members.

  • Diaper Sewing Divas
    A community for the blogging members of the Diaper-Sewing Divas message board. We sew all manner of cloth diapers as well as knit, sew, and otherwise create related diapecommunity items.

  • Life Begins At 40
    this community will be suitable for people over 40. Provide a way to meet new people and make friends. Shacommunity ideas and interacting in each others sites. It will increase traffic to your site. Please use the html sent to you by email to put the link into your next blog and leave a message for visitors to your site encouraging them to join. (IMPORTANT NOTICE -- THE RING MUST BE ON YOUR HOME PAGE AND VISIBLE FOR THE RING SITE TO RECOGNISE IT OTHERWISE THE SITE MOVES YOU OFF THE MEMBERS PAGE)The more members we have the more traffic you get. Please go visit other people on the list.

  • The Granola Chicks
    All the crunchy blogging mamas from The Granola Chicks Forum!

  • Kyrgyz Adoption
    This community is for families adopting from Kyrgyzstan. The list is open to all families in process, regardless of agency used, or families that are already home. Please understand that LOCKED or password protected blogs (meaning blogs that must be logged into to read at all) cannot be activated on the community until they are no longer locked. Blogs with locked entries are fine and can be activated with no problem. Just trying to give a heads up to those who may have locked blogs and want to be a part of the community.

  • Michigan Quilts Community
    A collection of sites related to Michigan quilts and quilters... blogs, resources, shops, guilds, shows, longarm quilters and quilt lovers from the State of Michigan.

  • UVERworld
    The community that plans to gather all UVERworld fans

  • Blog.com
    A blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual , with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers

  • Stunt Hangar control line Web-Community
    A1 site for building control line model aircraft in a hi tech way. On line forums,building tequniques,molding,Carbon fiber,Brodak,Aero products,PAMPA.

  • Everything 3-D.
    Everything 3-D means: 3D Photography, 3D Videos, 3D Models, 3D Informations, 3D Shops, 3D Communities, ... (no limit - but 3D)

  • British Birds
    This is the blog community for the British Birds group on Swap-bot.

  • Those Headcovecommunitys
    Blogs and websites about and for those who cover their heads for worship, modesty, nature and/or fashion. Head covecommunity is often seen as a religious thing to do - I have learned that many choose to cover their heads for other reasons too. I desire that this be a humble community, with no desire to put anyone down for weacommunity or not, or for weacommunity a certain style. Just a community where we come together to realize that covecommunity heads is not something to be ashamed of.

  • Flawed
    A community for site owners who are imperfect.

  • Military Honor Salute Community
    This is the official community of Military Honor Salute Website Competition

  • Home Educators and UK Muslims Community
    Connecting Muslim Home Educators

  • today.com
    Surf through today.com's blogs

  • Heartprints
    This is a community for those who have a page on their site or a website dedicated to a loved one who has passed on.

  • Bloggy War
    Are you prepared to battle?

  • Mirror Matter
    Mirror Matter is an effort to keep an ecclectic group of friends of many years connected and yet allow them to remain as individuals without any confines or dues except for one rule: If you are having communication issues - stay in your side of the community. Keep our constellation alive. ~Imokon

  • EC Commenters
    An exclusive community just for those EC members that have proven themselves to comment, Digg, Stumble, Tag, & Technorati fave each other. To Qualify: You must be a member of Entrecard. Your website will be examined for comments, and it must contain reasonable comments. If it does, that means that folks are coming to your site to comment, because you are commenting on theirs. This is not a power drop community, the folks here are expected to use the community to comment, not super drop cards. If you feel that you can be a part of a group that is serious about PR, Technorati Aut

  • Catchy Tunes
    This community is for sites that have music pages or anything that has to do with music.

  • Knitting Ringers
    A ring for knitters who blog regularly about knitting or other fiber-related topics.

  • Smokers
    Community in dedication to the smokers of the world (Cigarettes and Cigars only)

  • The Goofus Community
    1. You're different than everyone else. 2. You can laugh at yourself. 3. You have a unique nickname from a loved one. 4. You have a clean site.

