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  • Writer's Block
    this is a community for people looking to read interesting writings by other people. authors, poets, or people looking for inspiration are welcome to join. what i write means a lot to me, and therefore i feel we must share with as many people as possible. if you feel like that's what you want, then come. constructive criticism is welcome.

  • I will make you cry
    This community is for those girls who have been taken advantage of for the LAST time.

    You got to be SYLKEFYNE to enter this domain.You need to have your Head on straight.Know where you are going in life and where you DON"T want to be.

  • Princess Site
    A community for the princess in all of us!

  • A Rainbow of Hope
    A Rainbow of Hope is an online, non-profit organization of women and men from around the world. We unite as one to spread love, peace & happiness to those that are in need. We strive to show the world that integrity and honesty are important virtues in today's society.{;}

  • Roswell, Fan Fiction, & Neat Websites Community
    Like Roswell & Fan Fiction? Know of any other cool websites that you want to share with people? Well submit the site and join this community to generate more traffic. All sites as long as their not pornograpic are welcome.

  • Forum Infatuation
    Forums, Forums and more FORUMS! The purpose of this community is to bcommunity together web pages that contain GREAT FORUMS. Please join... let's get some TRAFFIC!!!{;}http://photos.bravenet.com/410/477/409/9/E49AF79D89.gif

  • ::~* Community Of Dreamers *~::
    The community for dreamers who like to follow their hearts...

  • United Camper Vanners
    We are a community of webmasters with websites about Van Camping and custom built Camper Vans,dedicated to joining as many of these sites together as possible by linking them together into 1 huge community. Which will mean more webpage hits for everyone in the community. If you have a site about Camper Vans or Van Camping this is the community to join!

  • Heavens Helpers
    This Community was created for helping mankind. If you have a website which offers " Free " help or a volunteer method you feel would be a helpful resource,please come join us!

  • Viet Blogs
    This is a blog community for asians who are vietnamese and have blogs...What else?!{;}{;}Note about the Community Homepage: Yes, for now, it's gonna be my blog, but eventually I will make a section for it on my personal site...this is spree of the moment, creating this blog, mind you!

  • don't hurt me
    i've always been hurt by friends, people around me, people i don't even know. it's gotten to the point where i'm scared to talk to people, let alone start any kind of relationship with them. this is for everyone who feels that they've been let down in the past by anyone in any way... whether it be sexual harrassment, verbal harrassment, constant hurting, constant pain from others, etc. if you've been in my situation, i suggest you join.

  • We Love our Friends!
    This community is for all those people who love there friends and will stand by them for ever.

  • Virginia Blogs
    A Community for people who are blogging (keeping internet diaries)in the great state of Virginia. Visit us to see how to start a blog, or to peek into the daily lives of other people living in Virginia.

  • A Sister A Friend
    This is a small invitation only group of fun loving ladies.

  • Hi 5 Dolls
    kool cartoon dolls sites who will let almost anyone join!

  • Postpet Users Community
    Love Postpets, gotta a special pet that loves visitors? why not join our community and get to know and link with other people who love postpets as well!!!!

  • i am a silent screamer
    this is the community for silent screamers.

  • i have a stalker
    The internet stalker is the person(s) who constantly pursues you and harasses you.They come to your website everyday and leave comments,messages,and sign your guestbook with a million different names.They instant message you and email you everyday with the same non-sense.No matter how much tell them to "Get a Life,Go Away...etc"{;}If you can relate to this read the rules and join.

  • Israeli webCams
    Israeli webCams

  • Erin Belinda's Web Addicts Community.
    Addicted to the net? The creation of a page? The bings from the modem!? Or do you just have a fun place to visit? A Place to make friends? Any reason for being online, and everyones welcome to join in!

  • Proud Pagan Net Community
    Just another community. *smile*

  • I Worship Hapithoughts
    Heyyy. This community was made for me when I was part of "atypicalgoddess". Now that it is defunct, I've kinda taken control over it. So no, I'm not THAT narcissitic. But yeah, worhip me and I'll bestow upon you gifts of joy and laughter. Or not. Actually, you won't get anything from me, so quit mooching, you bastards. Yeah.

