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  • Webrings on the Internet NetRing
    The "Webrings on the Internet NetRing" is for ringmasters, communitymasters & ring managers who have webpages giving information about the rings/communities they manage/own. It is for homepages for rings/communities in any of the ring/community hosting systems including Bravenet, WOW, RingLink, RingSurf, and WebRing. If you are a ringmaster/communitymaster with a webpage about rings/communities, join today! If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • All Rings NetRing
    The "All Rings NetRing" is for ringmasters, communitymasters & ring managers who have webpages giving information about the rings/communities they manage hosted by any of the ring systems. It is for homepages for rings/communities in any of the ring/community systems. If you are a ringmaster/communitymaster with a webpage for your ring/community, join today! If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • All Ring Managers Webring
    The "All Ring Managers Webring" is for Ringmasters, Communitymasters and ring managers who have webpages giving information about their rings/communities or listing the rings/communities they manage. This is a great place to promote your ring/community and attract more members. If you are a Ringmaster/Communitymaster with a webpage about your ring/community in any of the ring/community systems, join today. If you have more than one ring/community or webpage, you may list all of them.

  • The Lighthouse Community
    The Lighthouse Community is dedicated to sites dealing with lighthouses and navigational aids at sea.

  • bostonites unite!
    bostonites unite! a community for boston area bloggers.

  • P.I.T.A.
    Are you a P.I.T.A. (Pain In the Ass)? Take our quiz and find out! Then Join us!!! Community is open to men and women. *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING****

  • Palace of Rings
    The "Palace of Rings" is for Ringmasters / Communitymasters / ring managers / ring owners to showcase the homepages and websites for the rings/communities they manage. The rings/communities may be in any of the ring/community hosting systems. If you are a Ringmaster with a webpage for your ring/community, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • All Genealogy Ringmasters NetRing
    The "All Genealogy Ringmasters NetRing" is for ringmasters, communitymasters and ring managers who own and manage rings, or communities about genealogy and family history. It is for homepages for genealogy and family history rings/communities. If you are a ringmaster, communitymaster or ring manager for a genealogy ring/community, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Adopted Rings NetRing
    The "Adopted Rings NetRing" is for ringmasters, communitymasters and ring managers who have adopted rings/communities. It is for the homepages for adopted ringss or communities. If you are a ringmaster/communitymaster/ring manager with a webpage for an adopted ring/community, join today. If you have more than one you may add all of them.

  • Heavens Angels
    A community for anyone that has dedicated a page to a loved one that has passed. Also for angel sites.

  • The Original CommunitySurf Community
    CommunitySurf and Communitys: A new way to organize and find content on the Web. ****** CommunitySurf's Original Community ***** This is a new presentation of the original CommunitySurf community. The original community was one of the first communitys created on the CommunitySurf community hosting service. Joining CommunitySurf's Community is a good way for new and old CommunitySurf user to discover what communitys are all about! Join the new wave in surfing the net...communitys!!!

  • Proud to be an American
    A community to link American's websites together. You must be Proud to be an American! No bashing of America allowed, sites having such will not be added.

  • The One Ring For Ringmasters
    Do you own a ring/community? "The One Ring For Ringmasters" is for the homepages/websites for Ringmasters / Communitymasters / ring managers / ring owners. It is a great ring to showcase your rings/communities and give them more exposure. The rings/communities may be in any of the ring/community hosting systems. Join today and link your ring/community homepage to "The One Ring For Ringmasters"! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • crappyblogs
    for all of us who have crappy blogs.

  • Creme de la Creme
    Creme de la Creme is the home to the best blogs from around the world. For those of you out there who have something to say, and know how to say it. Only interesting, witty, sassy, smart and individual blogs will be accepted to join this V.I.P. club.

  • Phoenix Rising
    Like the legendary Phoenix rising from the ashes, CommunitySurf rises, better than Community ever was, responsive to input, making improvements, involving the Community Masters in decisions, cacommunity about out concerns. CommunitySurf rises from the ashes known as Y!WR.

