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  • hyphen-ATED
    A community strictly for domains that are hyphenated.

  • Domain Diva
    A Domain Community for those of us who have one!

  • Painted_Ladies
    Community for bloggers who have tattoos. Primarily for women, however interested men may join.

  • 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days
    We have all done to do lists. Some are fun lists. Some are work lists. Some are lists of daily tasks. Some are lists of feats to accomplish while on this earth. The people in this community have made a list of 1001 Things To Do In 1001 Days. Most of the items on these lists are fun, attainable tasks. The common thread is that we've pledged to accomplish all of the tasks on our lists in 1001 days (about 2.75 years).

  • FTOTZ Community
    FTOTZ Community Community

  • Millennium Brides
    Have you won the Millennium Brides Award?Are you a bride getting married in the new millennium then come and join the Millennium Brides Community,all you have to have is a wedding page about your 'new millennium wedding'.

  • Bloggers Anonymous
    This is a community for Blogaholics to come together and for support :)

  • The Greek Community
    The best community for Greek sites.

  • I love beer.
    If you have a blog and a favorite beer, then by all means, join.

  • sakura
    A community for every anime or manga otaku who shares his/her life with others on the internet, in the form of a blog! You love anime/manga dearly and you keep on babbling about it? Add your site to the community! Have an anime/manga layout? Add! X3

    This Community contains the sites of the members of Help_At_WebTv.....{;}Along with other sites from around the web!

  • Static Cling
    A community for blog communitys.

  • internet et développement durable
    solidarite nord-sud pour la diffusion des nouvelles technologies, telecentres, creation gratuite de sites internet

  • New Jersey Bloggers
    If you reside in the Garden State and maintain a weblog or an on-line diary/journal, you are cordially invited to join this community of distinctively Jersey bloggers.

  • Gateway To Friendship
    We are a group of loving cacommunity women from all walks of life, between the ages of 18 and older, that have gathered together to meet and become friends. We share our interests and our varied talents but most importantly we are their for each other, enriching our own lifes as well as making a difference in the lifes of our fellow members. If this sounds like a group you would like to belong to, we would love to have you. You will see this is the place to be.{;}

  • The Y!-free Community
    This is a Community of Web Sites who keep themselves free of the Yahoo!Community navigation bar, oppose the registration of a Yahoo! ID. Thoughts, Resources, Satire and Humour for Communitymasters can be found on the Home Page of this Community.{;}

  • GeoLeaders Community
    A community for GeoCities Community Leaders. This community is now closed to new members because GeoCities no longer exists.

  • Memories of a Disaster
    This Community is a Remembrance of Black Tuesday, 5 September 2000. This was the day that Yahoo! assumed ownership of Communitys, and the day that Communitys hosted at Yahoo! started to deteriorate. Irreversibly control transferred not only from Community.org to Yahoo!Community, but also from the Community Community to Yahoo!Community. Communitymasters and members left in droves. It did NOT destroy the Community Community, it just made us more resourceful. Lest we forget.

  • The Wazillion Navbars Project
    Since the take-over by Yahoo! of community.org on 5 September 2000, James S. Huggins has been obsessively busy joining a Wazillion Yahoo! Communitys. He wanted more Ugly Navbars than Anyone. This project is now famous or infamous, depending on your perspective. This Community links ALL Wazillion and Kabillion Navbar Pages which since that initiative have been created.

  • Mystical Voter's Exchange Community
    To be used for any web competition ie The Site Fights, Web Brawls, etc... fighters that are loyal and against blind votes to help find more friends and supporters...if this is you, come and join!!!:) Any competition is welcome!

  • Blog Personas
    Blog Personas says it all. For bloggers that love to blog their lives for the others to read.

  • Internet Romance
    This community is for all the couples who met their Husband/Wife, boyfriend/Girlfriend on the internet. Your website or some part of your website should be about your online love story.

  • Friends Forever
    This community was created for women of all ages, religions, and races to come together to form long lasting friendships.

  • Welcome Home to Tennessee
    This is the Welcome Home to Tennessee community homepage.

  • Bloggerholics Anonymous
    For blogoholics the world over - be proud of your addiction

  • dotnet
    Sites with a .Net extension

    To any website who honors and respects the U.S. Military and our veterans and our POW/MIA's from any war, from any military unit, from any military branch of service, from any generation

  • dot net
    Do you have a .net? Are you proud of it? Show your .net off through our community. No restrictions on race, gender, sexual preference, or political views.

  • Web-a-holics United
    The Web-A-Holics United community is for anyone who's addicted to the internet!!!

  • girlzblog
    A collection of blogs for girlz of all ages.

  • Blogging Bloggers
    A community for bloggers who loving blogging in their blogs.

  • GottaLoveTexas
    If you live or did live in Texas or have anything NICE about Texas on your site... you are welcome to join.

  • Divine Awareness
    This community is for members of Divine Diva of the Web to show their support for chosen causes.

  • Boardnation Boards
    A place for all boardnation owners to unite.:)

  • Bermy Blogs
    A community of Bermuda Bloggers

  • Fanatical For.....
    A Community for all fanlisting collectives.


  • Italy1 Club
    Italy1 Club {;}will unite websites {;}promoting the Italian Culture, around the world. {;}chat,postcards,ricette and more...

  • Logged-Out!
    Blog-Friendly, anti-Blogger Clique.

  • Love On The Net
    We Met and fell in love on the net....and we are planning a life together in RL.

  • Sacred Emotions
    A collection of sites of couples who met and fell in love online. Also, sites containing anything having to do with internet romance are welcome.

  • I Heart My Hostees
    A community for domain owners who love their hostees.

  • Da Zodiac Clique
    A zodiac clique

  • Barbie And Friends
    This community is for anyone (young and old) who loves barbie or other fashion dolls. {;}

  • Arkansas Pride
    To promote Arkansas or Arkansas oriented Websites and their authors. {;}{;}Arkansas homepages all linked together in a circular fashion. From any Arkansas site one can click on a Next Site button to reach the next Arkansas site. You need to be either a resident or former resident of Arkansas (and I need to be able to pick that up from your page) or someone who just wants to dedicate a part of their site to Arkansas related material. {;}Business pages are acceptable as long as they are more than a listing of items for sale. {;}

  • Elven Logs
    A community for webloggers who love Elves.

  • Directed
    A community for people who own web directories.

  • Scrapbook Goodies For Adoption Addicts
    This community is for those who offer or are addicted to collecting scrapbook adoptions.

  • The Very Best of Paradigm!
    These sites have been awarded The Very Best of Paradigm award, and have thus been included in this community. The sites represent the best from all of the communitys we manage. Visit to admire and emulate! You may apply to join, but the requirements are very stcommunityent.

  • multiple orgs
    A community for hosting those who own .Org domains. Under new ownership. Currently I am going through and removing sites that are no longer active. I am giving those who don't have the community code up the benefit of the doubt, if it isn't up in a month I'll put you into the queue until I am otherwise notified.
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