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  • Please Remember
    Have someone you want to always remember? Or want someone to always remember you? Then this is the community for you!

  • Svenska Country Hemsidor
    This community is for swedish sites only. *sorry* {;}Har du en hemsida med country grafik är du hjärtligt välkommen att gå med i denna community.

  • Belle
    a community for beautiful sites

  • Paper Roses
    A community for writers and their personal websites.

  • Cyberpostamt
    In diesem Community dreht sich alles um Cybermarken.

  • Kiss
    Come join the kiss community. ***muaa!***

  • Fantasy Angels
    Somewhere within us all there is a dreamer. Fanasty Angels is for any dreamer who needs a place to rest. Sites acceptable to all viewing ages are welcome to apply to our community.

  • abnormal
    This is a community for those of us who aren't afraid to be unusual. We are webmasters, we are writers, we are artists. We *are* beautiful and unique snowflakes. We are abnormal. Then again, maybe it's just me.

  • Area52 Mentors In Black
    Community for Mentors of Area52, an online scifi/fantasy group of people who help others with HTML, graphics, webpages, and more.

  • Radical Dreamers
    no matter what reality throws in your face, no matter how hard life seems to be, there are a few people out there who will keep on dreaming out loud. {;}they dream dreams of love, poetry, fantasy, faeries, music, art, skies, stars, moonbeams, sunsets, flowers....{;}they have the power and will to keep on dreaming.{;}at times they are called outcasts, at times they are called weird, at times thay are simply ignored by the mass.{;}we proudly say : we can dream.{;}we do not take the beaten path.{;}we do not accept society's standards.{;}we are refuges in a dream world. {;}and we know that all our

  • Kountry Kritters
    This is community is for past and current members of the Kountry Kritters team. A founding team of the Wizards Quest. Won't you come join us?

  • The Day America Cried
    This community is for web sites that are tribute pages for the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

  • Luscious Ladies of the Web
    This community is for all the luscious ladies out there with beautiful homepages they would like to share with the world.

  • The Sisters of Compassion
    Hi and Welcome to The Sisters of compassion,a very diverse group of Compassionate, Cacommunity,and Fun Loving Women. {;}

  • Missing Our Angels
    Community for memorial sites

  • cute
    Everybody has something cute about them! What is cute about you?

  • G'day Blogs
    This community is for Australians on the web who have a blog, and are proud to be an aussie!

  • Internet Neighbor
    For the webdesigner who spends a great amount of time on the internet. Builders of websites of all kinds can join the Internet Neighbor Community and become a new internet neighbor.

  • The Angel Connection
    We are a group of Compassionate, Fun-loving Women and Men on the Net, and are here to send a little love to the heart of those who are in need of Friendship. Charlies Angel's Motto is: This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind... let it be something good. This is The Angel Connection! Come ON IN and JOIN TODAY! You can pick up

  • The GG Crew Community
    Personal pages of the GG Crew

  • H-Town Bloggers
    Webloggers living in the Houston area!

  • ASTRUC Sucks!
    Think you've been treated unfairly on a website that's not yours? Tired of being moderated by someone who donates her time? Do you like random flames, or are you willfully clueless? Think people who defend her are all mindless sycophants? Then you must hate La Astruc! Join us!

  • Boadicea
    A community for British women who have their own domain. Rules: women only, UK only (or living abroad and being British), domains only -- no freespace or subdomains.

  • Sites of Kindness
    An exclusive community for The RAOK Group homepage award recipients only.

  • Carnets de Province
    Ce cercle se veut de regrouper le plus large éventail de weblogs situés en Province française.

  • The Dragon Riders Community
    The official community of The Dragon Riders.

  • ib webmaster community
    This is a community for International Baccalaureate (IB) students who run their own websites.

  • Redheads for Blogdaddy
    past, present and future redheads who read and love blogdaddy

  • Joseph B. Dunphy
    Things I like, things that bother me - all that goes into a homering.

  • Kulcommunityen
    Ha kul på nåt sätt och på ditt eget sätt.{;}Då är det här communityen för dig.

  • Starlight's ICQ friends Community
    icq friends who have websites

  • lunamorena.net
    Community for websites on the lunamorena.net domain.

  • :: tolerance of all faiths ::
    a personal community promoting & personal statements of tolerance of all faiths!

  • ### i join - u join ###
    you join my community, i'll join yours!

  • Womyn Of Essnece
    Moving From community.com

  • *everyday angels*
    a community for those of us who see magic in the ordinary...

  • These Dreams the Community
    A community for those who dream..

  • No Pop Up Ads
    Stop by and visit us. Our site offers a wide variety of things and no pop up ads anywhere ever!!

  • Amateur HTML Designer's Community
    Welcome to the Home of the "Amateur HTML Designer's Community".{;}This Community was set up to pay tribute to what we consider to be same of the Better Html Authors of the World Wide Web.{;}We welcome all that consider this to still be just a hobby,(All be it so time consuming){;}We hope one day to make this site the "Definitive Guide" to all Great Authors on the World Wide Web.

  • Purrfect Page Award
    This award is intended for the amateur webmeister who believes that the work they have put into their web site is now worthy of recognition.

  • Anna Community
    This is a community for all Annas on the web

  • //Naughty & Nice//
    This community is designed for girls who aren't as sweet & nice as they appear! We all have a little streak of naughtiness in us and this community is specifically for those who love to show it.

  • Sharecuzicare Community
    A Community for anyone with a greetings, graphics, poetry & prose, or personal homepage. Child-safe please. Come join us!

  • The Official Babygoth Community
    The official community for the international babygoth population; members of the mailing list (http://www.velvet.net/babygoth/) are especially encouraged to apply.

  • Grrr!
    A community of personal sites by intuitive people who say grrr! frequently.

  • Diverse Home
    A new community/group for personal homepages from all people ages 18 and up. Only family friendly sites.

    This is for anyone who expresses themselves honestly through their site. Yes, the ring is closed, but I'm still accepting new members. Read the ring homepage and all should become clear, including the procedure to get me to open the ring for you.

  • Silver~Lined
    A tribute of sites dedicating the honor of angels of any age, returned to heaven.

  • Personal Truckin' Sites
    This community was made for the personal web pages of truck drivers. Trucking is a way of life for thousands of people, here you will find websites for truckers, ex-truckers, their families and anyone in general interested in the life of a trucker in general. {;}Truckers are important people! We are the back bone of America. If you have a web site dedicated to truck driving, please join this community.

  • Born To Be An Angel Community
    Our Brave children were Born To Be An Angel and this community is to honour their beautiful memory
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