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  • Purple Passion
    People who are passionate about purple and like to show it off. Family Friendly sites only. The community is small now only because no one knows it's here! Not because I don't manage it. So please don't be afraid to join.

  • UCLA Blog Community
    Blogs from people who are UCLA students, alumni, and fans.

  • The Music webring
    The Music webring is for all kinds of website that has to do with music, links to all kinds of music fans and homepages. Make sure that you visit this webring website to find out more information before joining this ring.

  • The Travel Webring
    Travel webring is a community for all those Travel and Tourism related websites around the net. Travel websites with lots of different information for private or professional travellers about companies, hotels, beach resort,destination guides, budget travelers, or tourist offices. Websites with travel photos, travel experience and amateur photographers from all over the world are also welcome. Make sure that you visit this webring website to read more information before joining this ring.

  • New Millennium Quilt Community
    Do you have a "Friendship Quilt" on your website? Join my community and get even more members and see your visitors increase...(Family Friendly sites only please) The Community Logo must be found on page given

  • Best Personal Homepages of the Web
    This is a community made for Personal Homepages ONLY! Your site does not have to be the best so everyone is invited to join. This is also for anyone and EVERYONE who wants to INCREASE their website TRAFFIC!!!

  • Dueling Diva's
    This community is for members of Dueling Diva's which is a part of Divine Diva of the web. Members of this group MUST be members of our main group Divine Diva of the Web before joining Dueling Divas. You also must sign up for the Yahoo Egroup, this is a low email group and you must have you mail on "individual mail" This is a wonderful group that votes and cheers for each other, Join us!!!

  • Omega Phi Alpha
    This community is dedicated to the ladies of Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority.

  • : : eXchange : :
    a community for anyone :-)

  • CommunitySurf: Sisters With Heart
    Christian ladies careing and shacommunity the love for our Lord and each other

  • Jabber Gals Community
    This is an online community dedicated to creating life long friendships online. You must be a member of the Jabber Gals main group before joining the community. Your site will NOT be approved if you are not a member.

  • A Woman's Perspective
    This community is for the coming together in peace and communication of all women. Comming together for conversation, relaxation, peace and friendship.

  • Webnetwork
    Webnetwork,för webmasters i samarbete över gränserna

  • Toby Keith Fan Site Community
    A Community for Toby Keith Fan Sites. If you have a Toby Keith Fan Site You belong here.

  • Guestbook Community
    This community is open for almost all types of websites with guestbooks or guestmap. feel free to add your site as long as your website does not contain any offensive topics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Habing Pinoy
    Mabuhay! Filipinos unite! This community is for Pinoy or Pinay with homepages, website about the Philippines, sites about anything that concerns, Pinoys, Filipinos, recipe, pictures gallery, family website, OPM midis or song lyrics, filipino forum, their culture and such. Sali na! :)

  • Inspiring Poets webring
    Inspiring Poets webring is a collection of poetry websites. A webring to gather all those poets together. Share your poetry with others come and join us! Make sure that you visit this ring website to read more information before joining this webring.

  • Community of Silenced Emotions
    Community of Silenced Emotions is for sites containing all types of poetry, writings, prose, or any sort of literature. People of all ages that own and maintain websites that showcase their original work or featured work of others are welcome to join.

  • Cyber Sister
    A Community created specially for Cyber Sisters. The only requirement is you are a woman, have a website and your website could be about anything, help pages, graphic sites, your family and much more! Sites with sexual activities no need to apply.

  • Love & Marriage
    Love and Marriage community is designed for happily married/couples people with web pages, wedding sites, website about your love or relationship. Any Wedding related sites are accepted, commercial and business sites are welcome to share their websites.

  • Roses~N~Romance
    Roses ~N~ Romance is a community of websites related to Romance such as romantic stories, poems, letters, how someone met, fairy stories, wedding pages, or just a page with links to any Romantic related websites. This community has been made to share your romantic site with people all over the world. This community is not to promote any sexual activites or sites and intends to stay that way.

  • .the goddess within.
    We are all Goddesses within, come join us.

    Official Community of Mis-Magic's House.

  • Alexified
    Improve your Alexa Ranking by joining this community!

