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  • Dedicated
    Dedicated is a community for people who is a dedicated person themselves

  • Sisters of Friendship
    Our new community, in celebration of our{;}all being together again in one group.

  • Community-Aholics
    A community for those who are addicted to communitys!

  • *wheeeee*
    for people who like to have fun, laugh and smile. the crazier and weirder the better!

  • Shannon
    A community for anyone named Shannon. I would prefer weblogs/journals (blogs), but quality personal homepage will do as well.

  • Crafts On-Line Crafty Sites
    Linking together all craft related websites. From email community groups to hobbies & craft sites to craft malls and shops. A community that encompasses any at all family safe crafty sites on the internet.

  • World of Communitys
    Explocommunity the World of Community Systems and Member Communitys - Open to all web sites that explain, explore, and/or feature the various aspects of a Community System, a Community, or Both!

  • Ocean Vessel Community
    Web Links of pages that deal with Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners of all types from Army ships to Passenger ships and Cargo ships !

  • MacBlogs
    Blogs created on a Mac...get the power, baby.

  • Beary Cute Country Sites
    This community is for country themed websites. Family friendly only sites will be accepted to this community. While it does say Beary cute, a bear theme is not required to join.

  • All This... Community
    Are you tired of being thought of as just another pretty face, pair of bodacious ta-tas, or great gams? *S* Then this is the community for you! Tell the world wide web you're more than the sum of your most admired body part(s)... let them know you've also been blessed with BRAINS!{;}{;}This community is open to all WOMEN who create, design, educate, and generally help bcommunity their own unique brand of enlightenment and intelligence to the world. This is a strictly "fun" community. No group to join, no commitees, no obligations (other than keeping your graphic visible and your community fr

  • Vietnam Vets in Recovery
    This community is selectively focused on the healing of the trauma of war, PTSD and addiction recovery.Veterans of all wars are invited to join provided their site has PTSD and addiction recovery data. All next of kin of deceased Vietnam veterans with memorial websites for PTSD related deaths are welcome. All women veterans with PTSD related sites are welcome. The focus is on healing for others, that those loved ones lost shall not have died in vain.

  • Communitymasters Anonymous
    Hello, my name is ____ and I am addicted to Communitys/Communitys/Sitecommunitys/Communitys.

  • Garden Girls
    The Garden Girl community is for garden Girl members only.{;}It is a loving cacommunity place where young girls grow into beautiful cacommunity women.{;}It is a place of friendship, support and cacommunity.{;}If you would like to make newfriends or need some support and are 13 and over then The garden Girls is for you.

  • Military Vote
    A Community for those who think disenfranchisement of America's Military Personnel is a violation of our country's constitution.

  • community a ling
    a collective of internet communitys

  • supa gurl
    a new community for supa gurls!

  • [sweeT.innOcence]
    Community for girls/women with personal sites (blogs,etc.) that show their personality, creativity, and their opinion on everything and anything.{;}Sweet Innocence:

  • Teens Against Parents Over The Internet
    This is a community for every teens who are tired of their parents always on the net, thing that is destroying his or her life...please support our cause!

  • Vacant
    my body's alive, but i'm not inside.

  • Quality Free Stuff Community
    Only the best sites featucommunity quality free stuff are accepted into this community !

  • The Courage to Heal
    Share in our mission to speak UP and OUT for those who haven't come to a place of having their own voice, as yet.{;}

  • Grey.Blogs
    a community for people who use greymatter on their websites

  • ROH's Help Stop Domestic Violence
    Domestic Violence is everywhere and can happen to anyone at any time. This is a community dedicated to spreading awareness about DV to everyone, in hope that it will one day come to an end.

  • Look Harder
    a community devoted to those who (duh) look at things a little harder than most do. We are not elitists and encourage you to submit your site (but there are some rules). All Bjork fans welcome. [LOOK HARDER IS CURRENLY ON HIATUS, if you choose to join, you will be notified of any furter news when it happens]

  • Blogster Network
    The official Blogster Network Community.

  • Sisterhood of Bitchdom
    This community is for woman who stand up for their beliefs, speak up for what is right and to be confident enough to speak your mind. {;}{;}And if that makes you a bitch, so be it. Embrace the title and be proud to bare it.

  • Friends And Family Forever
    This community was created to bcommunity men and women together to form friendships.

  • Lynns Dolls
    This community is for anybody that has dolls or doll-related material on their site.

  • Communitys United
    This community is for Founders of webgroups to come together and bcommunity poece and morality to the web. We all believe that the internet is a big place with a lot to offer, and we believe that all of our members and visitors can benefit from what each of our groups have to offer *S*

  • Identity: for communitys and cliques
    Identity is a community for owners of cliques and fanlists. For more details please visit http://identity.pure-seduction.net/ .

  • Complicated Blog
    For blogs with contradictions and so complicated !!!

  • Camness; The Community For Cams
    The community for web cam, cam portals, etc

  • Khufu's Realm Community
    This is a community for members of Khufu's Realm, in the Emperor's Gate. If you have a site about Egypt, please also join us :)

  • Domain Addict
    A community for those of us that are addicted to buying new Domain Names. weblog, blog, buying domains is an addiction, join in the fun, clique, club for those people who love to get a new doman name.

  • Loyal Members of Vote From Your Heart
    Community for Loyal Members of the "Vote From Your Heart" VE Board

  • ? Marauders Logs #
    Community for all Marauders fans (aka Padfoot, Prongs and Moony). "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

  • E-Cards Community
    This is a WebRing for Internet-sites offering a free E-Card service. The Best Online Ecards - Free Internet Service - Personal E-Cards! Send Virtual Greetings Electronic Postcards: Java, Animated, Musical, My Friends, Flowers, Birthday, Love, Humor, Valentine, Animals, Fantasy, Christmas. Any sites that offer all kinds of electronic cards, poetry cards etc are more than welcome to join.

  • so, i need you _*
    a simple sitecommunity for everyone who needs something or somebody. feel free to join.

  • Undercover Blondes Unite
    This community is for all the undercover blondes in the world.

  • got princess?
    This is a community for all you web princesses out there!

  • The Bishounen No Miko Community
    This is the Bishounen No Miko Community where anyone can join as long as they are an honorary Bishounen No Miko. Sephiroth, Shaka, Hotori, Hojo! I don't care, so long as you have a website and a shrine to a bishounen.

  • Craving
    A community for almost everyone who craves something.

  • **kiss me**
    My brand new clique for all of you who love kissing, and fascinated by the mystery of a kiss..........smmmaaaCCkkK!

  • unbeauty
    fuck beauty!

  • The Angel Network
    This community is for angel lovers, and those that offer some kind of service dealing with angels, such as web graphics, memorials, shopping, greeting cards. Being admitted to this community is under the soul discreation of the community owner, as membership will be limited.

  • i love poptarts
    a great little community for anyone who likes or loves poptarts, or for anyone

  • Web Dreamers
    The Place to make New Friends, More Trafic!

  • shadow sisters
    A community for women affected by depression and keep online journals.

  • Kindje op Komst Babycommunity
    De leukste babycommunity met leuke homepages en veeeel informatie
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