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  • Squishycommunity
    This community is for all Squishites

  • Aaron's Light Of Hope
    A place to keep the memory of Children Alive. Shacommunity our joys and sorrows.

  • dark dorks & goth geeks
    are you a darkdork, gothgeek, necronerd, evilegghead or other similarly sillyspook?

  • Honestly Blogging
    For people who use their blogs to share their thoughts and feelings on a daily basis, to try to be happy in life, and to try to make others happy as often as possible, because this can be a wonderful life :o) xx

  • grep * bloggers
    A community to join blogging members of the (now defunct) grep sailormoon * community.

  • I Love Myself
    This is a community for all the personal homepage! If you love your homepage, join! :)

  • Carolina Bloggers
    Web sites featucommunity regularly updated blogs from folks in North or South Carolina.

  • Coolimba Team Community
    This community is for all the past and present members of Coolimba, a team at WebTown.

  • I Believe In Unicorns
    A community for unicorn believers everywhere.

  • Anniversary Pages
    Are you married? Have you celebrated one annivesary or 50? This community celebrates lasting marriage! Whether you still consider yourself a newlywed, or have reached the silver and gold, this one's for you! Wedding pages, couples pages, anniversary pages, family pages...celebrate your marriage!

  • Blogomania!
    The community for all blogs housed on blogomania.com

  • Amazing Awards
    A fabulous community of AMAZING AWARDS for you to apply to for consideration!

  • Jen Journals
    A community for all Jens who have an online blog, weblog, journal, etc. Jens of the world unite! :)

  • Emeraldisle's VE Club Community
    Only For members of Emeraldisle's VE Club.

  • Svenska Julcommunityen
    För dig som har en hemsida om julen.

  • ~Copyright Your Site~
    This community is about getting your site copyrighted. i mean when you build your website it is YOUR WORK and you don't want anyone stealing it. so you should show your pride that your website is copyrighted. join if you want to show your pride. all types of sites are welcome except any type of porn sites. no XXXX sites allowed

  • dotcom community
    A community to gather together domains :)

  • Causes Cause We Care
    The concept to this community is simple. If you have a cause you support, you are{;} welcome to join!

  • Homepages NetRing
    The "Homepages NetRing" is for people with homepages. It is a great way to get more exposure for your website. If you have a homepage, join today. If you have more than one webpage, you may add them all!

  • Get the U.S. out of the U.N.
    A Community that believes the U.N. has done nothing good for the world, and has slowy begun to try and take away the sovereignty of America.

  • Ideal Beauty
    What is your idea of "Ideal Beauty"? It differs for all of us, so show us your ideas.

  • Cherub Cheerleaders
    A place the Cherub Cheerleaders can remain in contact with each other, to show thier spirit.

  • Ladies of Africa
    This community is for women of African American Descent with beautiful websites to show the world.

  • Goddess Realm
    Aren't we all goddesses??

  • Florida Homepages
    Finally, a community for residents of Florida and their personal homepages. If you have a site, any site, that does not include porn or hate, you may join this community. All sites are subject to approval by the communitymistress. Your website does not have to related to Florida, but you yourself must live here. This community is for Florida Residents ONLY.

  • Dark Lovers
    For lovers of darkness everywhere.

  • The Beloved Angels Community
    Linking together sites of those who have an Angel in their hearts who also have sites shacommunity their angel with the world!

  • Pregnancy Journal Community
    Journal web sites by parents-to-be, pregnancy journal web sites, birth stories.

  • Sites For Women
    This is a community for women who have web sites and for women who want to view web sites by women. NO porn, adult content, or MLM's!{;}This is a brand new community - check back on us as we grow.{;}

  • Ginger Doll Addicts
    A Community for everyone that is addicted to Melly's Gingers. Show off your collection and visit others collection here! :o)

  • Homepages Galore Ring
    The "Homepages Galore Ring" features homepages for individuals / personal, organizations, and businesses. If you have a homepage, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Homepage Net Community
    If you've got a really cool personal homepage then this is the Community for you! (No commercial pages please!)

  • Food 4 Thought
    All kinds of recipes

  • I Love Constable Whiskers!
    The I Love Constable Whiskers community is for people who have online journals hosted with Diaryland. If you have a diary at Diaryland and want to promote your site, just sign up!

  • Red Velvet
    Red Velvet is basically a community for anyone who wants to be in it. Hopefully pages with writing or some sort of journal thing.

  • One of the Best Sites on The Web
    A community for people who are convinced their sites are among the best on the web.

  • Communitycommunityen
    This is a Swedish community/community, you can join with your homepage and community.

  • Ugula Testers and Checkers
    For websites of Ugula testers.

  • Little Community of Cottages
    This community is for everyone who has a "Home" on the web. I don't mean just a website, but a Home, be it a cottage, a castle or a garden.

  • NL(ogs)WOMEN
    Deze community is speciaal bedoeld voor Nederlandstalige weblogs gemaakt door vrouwen.

  • September 11, 2001
    In memory of September 11, 2001{;}May we never forget!

  • Ki(y)mberly(ie)s: The Community
    This is a weblog and photolog community for bloggers with the name of Kimberly or any of its variations.

  • Crazy Chica
    A community for girls with sites.

  • I Wish, You Wish - The Community
    A community for anyone listed on I Wish, You Wish: A Collection of Wishes by Bloggers.

  • WWDN Blogger Community
    A blog community for the crew at WWDN's infamous Soapbox.

  • The Carolina Crew
    The Carolina Crew is for anyone, male or female, that lives in either North or South Carolina* that wants to get to know other online members thru chats, guestbooks, quilt squares and other psp projects and special day pages. Participation is required. You must be over 18 to join.{;}{;}*Persons from other near by states may qualify, subject to owner's approval.

  • Blogmoxie
    A community for people who have had their site partially or fully designed or helped along by Blogmoxie. The only requirements being that there is credit to Blogmoxie on your site.

  • A&M Consolidated Blogs
    The weblogs (blogs) of current or former students of A&M Consolidated High School.

  • Teen Pregnancy/Teen Parents
    My page consist of info on pregnancy, a live video on pregnancy, and all kinds of resources.

  • Happy New Year! Community
    Welcome to the Happy New Year! Community! Please join us for good, clean fun and celebration of the brand-new year!!! :oD
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