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  • Surf and Drop
    A community of EntreCard users who loves to surf and drop! Of course, those who have there EntreCard widgets above fold. :)

  • Pacific Northwest Blogs
    A community to unite us bloggers and journal writers that reside in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, B.C. Canada). AUGUST 30, 2006: If you recently signed up and haven't been added, please sign up again... I accidently erased the queue. Yes, I am a big dork. Sorry.

  • Celebrate The Holidays
    The community for all holidays! Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Canada Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Mardi Gras. Whatever your holiday may be come celebrate and join the celebrate the holidays community.

  • Deranged Bloggers
    Sites that I drop and comment on a day to day basis!

  • Soy zurd@
    Blogs escritos por zurd@s.{;}Blogs written by left-handed people.

  • Home Page Ring
    This community is open for all types of websites. It's also a great way to promote your website and bcommunity more visitors.

  • ..spending life in the Lost and Found..
    Lay your soul on a slab for all to see. Whatever religion, non-religion, race, creed, morals, lack of morals, juvenile, mature, sinful, pious, absurd, racy, maniacal, brilliant, amorous, delusional, habitual behaviors you have, this community embraces it. Spill your guts, spit your venom, preach, pout, ramble incessantly, but whatever you do, please oh please, do it with character. This is the time to grasp your place in cyberspace and keep your hold. Create a legend. Make your mark. Even if it bruises.

  • ZboX Members Community
    This community is for Members of ZboX webhosting. You must have an account and website built at ZboX to be a member of this community - if you aren't - visit http://zboxwebhosting.com/ to find out more and join the fun!

  • Angels Of The Garden
    A family friendly site where you can meet up with old friends or make a few new friends along the way.

  • The Official Army Security Agency Community
    The members of the Army Security Agency Community have military Web Sites containing personal history, Agency history, and information about the ASA. The purpose of these sites is to honor the men and women how have served their country as a member of the ASA.{;}

  • White Horse Peace Trail
    exotic,home,web,site,competition,sobriety,camping,gardening,personal,country living,wild horses,rehabilitation,endangered species,win awards,sobriety,page,animals

  • Blogging Blokes
    A community for blokes what blog.

  • DEssence Community
    We are a Realm in The Site Fights. This is a community for all members of DRealm of DSpirit that love to share their spirit. We promote fun and friendship on the internet.

  • Dazed Poetry Webring
    This is a webring dedicated to bring together poets or writers of all skill levels, styles, backgrounds, and point-of views. DPW is ever-growing, so come join the ranks of the Dazed Poets who have found a way, through the daze of the world, to be a part of the poetic ultra-link.

  • a day in the life
    Since this is a journal/diary/blog community - I see it as something obvious that you keep an online journal on your site. The code must be placed on the page you submit to the community. It can be on a splash page, on a communitys page, or on the journal page itself. If it is on a pop-up page, you will have to submit the URL of that page. No exceptions! I want this to be a quality community. Please no hate sites or porn.

  • A Glimpse of Time
    Glimpse of Time is a collection of personal journals and blogs, captucommunity snippets of thoughts, life experiences, and the passages of time that we all experience. All are welcome. Please go by We hope you'll join us! - Community last checked and maintained July 10, 2006

  • aquarius
    a community for aquarians.

  • libra community
    community for librans.

  • Stop and Smell The Roses
    This community is for anyone who wants to meet new friends, share their websites to other, or simply just for anyone who wishes to Stop and Smell the Roses.

  • Bones Like Braille
    This Community was created for those of you with online journals/blogs who would like to share their thoughts, rants, stream of consciousness, lyrical madness and any other writings that have spewed forth into cyberspace. It is a community for self-promotion, self-loathing, ego-masturbation, etc. It is a forum for inviting others to delve into your psyche, see into your soul, get a glimpse of the mechanisms in your mind, read your bones like braille. Consider it an archaeological dig of your diary.

  • sagittarius community
    a community for sagittarians.

  • Home Sweet Homepage has left Communitysurf

  • Cool Homepages webring
    Cool homepages webring is for people from around the world, who have created websites. Your site does not have to be the best. This is a webring open for any types of websites so come and share your website by joining this community.

  • Good Vibrations Unschooling Blogcommunity
    Personal blogs and websites of the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference tribe. Get to know us and join the fun!

  • ***Nanas*** Cercle Féminin!
    La vie des femmes... sur Internet.{;}Dans ce cercle fait par vous et pour vous, partageons tout ce qui nous importe dans la vie!

  • UntouchedAngel's Inspirational Community
    Today I stumbled and once again Was lifted up by an unseen hand. What comfort and joy that knowledge bcommunitys. For I hear the whisper of angel wings. The guardian angels God sends to all To bear us up when we stumble and fall. Trust Him, my friend, and often you'll hear The whisper of angel wings hovecommunity near.

  • Find Something Unusual and Interesting on the Web
    This ring will connect all those unusual and interesting home web pages for which you can't think of a specific search term. People searching for something interesting on the internet will thus be able to browse or thumb through a unique list of web sites.

  • French Blogs
    Ce community réuni les blogs francophones.

  • cancer community
    a community for people with the zodiac sign cancer.

  • aries community
    community for people whose starsign is aries.

  • Blog Stalkers Anonymous
    Do you spend a good part of your day reading other people's blogs rather than doing what you SHOULD be? Then this is the community for you!

  • Cool Sites On The Web
    Cool Sites On The Web is a Community created for everyone. Your site does not have to be the best site therefor everyone is invited to join as long as your site does not contain any offensive topic. Join now and become part of Cool Sites On The Web community!

