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  • AngelFire Community
    a community for sites hosted by Angelfire

  • Field of Dreams
    Family safe (clean) place for people to meet, make friends, and exchange web page material/ideas.

  • Our Spirit Will Not Be Broken
    "Our Spirit Will Not Be Broken" is for sites (or pages) devoted to the loved ones that lost their lives and for the heroes of the tragedy that occured in the United States of America on September 11, 2001. "Our hearts broke, but not our Spirit!"

  • DCommunity of Honor
    The Site Fights Community of Honor is an exclusive community. To get into this community, you must compete in the Site Fights, win the Spirit Award, and advance to the Webmaster's Warzone level of competition.

  • Virtual Homes
    Do you spend a great deal of time updating and redoing your website?
    {;}Is working on your website like reading a good book or watching a good movie
    {;}.Is working on your website your favorite pasttime?
    {;}For those of us who have spent so much time creating
    {;} our websites that they have become our virtual homes online
    {;}Here is a community for us!


  • Canadian Integrity
    A Canadian showcase on the web...for high quality, personal home web sites, including artistic endeavors. Family oriented sites only. This Community is now CLOSED to new members.

  • Original Country Spirit
    A Country Community for original Sites

  • Arkansas Blogs
    Community for Arkansans with online blogs/journals

  • Web Leagues Website Competition Community
    This is the Official Community of the Web league website Competition.

  • Forget Me Not
    Forget Me Not is a community for unforgettable homepages. Community sites are family friendly, personal pages that leave a lasting impression on their visitors. Forget Me Not promotes creativity, imagination, warmth, and friendship on the internet.

  • Tampa Bay Blogger Fest
    A community for bloggers who reside in the Tampa Bay area.

  • Dagar
    En community för alla flitiga 'bloggare', för oss som lägger ut våra dagar på nätet.

  • Blogaholics Anonymous
    Can't go a day without blogging at least once? Think about stuff to write in your blog all the time? If yes, join!

  • The Site Fights Believers
    This community is for all of us who believe that The Site Fights will be back. Everyone who is a member, as a fairy, quill, spirit, deputy etc. etc. can join this community. Please download the picture to your own server! You Will get the HTML code by email. All you need to do is insert your communityid instead of the idnumber at the HTML. And to insert your email address and name. Please email me when you have inserted the HTML code. I will check your site and add to the community. You have 7 days to a

  • Angels We've Loved Community
    This is a community for sites with angels or sites that have memorial pages for loved ones, including family pets.

  • Ring Fan NetRing
    If you are a fan of rings or ring communities and join all you can, then the "Ring Fan NetRing" is the community for you. It is a great ring to bring more exposure to your website. If you have more than one webpage, you may add all of them!

  • Heaven's Playground
    It's for memorial sites for anyone who lost a baby from miscarrage,stillbirth, neonatal loss or any other cause

  • World of Fantasy and Magick
    A community designed for any fantasy lover. Dragons and unicorns roam, while fairies and other creatures frolic about. Come join a world where fantasy is the only rule.

  • Heavens Playground of Angels ( In memory of Andrew)
    A memorial page dedicated to our Son Andrew who became a Angel at age 4.

  • Midwestern Melodies
    Midwestern Melodies is a community devoted to diaries and blogs maintained by a person that grew up or live in the Midwest - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. MM was loosely named after Manhattan Melodies, the musical featured on The Muppets Take Manhattan, a movie that the creator of the community enjoys.{;}{;}{;}

  • I_want's Gifts from the Heart
    I_want's Gifts from the Heart is a community of family friendly websites with a multitude of different styles and ideas and info. Great surfing, you never get bored.

  • InnerDarkness
    We welcome all the dark souls out there.

  • Proud to be Leo
    If you're a Leo, this is your place!

  • Leftie blog
    Leftieblog - a community for left-handed webloggers

  • Florida Blogs
    A community for people who live in the state of Florida who mantain a blog.

  • Naked Bloggers
    A community for bloggers who post entries whilst naked.

  • Self Expression
    A community for people who aren't afraid to express themselves.

  • Just Us
    Just Us contains a group of web sites that feature personal home pages. They may contain sites that offer original graphics or just the personal interests of the webmaster among other things. In other words A potpourri of ideas and people linking together to tell the Internet world about themselves. Family friendly.

  • Denesth site competition
    A website competition for everyone!! Just{;}add your site today, and see how it ranks against other peoples. Meet some{;}new people, and have loads of fun!

  • Beautiful Fae's Fantasy Community
    Pages that are bound together by the beauty of the fae

  • The pyreflies.NU Collective!
    The official collective of all the sites hosteed at pyreflies.NU

  • 4ever Friends
    Would you like to know more people from around the world? Friends unite from all over to become 4ever Friends. We all need friends to laugh with, share secrets with, and to talk with. This community with give you the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

  • Cacommunity Moms
    This is a community for Cacommunity Moms members only. You must be a registered Cacommunity Moms member!

  • Cozy Cottage-M
    AS OF 8/22/08 THIS RING IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS THIS RING HAS MOVED http://cozycottage.50webs.com/index.html

  • The Little World-Makers
    Fanciful worlds of make-believe with large houses with rooms, lands of hills, valleys, tunnels, and caves waiting to be explored. Feeling adventurous?

  • A Treasure In Heaven
    This community was created to unite memorials for infants and toddlers who left us too soon and for sites related to surviving the loss of a child. Our hope is that the sites listed here will offer

  • Into the Void

  • Broken Hearts Community
    The Broken Hearts Community is here to help ease your pain, if you've lost a loved one or a friend, by letting you read about others' losses and communicating with them.

  • Women With Love
    A community for Women who have alot of love!

  • Mystik Brews Coven Circle
    This community is exclusive for Mystik Brews Coven Contenders and Winners only! Congratulations to all of our champions!

  • The Links Community
    A community specifically for pages with 25 or more links on them. Have a links page? Join the community!

  • DJesters Royale Net Community
    This community is for current and former memebers of the DJesters Royale, a team of The Site Fights. We bcommunity together those looking for fun, friendship and a little competition.

  • Women of Strength & Beauty
    For all women who are strong and possess inner beauty.

  • Cherub Champions
    A community for the Cherub Champions team members at the Site Fights!

  • WebTV Pals
    For the members and former members of WebTVPals and FantomeHelp@egroups.

  • Angel Babies
    This community is for any and everyone that has lost a baby. From miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. ducommunity pregnancy or the first year of life. **Not for people who choose to have an abortion**

  • BelleBlogs
    An invitation-only community for women's weblogs that evidence an above-average sense of style, design, and content content. Please visit the community's homepage to submit your site for review. http://ringsaround.net/belleblogs/

  • Homeless Blogs Community
    Community of Blogs focused on homelessness and/or life in general, that are owned, managed and blogged by people who are either living homeless or were formerly living homeless and, as such, are based on their own personal lived experiences and unique perspectives.{;}{;}This Community is yet another tool through which we can share our visitors with each other so they can better witness the growing need that exists out there concerning homelessness within a broader context, along with the effort that is being done by people like ourselves.

  • 20th Power
    This community/clique is for those that own a PERSONAL domain and are 20-29 years old. If you do not own a PERSONAL domain (www.yourdomain.com) then you don't qualify.

  • The Community of Niftiness
    A community for people who have really nifty sites
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