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  • ::the dare2dream community::

  • Baby2000
    Over onze lieve kleine dochter geboren op 28/04/2000.

  • The Original Links Community
    This community is for people who have at least one page full of links to other internet sites.

  • naked bloggers
    naked bloggers!

  • iwants2
    This community was made simply for fun. It is a community to entice people to sign our guestbooks! As we all know we get visitors but they seldom sign our guestbooks so this community was made just as a fun way to get them to do it.

  • Laura's Community of Lauras
    A fun community for Lauras with webpages or people with webpages about Lauras.

  • The Harvest Community
    Welcome to The Harvest Community! :o) If you do NOT celebrate Halloween, but have a nice harvest/fall page you'd like to get noticed, please join us! Whatcha' waitin' for?

  • Jaguarwoman Community
    This is a community solely for the purpose of linking the sites of people using Jaguarwoman webgraphics.

  • The Protagonist
    a community for those who write an online journal and updates regularly

  • Playroom Friends
    Friendships,personal web sites. quilts,Poetry,Family coming together

  • ~Country Scraps' Country Market~
    A special community for country sites that offer

  • Families for Christ Community
    This is to encourage and to promote the Christian Family and Home.

  • UK Blogs
    Do I need to explain??? :)

  • Free For All Friday
    Free-For-All Friday (FFAF) is a unique blogging meme - it isn't about what you post, but what others post for you. You particpate by allowing the general blogging public the ability to post on your blog via a guest account. As the blog owner, you get to set the guidelines - but it IS called Free-For-All for reason. FFAF is a tremendous opportunity to get to know your readers while they get to know you.

  • Southport
    Local community for the town of Southport, North West England.

  • Barn2002
    Nätcommunity för barn födda 2002, med egna hemsidor!

  • BLOG Users Community
    Linking together users of the free journaling application, BLOG. BLOG is free software, available at http://www.farook.org.

  • Yet another Homepage
    So you built a homepage. Have you ever checked how many personal sites there are on the web?{;}What makes you think that someone will ever visit yours? I'll tell you what: egocentrism. Yup, that's it, and we all have it.{;}All of us who show off our lives on the internet are so egocentric and so proud of it.{;}So come on, join the team, be an egocentric and add to the list another homepage!

  • Fame On!
    A community for everyone, from Gaffer to Key Grip, who keeps a journal, blog or other independent on-line publication.

  • nothing blogs
    blogs about nothing in particular

  • Community of Friendly Personal Homepages
    This community is open for membership to clean and friendly internet homepages. Porn and hate sites need not apply.

  • Chubby Chicks Rule
    This community is for anyone who loves those Chubby Chicks! Find BBWs, BHM, SSBBWs, SSBHM to chat, and get to browse their homepages!{;}Join today!

  • Lucky In Love Community
    Are you lucky in love? Have you met that

  • Original Personal Sites Community
    This community is for people from all over the world who made their own personal site.

  • 'Puter Buds Linked By Smiles
    Friends that have joined together after meeting on the internet....

  • disABILITY Compliance Alliance (DCA)
    Mission Statement: Members of our Disability Compliance Alliance are advocates for our disABLED. We strive to render our web site creations without any barriers to our disABLED, to the best of our individual abilities. We offer a hand of friendship to those who wish to reach the highest level of conformance for WAI/WCAG.

  • r e v o l u t i o n
    what are you going to change?

  • The Maybe Tomorrow Community
    For those of us who like to procrastinate a little.

  • Area52 Outstanding Site Community
    This is the Official Community of Area52, a group of volunteers dedicated to helping and encouraging site owners everywhere. The community is open to outstanding sites on any topic.

  • + or -
    A site for personal sites or online diaries. The more creative/insane, the better.

  • KT Members Community
    A community for the homepages of KT members from The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey site. Also now open to anyone who has Anne McCaffrey-related bits and pieces on their sites.

  • Web-aholic
    People who adore their site or

  • Strawberry Swirls Community
    Its a Site Community that I have completely designed myself to go with my personal website Strawberry Swirls.

  • FRIENDSHIP Community
    A Community for family oriented homepages on any subject

  • Ditzy Dancing Pages Community
    These Ditzy Danzin' Pages feature original ideas and animated dancers of all kinds. Pages may contain humor, parody, strange content or just plain fun. This is a family community.{;}

  • VoteForMe
    A community for all who want votes for their sites. You have to vote for the other sites in the community at least once a month. Join in, and you will receive a lot of votes for your site.{;}{;}

  • core babies
    a collection of online journals made by CHS core students.

  • Rapunzel
    Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair

  • NetGeeks
    Bcommunitying together self-proclaimed NetGeeks from around the world.

  • The moonshadow-garden.NET Collective!
    The official collective of all the sites hosted at www.moonshadow-garden.net

  • Kraków bloguje
    Community blogów krakowskich.

  • Houston Tiaras
    Community for participants in the Houston Tiara Happy Hour.

  • The New Telegarden Community
    Infromationsite from the new Community of Telegarden Members.

  • Cross County's Award Winners
    Cross Country is proud of the web sites chosen to receive our award. Our winners are showcased here. Take a few minutes to explore these attracitve, informative, entertaining and safe web sites.

  • Cape Breton Community
    Cape Bretoner's from near and far can join the community and keep in touch! Can't you smell the pot of boiling lobsters! {;}

  • The Community of Unused Potential
    A community for anyone who's ever been told that they had so much "potential" or they could do much better if they just "applied" themselves.

  • Girl Design
    This is a somewhat elite community for girls. A good design is essential. Do NOT put the code on your page unless you've been accepted into the community first!

  • candy swirled
    the adolescent mixed personality

  • Easily Amused
    A community for those of us who are easily amused.

  • The JENNA Community
    a community for sites owned and created by JENNAs
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