  • Regardless
    the 'no copying' community

  • The Heroes Team
    Community for the Heroes Team at Southern Dreams WebChallenge.

  • I'm a Wonderful Miracle
    We are all unique & have something to offer & give to the world we live in that makes us all in our own special way a Wonderful Miracle. If you believe you are a miracle ... join!

  • Gave Site Awards
    The web award for free

  • Melanie's abandoned blogs
    this is a community for all the blogs I have started and abandoned

  • Pink Sites Community
    This is a community for pink-coloured sites only!

  • Fandom
    A community for all owners of thefanlistings.org fanlists.

  • Blog Memes
    A community for blog memes.

  • Pinay Touch
    Welcome to the " Pinay Touch " Community! A place for all Pinay Touch websites. This "Community" is intended for all the Filipinas or Filipino who have have been inpired into making their own personal haven on the cyber world. Pinays who have created their personal sites with using their personal touches, originality, unique sense of style and poise. So, hey!... if your site is one of that Philippine related site and is touched by your personal creativity as a Pinay/Pinoy, well...then, this is a place for you to join in whether you're still at home or abroad. Just please feel free to join at a

  • Clean Blogs
    A community for people who maintain "clean" blogs - that is those without adult or offensive material.

  • Incurable Romantics
    Nostalgic Network for "Incurable Romantics". Love anything retro, vintage, victorian. Interests may range from victorian/retro clipart, paint shop pro ventures, PSP, crochet patterns, vintage foods, candies or recipes. Let's get together and have some fun!!

  • Internet Mommys
    Are you a mommy that hangs out on the internet? This is a great group to meet other moms!

  • Community Nerds

    A site where all U.S. Veterans from all wars all generations all deceased, and POW/MIA's can be honored with dignity and respect.

    A site for all "Redcatchers" members of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade who served in combat with our Brigade in Vietnam between the years of 1966 - 1970. Can now join the all *NEW* 199th LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGADE NATIONAL HALL OF HONOR. All "Redcatchers" who join will recieve a 199th Light Infantry Brigade Unit Patch in front of their name posted in the Membership page of our own "National Hall of Honor" and all deceased "Redcatcher" will have a U.S. Flag and all POW/MIA "Redcatchers" will get a POW/MIA flag posted in the Hall of Honor. Soon we will have our own 199th LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGA

  • Blog directory
    Websites related to blogs, weblog, blog, weblogs, blogs, index, directory, search, searchable.

  • Sacred Haven
    Free online spiritual community, free readings, healings, development classes in pyshic, mediumship, tarot, angel cards. All faiths and beliefs welcome

  • Dark Poetry
    The purpose of the Dark Poetery Community is to provide a outlet for our many demons, a place where we can push out the memories and fears that haunt our lives. In such an imperfect world there are many evils we face, the loss of love, the coming of death, shear apathy in the face of an uncacommunity society, herein is the meat and drink of the poets heart. If your web page has poetry dark in nature, if you feel the weight of the darkness in your soul, this is the community for you. Warning like all things dark in this world many of the poems are filled with rage and angst, some may find th

  • Embrace The Darkness
    Embrace The Darkness. Looking for Vampire Sites, Gothic Sites or just Darkness in general? Then pay us a visit. We are dedicated to the Darker side of the web, Especially Vampire's, and Darkness, If your looking for this kind of site, Then we may have what you seek. If you site is related, your always welcome to join it to the Embrace The Darkness. Stay Dark, Be Darker & Surrender yourself to the Darkness.

  • Dark veil of the damned
    This community is for all dark, vampire,gothic sites

  • Bloghology Social Network | Drop & Surf
    The new Blogging Community, or Social Network, is another important extension of Bloghology. However, it is significantly more interactive, to reflect the community nature of blogging and the softer, web2.0 style of marketing. It functions and looks similar in many ways, to today's popular social networking sites such as Facebook. However, the Bloghology Community Platform is unique in that it provides additional features and functions which are special to bloggers and blogging related issues.

  • bandito's pit
    la passione che ci accomuna...
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