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  • The Truly Canadian Community
    If you have a web site that contains{;}Canadian content, visit today to list{;}your site in the Truly Canadian directory, and if we like your site, you{;}could win our award of excellence!

  • Proud To Be Home
    A community for men and women who keep the home instead of going to work, and keep online journals. Mothers, Fathers, Spouses, Pet Guardians, whoever you are, whatever your reasons are for staying home, all you need is to be a stay-at-home person and to keep an online journal - and you should be proud of what you do, because we all know that being a homekeeper is just as important a job as any other, and it deserves more respect than it sometimes gets!

  • TopBabyPages
    Enter your child's web page in our Family-Friendly Community and Web Site Competition. We also offer contests, freebies, fun clicks, links, awards and more!

  • Alanna - the community
    This community was created for the lucky few on the net blessed with the name of Alanna. We reside in locations spanning the United States (and the world); we look nothing like each other; we come from all ages and backgrounds. The only two things we have in common is our name and the fact that each of us has a website.

  • Graduation Day `05
    This community is for anyone who graduates in the year *2005*.

  • cliquetastic - elite
    a community for elite clique owners

  • A.N.G.E.L.
    Angel: a spiritual being superior to man in power and intelligence.{;}{;}Adorable{;}Naughty{;}Gorgeous{;}Enigma{;}Luscious{;}{;}Adorable: worthy of being adored; extremely charming {;}Naughty: guilty of disobedience or misbehavior{;}Gorgeous: splendidly or showily brilliant or magnificent{;}Enigma: an inscrutable or mysterious person{;}Luscious: excessively sweet; sexually attractive

  • 2e hands/nieuwe kleding
    hier vind je site`s waar ze 2e hands en/of nieuwe kleding verkopen{;}heb je ook een eigensite meld je dan nu aan

  • Spædbørnsdød
    For forældre der har mistet deres lille barn o har lavet en mindeside om deres barn

  • Guen's Beloveds
    This is a community for all fans of http://guenivere1.diaryland.com and the favorite diaries of the webmistress.

  • Stay At Home Moms
    This Community is for All us

  • July Babies
    This community is for Babies born in July of Any Year that would like to share our Babies web sites....

  • ~*Girls Fantasy*~
    This community is for teen girls (girls only. i'm sorry for boys) who have a cute, pretty web site! if u think u have a cute homepage, this is where u should join.

  • Girls in Power
    yeah i like pink and no i'm not girlyy

  • Over 5000 Visits Community
    A community for people who have accomplished 5000 visits or over. Must have a clean site.

  • Sexy Sites
    A community for for ;)SEXY sites

  • Where in the World
    Want to meet new friends? Want to get more people to visit your site? Then you want to join the Where in the World community! This community will have members from all around the world.

  • The Flaming Sheep
    A community by diarists, for diarists. High quality, served with light butter and clams, is the order of the day.

  • Vårbarn - 01´s community
    En community för dig med ett barn fött under våren-01 med egen hemsida.

  • Elite Doll Sites Community
    A community featucommunity the best cartoon doll sites on the internet. Think your site is elite? Come to the community homepage for details and then submit!

  • *>>Make YourSelf<<*
    I know that you are a goooood webmaster...yeah... *starts stacommunity at you*{;}{;}so...JOIN!!! NOW!

  • Princess Site
    Cool community!

  • Harry Potter Journals
    Community for journalers who are a fan of Harry Potter.

  • Theatre des Vampires...
    This web-community is for members of the Theatre des Vampires team only.

  • :: b e i n s p i r e d ::
    A web-community for those of you out there with a domain that was inspired by music, movies, actors, and just about anything else! It's for any creative domain owner with a story behind their domain name.

  • American Angels
    America's Tribute to Heroes and Angels~ † Tragedy on September 11th 2001 †

  • Come And Get 'Em...
    ...{;}...{;}...{;}{;}The Come And Get 'Em...{;}community was created to {;}bcommunity together websites {;}which offer a variety of {;}free website goodies. {;}Such as awards, cyber-{;}adoptions, linkware {;}graphics, and other {;}free loot for personal {;}webpages.

  • The Strangely Eclectic Community
    This community welcomes sites on a wide veriety of subjects - sci-fi, music, films, TV, literature etc. Sites containing adult or otherwise offensive material cannot be included.

  • Gator Bloggers
    Blogs from students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Florida

  • DFredomFighters
    site competition,fun and friendship

  • Alpha in Her Blood
    An elite community for the absolute best women on the internet

  • Shock the Monkey
    Community for friend's sites

  • Straight Men
    A community who's intention is to provide a community for straight men over the age of thirty.

  • funk junction
    This is a private community for our friend group. Intended for easy navigation through our sites.

  • Neo
    Newbie on the net? Join this community!

  • I {Heart} Cherry coke
    I {heart} cherry coke...Do you?

  • eesh.community
    What is "Eesh"? Eesh is whatever you want it to be.

  • Daily
    The members of the community Daily believe that having an online journal is more than just space on the web, for us it is a way of life and it is a part of our lives. That is why everyday we get out of bed, live our lives, log onto the internet, and write in our journals. We are a support group to help one another write everyday. We are a community.

  • Hosted
    Many domains can show their love through their own communitys. This is a community for the hostees and subdomains. No domains allowed, baby!

  • The Connecticut Community
    A community for Connecticut weblogs, journals, and personal sites.

  • WebTech Award Center
    WebTech award center which includes awards promoted by members of the WebTech University family of internet technicians.

  • One Girl Revolution
    a community for girls who are more than meets the eye

  • Canadian Lady
    Community for the Canadian Lady with a website. Website must be family friendly, and you must be a Canadian, and a lady :)

  • Medieval Thymes
    Community for the Medieval Thymes team at the Site Wars website competition

  • Dandy
    Dandy! The community for dandy sites :]

  • Keeps Me Sane
    This community is dedicated to whatever keeps you sane.

  • Proud To Be British
    A community for British people who are proud to be British and who have their own web sites.

  • Minaya`s Fantastic Miniglobes
    Hier könnt ihr liebe Menschen finden, die Miniglobes zur Adoption anbieten. Oder ihr seht euch einfach mal an, wie die kleinen so aussehen können.

  • Gypsy Road
    Traveling Australia

  • Simplicity
    un community para webmasters con los ojos cafe!
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