  • In Memory Of An Angel
    I Came Up With This Idea To Put Up A Community For Memorial Sites After Receiving E-Mails From Many People. Previously I Was Just Running A Small Division Of This Site. I Hope By Creating This Community, It Will Enable Those Who Have Lost Their Loved Ones To Share With Others Their Love For Their Departed Ones.{;}{;}I Know That Words Can Never Express Or Show The Loss That One Feels For Their Beloved , But I Feel That By Shacommunity And Receiving Words Of Comfort From Others, One Will Tend To Feel Comforted And Relieved. {;}{;}

  • Sarcastic Geeks
    Are you sarcastic? Are you geeky? If so, this is the community just for you!

  • Proud to Be a Woman
    A community dedicated to promoting a healthy pride in being female. This community does not promote the Feministic view, nor does it tolerate male bashing. We are here to celebrate our womanhood and promote the female role all over the world.

  • Over Mij eBaycommunity
    Deze community verbindt Nederlandse Over Mij pagina's van eBay. heb je een Over Mij pagina? Doe mee en trek meer mensen naar je veilingen!

  • The best lake applets
    only the best:lake applets,snow applets,angels,flowers & roses,unicorns & fairy,fantasy castle,love poems,waterfalls,holiday greetings,postcards & fun page..{;}{;}

  • Tender Loving Hearts Community
    A new Friendship and Support Group on the Web where everyone is family! We believe the power of Friendship can make a difference!

  • CoachBlogs
    Connecting coaches who blog with other coaches and those looking for coaches.

  • 20something
    An interactive community designed for people who are in their 20s. Here you can meet people, share ideas, and other things on the forum.

  • In MY Opinion
    Blogs, Journals or Personal web pages that express their own opinions on life happening around them, without fear (or care) of others opinions. It's YOUR blog/journal, you can write any blasted thing you durn well please.

  • BlogIberia
    Anillo de blogs en castellano.

  • Hoopty Girls
    Are you messed? Got a screw loose? Do people tend to steer clear of your enigmatic persona? Are you commonly referred to as an aberration of nature? Are you frequently misunderstood? Is that because you're speaking in tongues? Do you like pie? Cheese? Muffins? Do you have muffins? (It's not a requirement. I'm just naturally curious. And hungry.){;}{;}If you answered "yes" to any (or all, for you really scary little monkeys) of the above, then you probably need psychotherapy, but who doesn't? Huzzah! You're pretty dang incredible for a mutant! We need to sign you up, babycakes! Become one with

  • A Community of Communitys!
    This is like most communitys for communitys... it's a community for communitys to join of all types!

  • Community Collector
    A community for people who love to collect communitys...

  • I Talk Back
    A community for bloggers and journallers who can't help but leave comments behind when they read something good.

  • (dot) NET
    Exclusive community for those who own domains that end with .net

  • Guarding Angels Of America
    This community is dedicated to missing children and adults. It is also to help educate parents and teachers on how to keep children safe from being abducted. This community is dedicated to the memory of Miranda Gaddis and Ashley Pond. They went missing in Oregon City in January & March of 2002. We love you Miranda and Ashley!

  • Destination Wedding Community
    Home of the Destination Wedding Community, message board, FAQ, monthly articles, featured destination of the month, and more!

  • Country Cabin Gang
    Country Cabin Gang is a group for those who love to hang out and make new friends and share in great fun and some wonderful activities

  • The Mama Matrix
    A community for mamas parenting outside the commercial mainstream.

  • Tucson Bloggers
    A community for Tucson Bloggers

    HALL OF HONOR Is a Community by Communitysurf that will accept any Website that will honor the United States Military and our Troops, veterans; our fallen, and POW/MIA's from any war, from, any military unit, from any military branch of service, from any time of war, from any erra time, or from any generation with the dignity, honor and the respect that we deserve. Any Website that doesnot meet these requirements or adhear to these requirements will be instantly deleted with no questions asked!

  • dot org
    MOVED: http://echoing.org/dotorg/ -- Please copy & paste the following URL to join, update, visit or obtain more info about dot org, a community devoted to personal .org domains: http://echoing.org/dotorg/

  • Fantasy Fights Gryphons
    Where Fantasy Fights Gryphon Members can visit each other's sites and keep the spirit of the buddy system going!

  • Urdu Blogs
    This is a community for bloggers who blog in the Urdu language.

  • tie++me
    The community for dark communitys: join if you run a dark-themed community and get more exposure!

  • The Day The Communitys Died
    This community is in portest to the Yahoo! take over of communitys and to express our opnion of the appaling disreguard for the Community Masters who's blood, sweat and tears whent into the making of thier communitys. September 5, 2000 - The Day The Communitys Died Closed to new members.