  • Cherish Children Always
    A Community for those who Cherish Children.

  • Idol Bloggers~
    This is a community for bloggers who like Idols from asia [esp. japan] ^^//

  • Unique sites
    A community for anyone, no illegal content or stuff that isn't suitable for 18- year olds. But anything unique is welcome.

  • United Drivers
    A collection of websites run by drivers and former drivers dedicated to helping save the trucking industry.

  • Bellybelly buddies
    Blogs by members of the bellybelly.com.au forums.

  • psychic network

  • The Sunnydale Crypt's Community
    A community for all Buffy and Angel websites!!!

  • BlogsCommunity
    Websites related to blogs, weblog, blog, weblogs, blogs, index, directory, search, searchable

  • Castle of the Dragon Community
    A meeting place for all those that enjoy renaissance and medieval things, whether historic or fantasy. If you like things such as dragons, unicorns, wizards, castles, dungeons, catacombs, knights, history, or reenactments, we have something for you!

  • World CANAL and Inland Waterways
    The Community is an inter-connected list of sites related to World Canals & Inland Waterways. Each site displays a navigation code which is used to move between sites. The community contains both personal and commercial sites, and anyone with a site related to canals and inland waterways is welcome to join.

  • Wild Rose WAHM's
    This is a Community dedicated to the support of Work at Home Moms (We do also strongly support Work at Home Dads and Grandparents). Please feel free to join us in showing your support for those who work at home in order to maintain a safe family haven.

  • Have a Debate!
    This community is for sites, blogs etc that give its visitors a chance to put their views across on any given topic. These are sites where smart people go to argue.

  • Squirrelly Bloggers
    Squirrelly Bloggers are for bloggers, who tend to get squirrelly when they blog. Bloggers that write about anything they want, are humorous in their expressions of writing, or basically for any person who has a blog period.

  • It's All Paranormal
    This is the Web Ring for any site about a paranormals subject.

  • The Miscellaneous Wonders Online



    If I were to name the best invention throughout history, I would have to say the Internet (of course, the computer too as it is an integral part of the Internet—but that is beyond the point I'm trying to make). The Internet is the single-most useful invention in the world. By that I mean that with the Internet, the possibilities for its uses are limitless. I could enumerate the uses but then I would fill up the whole article with it so I would just rather emphasize on one of its best asset—as a source of information on all things miscellaneous and otherwise.


    When something happens halfway across the globe, people on the other side immediately know what happened, and no, it isn't because of snail mail or the television news, it's all thanks to the Internet. With a click of a single button, you get to read about what happened around the world as fast as the article is written, which usually just takes minutes.


    Aside from up-to-date news available twenty-four hours of the day, seven days of the week, the Internet is also full to the brim of information. Want to learn about web programming? Want to learn how jets fly? Want to know how stuffs work? No problem! Just search over the net for just about anything and you get information about it by the dozen, by the tens of dozens even. You can learn about  virtually everything over the net, from what makes the sky blue to why your temperature rises when you have a fever—virtually everything at all.


    The Internet has been an immense help to people everywhere. From students to businesspeople, from moms to people in the media, and virtually everyone—the Internet has become an essential part of the day to day lives of the people. This is due to the fact that people will always feel the need to gather information. As such, everyday, we deal with gathering information by reading the news, reading books, reading advisories and now, thanks to the Internet, all of those can be done online.


    All these wonderful things come with a price however—one we must be wary of. While the Internet is full of information, it is also full of wrong information. Something as openly accessible to everyone as the Internet is always prone to abuse. And the growing concerns of the people about the Internet are mainly concerned with the sheer amount of wrong information accessible by anyone over the Internet. The problem with this is it is impossible to filter the content of the Internet because of its nature. It is simply too accessible for any semblance of control over its content to take place. With this, the Internet becomes an unsorted pile of information just waiting for it to be sorted out. An impossible task really. What we can do however, is to filter the content manually, by maintaining an open mind. As is the case with everything, rational and critical thinking is important for us to discern and use to our advantage all the information made available by the Internet.


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