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  • lunatic fcommunitye
    the darker side of life...

  • Circle of Friends Dancing
    We are a group of three friends who decided to to link ourselves together. In the future, we would like to add more people slowly so that we may get to know each other well, and strengthen the bonds of friendships on the internet. Come dance through our circle of friends.

  • Meadowlark Countri Ladies
    Welcome to the Meadowlark Countri Ladies Community. Join us for tea in the Country Garden, where we plant gardens of friendships.

  • Sepulchrum Sanctum
    A collection of pages belonging to the members of the Gothic Auctions and Dark Auctions Communites(located at http://gothicauctions.com and http://www.darkauctions.com).

  • The Berlin Wall Community
    Pages about the Berlin Wall. Anyone having a site about the Berlin Wall may join this community.

  • Angels of Christmas
    Christmas and Spirituality throughout the year.

  • honesty is the holiest disease
    Honesty is the holiest disease.

  • I tend to Ramble
    A community for journal sites. Particularly blogs/journals maintained by a single person posting anywhere from daily to weekly on personal subjects and everyday life stuff.

  • October 2001 Playgroup
    This is a community of sites for homepages of the members of the October 2001 Playgroup!

  • Sonicblogs
    come together.....

  • BlogEd
    A community of bloggers from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • German Bloggers
    Ein Community für deutsche Blogger. Du wohnst in Deutschland oder bist deutscher Herkunft, dann melde Dein persönlichse Blog hier an. Sowohl Blogs in Englisch als auch Deutsch sind willkommen. German Bloggers ist eine Idee von http://www.vacuity.de

  • Website Competition Addicts
    are you addicted to joining website competitions or topsite lists?? then join the other addicts!

  • Country Girls Birthday Club
    Country Girls Celebration of Birthday's

  • Multiple's VE Community
    Multiple's VE Community is for members of Multiple's VE. All members are welcome to join!

  • 2B_WOMAN
    *WOMANKIND* Women with Websites.

  • Pixel Divas
    This community is for all the pixel divas to link their sites together.

  • Collectible Collectables
    Do you like to collect things for your emails or website? Then this community is for you!! Do you offer blinkie or sig-tags to others? Then this community is for you! If your site is safe for all ages to view... please join us. You can find more communitys that we offer at http://friend-2-friend.net .

  • Spirits of the Wind
    Webring for team members of Spirits of the Wind at Mystickal Realms

  • Net Kids
    A community for children with web pages. No adults. Sites MUST be kid safe. Children from infant to 17 years allowed.

  • Awards giving out by other People
    awards giving by other people

  • Homeschool Mom
    Homeschool Mom is for homeschooling moms with a web site that includes information about their homeschool life.

  • FFMO Graphics Community
    A community of moms who have been brought together by Friendships Formed by Moms Online who have graphic communitys.

  • Web Wizards
    A community for any users of HTML, whether just learning or very advanced. ~*Personal Sites Only~~No Businesses Will Be Accepted*~

  • synthetik
    A community for those with exceptional homepages...

  • Darke County Community
    A community for the citizens of Darke County, Ohio. In this community you will find personal homepages, business pages and hobby pages showcasing what some of the residents of Darke County are doing on the internet.

  • DmaddHatters
    DMaddHatters a team of The SiteFights.com

  • April 2000 Playgroup Babies
    This is a place where we can see all our members web sites from one place. Started on the April 2000 Expecting Club board at Parentsplace, we have all had our babies and can now be found on the April 2000 Playgroup board. With many babies and little time (as our babies keep us busy) this is a site where we can show off our babies and familie.

  • 4Military Parents Community
    A community designed to link military parents together. Get tips on how to make a smoother PSC, dealing with the unique relationships we have in the military, and raising you children in a military environment. All branches are welcome!!

  • DFW Journals
    For diarists and online journals in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

  • Teen Talents
    A community that is a collection of sites made by teens. They can be domains, personal sites, fan sites, or cliques. As long as they show talent

  • Destined To Burn
    You know where you're going... ADMIT IT!

  • Im a Beth
    This Community will unite all Beths, Elizabeths, and all lovers of them! Maintain a website for a Beth or Elizabeth and YOU too, can be a member of the ImaBeth community! Have you hugged a Beth today??

  • California Weddings
    This community is dedicated to personal wedding websites of couples getting married in or living in California.

  • The Divas Incorporated® Community
    Are you a self proclaimed diva? If so you must join a the group diva ladies on the web, more than a community, this is a group of divas getting together to announce divahood together. Because being a diva is more than a attitude, it's a lifestyle! Currently open to ladies that are, and currently are not members of Divas Incorporated®

  • asphyxia
    any site with a feitsh and/or gothic influence, or anything else that would fit. males and females welcome.

  • Loveliness
    Do you think youe site is lovely? If you do, come join Loveliness ^^

  • radioham
    amateur radio webpages covecommunity many interesting topics of the hobby{;} join the community today

  • We Luv Content!
    This is a community for people with more than links and sister sites etc. If you have content, about you or anything else, then this is the community for you!

  • digital obsession
    a communitys for web designers who love their computer, webpage and the net!

  • Overseas
    a community for personal sites made by people from europe, south america, or asia, australia... whatever. Just overseas

  • in pain
    it all our pains

  • A Kiwi Clan
    A community for my family and their sites.

  • Wonderful Websites Community
    For everyone to share their websites with others. Any personal site is welcome, no matter what your page is about. (except porn, of course)!

  • Mad Society
    A community for those insane people out there. You feel that you don't belong to society because of your indifference. Here's the place to rant and vent.

  • The Heart of America
    A community designed to show the pride of America through photos, desciptions and historical events of America.

  • Adoption Links From Laurie
    This community is dedicated to the many adoptees and birthparents searching each other. Links here will hopefully help all of us.

  • painted face
    I keep my paint brush with me wherever I may go,in case I need to cover up so the real me doesn’t show.For all those who hide behind a mask or are forced by others to wear a painted smile, because they dont really want to know how your really feeling do they?

  • . : i n n o c e n t d r e a m s : .
    Innocent Dreams is the community for all sites.

  • nyublogs
    a connection between bloggers that go to New York University.
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