  • Personal Homepages webring
    The Personal Homepages is for anybody with a personal homepage to join and get more hits to their page. A webring for all types of website except pornography. Your site doesn't have to be the greatest, just not a page for a business. Join Now and Get more visitors to your site!!!

  • Cool Sites
    This community is for cool site. If you got jokes come on down etc.. I would like to have this community take off with the most cool site out there. The site can have mostly anything. But Please NO Porn!!!!

  • The beyond-sanity.ORG Collective!
    The official collective of all the sites hosteed at beyond-sanity.ORG

  • pisces community
    community for people with the starsign pisces.

  • Bloggen mit Links
    Hier treffen sich alle linkshändigen Bloggerinnen und Blogger aber auch HomepagebesitzerInnen.

  • Enlightened Women of the Web
    This community is ONLY for Women, women who have been enlightened either through the things they have done or through things that have been done to them. To give the light of fact and knowledge to; reveal truths to; free from ignorance, prejudice, or superstition. To make clear to (a person) the facts or nature of something; inform. to light up; illuminate. I believe every woman is enlightened at some point in their lives.. That is what this community is about. So all women out there, if you have a website then COME and JOIN us!

  • Personal Pages
    Do you have a website that you would love to share with others? Your website could be about anything, your family, lovelife,lifestory, poetry, family pictures, wedding etc. Just have a website that you take pride in. This community is open to everyone or anyone, so Please Join us and gain traffic to your site.

  • Ring of the Woman
    Ring of the Woman is a webring to unite all the web sites created and maintained by women. Proving to the world, that gone are the days of the helpless woman, and welcoming the era of the "strong-hearted". All subjects welcomed, except pornography or any offensive topics. Webring Mistress shall examine all sites, and will make the final decision. Our goal is to make this webring, the biggest ring for women. So lets go out there and make our mark! Make sure that you visit this ring website to find out more information before joining this ring.

  • Magnolia
    This is a blog community for Magnolia's friends and family.

  • capricorn community
    homepage of the community for capricorns

  • gemini community
    a community for geminis.

  • Poetry Page
    This community is open for all variety of poetry websites and writings. have a poetry that you would like to share with others? then come and join us!

  • Forever Friends
    Forever Friends is a community for ALL family friendly types of websites. This community is open for all ages and being viewed by children so before you submit your site, please make sure that your website can be viewed of my 12 year old son and my 80 year old grandmother. Websites with pornography/nudity/racism and disrespectful towards children, women, animals and so forth will immediately be removed or denied.

  • Ringmasters Webring
    Ringmasters webring is specially created for all ringmasters that are managing all types of webring. You MUST OWN/MANAGE a webring to be accepted. You MUST submit the website where you have the webring(s)you managed.If you are managing more than one webring and have more than one website, then feel free to submit all of them. Joining this rings is also a great way to promote your website.

  • NPageStammtisch Webring
    Webring vom NPageStammtisch. Alle Npager und selbstverständlich auch andere Seiten sind herzlich willkommen.

  • leo community
    a community for leos.

  • scorpio community
    the community for scorpios.

  • Proud Aries
    For people who are proud to be an Aries. Sites about the zodiac are also welcome. Family Friendly sites only. The community is small now only because no one knows it's here! Not because I don't manage it. So please don't be afraid to join.

  • Using Personal Homepages


    Personal Homepages are the most important interface between the Personal websites and the net Surfer / User; wherein the former guides the surfer thro’ the website as to how to find out the information the User is looking for. It is the first page of the website, which should open up with the URL or http:// link of the website, when a User logs in. The design of any Personal websites should be such that on the first log-in, the ‘homepage’ should open up, which gives the detail of the site road map. In a nut-shell, the Personal homepage become the route map of the said Website; and it should be lucid and simple in its structure and form, so that any first time user can also get through the site smoothly. In short the Personal homepage defines the ‘user-friendliness’ of the site; which determines the success or purpose of the sites, since more simpler and menu-driven the ‘homepage’ is, the better would be the acceptability of the sites by the Users and more hits would imply success of the sites.


    Hence designing the homepage is like structuring the index of an encyclopedia; where the search for any information begins with understanding the index first and thus knowing where to look for the desired information. Likewise, when any Personal website is designed, the ‘homepage’ should be designed keeping in mind, what kind of Users would be searching the site, what kind of information would they be looking for, would there be any interactive or dynamic page requirement or the Users would be only specified techie users with required knowledge. Also it depends on the kind of information the site would like to share about its Personal profile, since if the information is not adequate or accurate or not clear to any generic or normal user, then the very purpose of the site creation would be defeated.

    Thus any developer working on any Personal website, must understand the Personal requirement and the purpose of the site, wherein the homepage would essentially be required to be designed likewise, to give the most effective impact as well serve the purpose of giving the most relevant information about the site with the site tour or roadmap.

    Homepage for any Personal sites is also the link between any other URL or linked sites, which guides any User directly to any other sites / locations thro’ either direct link or CGI BIN (common gateway interface binary link) protocol. Thus the homepage serves as the gateway to other linked sites, which may not be having a well-defined homepages or direct URL, thereby creating a site with many portals at an economic cost.

    Personal homepages indeed serve as one showcase of personal profile and the facial of the entire website, which decides the level of acceptance of users or surfers. A personal homepage differs from a business one, which is more tacit and generic in its features, unlike a personal one, which may be more subjective.

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