  • Family Roots
    This is a community for all personal family sites devoted to family history & genealogy. Not restricted by location, but no commercial sites. If your page is hosted on a site such as RootsWebs, that is OK.

  • j.k.tw.pop aishiteru
    it is something that i can hold on to..

  • The "Clean" Community
    This community is dedicated to blogs, personal spaces, and websites that are inoffensive and clean.

  • Indy Metro Gathecommunity Spot
    Free to join make friends

  • ContinuingFriendshipsOnTheNet
    YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR WEB SITE URL WHEN JOINING Chat group to continue Friendships on the web . Must be 21, and have a kid safe, family friendly site or blog. No Nudity,witchcraft,political agendy . Must be NON Commercial. Share life,it's up and downs . Celebrations. Graphical quilts, Graphics,stories,poems or just chat.It is a diverse group so tolerence is the Key. You MUST post at least 1x a week if just a hello. If you recieve something you disagree with plese delete it and do not make negative comments! NO BUSINESSES{;}}{;.Please join the Yahoo group to share.

  • Taggers_Community
    This is a community for members of the Tagworld community so that they may promote their websites and meet others in the Tagworld Community. Acceptance is predicated on the member having a completed profile with at least one page of meaningful content. This is a family oriented community and will not accept sites with nudity, hate or bigotry.

  • Linknetwork
    Linknetwork,Hemsidor,bloggar,länknätverk,community för aktiva webmasters Alla slags svenska hemsidor välkomna från pg3 och uppåt. Only swedisch sites accepted, pagearank 3 or more a must,no spam or sex,drugs or afflite are allowed. only for members of linknetwork linkteam members and their sites.

  • Cartoon Mania
    Cartton Mania Team Community

  • Intimate Soul
    Some people feel love in a different way... some people feel it so deeply and intimately in their souls that nothing could ever explain nor compare it. This is a place for those people.

  • KG8FV's Web Page
    Repeater Info and Ham radio..

  • The Community of the Sad BotB Junks
    We all admit being frustrated and sad Battle of the Blog Junkies.

  • CommunitySurf: Blogging Babies
    Most baby websites make me ccommunitye. They’re usually draped in pink or blue with the standard diaper pins and milk bottle motif. A good majority I have seen have god awful animated gifs replicated thoughout. Aren’t we more interesting than that? Do you want your baby to listen to Barry Manilow while she really wants to rock to The Ramones? Don’t you love her?

  • Forever Love
    This community is specially created to gather all website out there about your loved ones. Websites about your sweetheart, husband/wife or a website with love poetry, information about how to spice up a relationship or anything that has to do with "LOVE." Come and share your thoughts about love. Show them how you care and love that special someone by shacommunity your website with everyone.If you believe in love, then join us.

  • Ultimate Women
    This is a community to unite all wonderful websites around the net created by women. Are you a woman and have a website? then please come and join us and share your website to others.

  • Wedding & Anniversary
    If you have a website about your wedding, wedding links, tips, anniversary or any sites that has to do with wedding and/or anniversary, then this community is for you. Personal and Commercial sites are welcome. No site with sexual activities will be accepted.

  • Web-Bloggers
    A Community for all the famous and non famous web-bloggers out there who writes a weblog also known as a "blog", Journal or Diary.

  • Mi sitio en la red
    Bienvenido a mi sitio. Pasa y disfruta.

  • djkenghi belgium gent
    a website for homepages and music lovers its kids safe


  • VP (Virtual Places) Community
    VP Community is a fabulous community for all people who have taken some time to make a site for Virtual Places to chat on. A lot of people lack well deserved attention and hits to their masterpiece even while they are away from VP, so what better way to get exposure than to join VP Site Creators together with a community....a VP Community!

  • Wordpress Girl Bloggers
    Community for girls who use wordpress

  • General Category Sites
    This will be the bloggers whose blog sites content are general.

  • mum's sketchbook
    My sketchbook is filled with lots of DIY home ideas and gifts. I'm into recycling and recreating. You can handmade beautiful things without having to spend a lot of money.

  • CB Mini Comp
    Members of CB Mini Competition community.

  • Queefers
    Title says it all.

  • 22h40 !
    Des infos du monde, du web et de ma vie à Rennes, ma ville !
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