  • Country Adoptions Club
    Do you offer adoptions on your website you like to share?{;}{;}Do you have a family friendly and childsafe website?{;}{;}If you can answer yes,then {;}I would love you to join the Country Adoptions Club,{;}they can be made with tutorials, mousedrawn, tubes, or even if you have purchases them.{;}{;}Please email me when you have the sitecommunity up for review and let me know the url where the sitecommunity can be found.{;}{;}DO NOT DIRECTLINK TO MY WEBSITE.{;}{;}This is how your community should look.

  • ~Exceptional Women Community Owners~
    This community is for Exceptional Women that own their own communitys.

  • The CommunitySurf Wizards
    Three Communitys for the CommunitySurf Kings on the Web,{;}Seven for the CommunityMasters in their halls of HTML,{;}Nine for Mortal WebMasters doomed to crash,{;}One for the Dark Lord Y!Community on his dark throne{;}In the Land of Yahoo where the JavaScripts lie.{;}One Community to rule them all, One Community to find them,{;}One Community to bcommunity them all and in the darkness and them{;}In the Land of Yahoo where the Shadows lie,{;}Lurk the CommunitySurf Wizards dedicated to the{;}Total Annhilation of Y!Community!

  • eastside mad bloggers
    An attempt to create a community of online east-siders with the intention of proving 2 degrees of separation in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Lupin Logs
    A community for fans of Remus Lupin.

  • Bloggin' Fools
    This community created exclusively for bloggers.

  • Net Nerds Ring
    A "Nerd" is one who is intelligent and passionately pursues intellectual activities and esoteric knowledge or other obscure interests and is often introspective. If you are an Internet, Web, Ring or Community Nerd, then the "Net Nerds Ring" is the community for you to join! If you have more than one webpage, you may add all of them.

  • Angels Angels Angels
    We believe in creating a sanctuary of Friendship, of Laughter and of Shacommunity. Our mission is to sow with love the seeds of Love and Peace.{;}We are not dictated nor bound by countless rules, regulations, policies or personal politics. We embrace humanity and the diversity of those choosing to join us.{;}

  • Discovering Net and Web Rings



    What are Net and Web rings? For hardcore Internet surfers out there, this may seem such an ordinary day to day word you may encounter. But for some, the term is relatively new. A web ring, similarly a net ring, is a series of websites that are related to each other and have been linked in such a way that navigation between sites is made easier. Web rings (as what we will use to refer both net and web rings henceforth) is a very convenient tool for avid net surfers because it makes it easier for them to navigate through sites that are of certain interest to them. For example, a web ring on fishing would include websites about fishing from all around the globe in an easy-to-navigate loop. So a fishing enthusiast would have access to a variety of sites linked together for easy access, thus enhancing the scope of study the enthusiast has on the subject.


    As a website, being in a web ring would also guarantee traffic. In the above mentioned example of a fishing web ring, if you are part of the ring, the chances of people navigating to your site increases.  So a web ring is not only beneficial to Internet surfers but also to the sites that are included in the structure of the ring. Seen in this context, we can see how the Internet has evolved throughout the times to meet the needs of the people. Web rings is a perfect example of such an evolution akin to nature's numerous symbiotic relationships where all the parties benefit from such relationship.


    As we may have noticed, the Internet is a very dynamic entity. It is forever in a state of change—a change that depends on the present need of its users. As such there are numerous constructs of the online society such as the blogosphere, sitemaps, web and net rings and much, much more. Thinking of it like this, we understand how temporary an online construct is. Several years ago, the term blog was yet to exist. Who knows what will happen in the future? Similarly, the concept of a group of websites linked together for easy access and fast navigation was alien the same several years back. As such, we see it as a human construct—one that will eventually undergo a change that will eventually change it on accordance to the needs of the future online society.


    Looking back, we can’t help but feel a sense of appreciation for the ingenuity of the online community. Web rings; have served to satisfy the needs of both website providers and users. And this is but one of the many brilliant constructs of the online society. Web rings as it is, is a huge help to all parties and no matter how dynamic the Internet and the needs of the people are, it will probably stay for a long time. Something as useful could not just fade into obsolescence. So the next time you surf the net, search for web rings of your favorite past time, you'll be amazed of the things you'd find in a web ring that you don't normally find at a normal website.

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