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  • Weird!
    un community para gente que ha sido catalogada de rara solo por ser diferente

  • Applet Artists Community
    This community is open to everyone who uses or would like to learn how to use Java image applets. These can be lake, snow, animation or other image effect applets. We have a forum where you can find applet help and a free applet download page. All are welcome!{;}

  • Tribo69
    we are from people... with nothing better to do. join the tribe. start your life right..

  • The Bitch Goddess Community
    A community for women who have controlled the Bitch and harnessed the Goddess within them. All women with webpages who admit to being a bitch and proud to call themselves a Goddess are welcome to join this community.

  • Northern Ireland Bloggers
    Blogs, journals and online diaries of people who live, work or were born in Northern Ireland.

  • Hidden Oasis
    This is a community and yahoogroup for women only. It's our oasis.

  • Calendar Girls
    A community for "cartoon" dollz websites and hoepages

  • Fairies and Wee Ones of ADT
    The new official community of the Fairies and Wee Ones of A Dragon's Tale at The Site Fights

  • The JOE Dreamweavers Team Community
    A community for all of the members of the Journeys of Enchantment team, The Dreamweavers.

  • blog connection
    Bloggers everywhere unite. Personal webpages, blogs, designs of any kind are accepted. If you think your page is worthy, apply for us! Gaming, Anime, graphics, pictures,

  • Whistlin' Dixie
    All things Southern.

  • The Award Add-A-Link Community
    Offer Awards? Join Today!

  • COCO (Christians Of Color Online!)
    A listing of websites and home/personal pages owned by christians of color online!

  • A community for Kelly's who blog (That can be Kelly, Kelli, Kellie, Kelley.. and it can be a first, middle or last name!)
    Just what the title says.. are you a blogger? Is your first, middle or last name Kelly? Kelley? Kellie? Kelli? Kelie? Kellea? Kellee? Kelie? Anything that sounds like

  • MMMAY Community
    This Community is For sites with either your own dolls or someone elses but you must have one doll you have made yourself. Also with something else of intrest to you.

  • Top MSN Groups
    A community for all the top MSN groups on the net.

  • In Search Of
    A community bcommunitying Christian and or friendly family safe sites together for a safer online experience for even the youngest members of the family.

  • Cruel Blogs
    Community for cruel bloggers! >)

  • FameTrackers
    A Community to link FameTrackers who keep blogs, journals or other independent online publications.

  • Just Desserts
    This community is for members of the Just Desserts team at Emperor's Gate.

  • Imbi Lane
    This is a community for countrysites with a house as an entrance.

  • Joni Mueller's Sites
    Linking up all my sites. Got the idea from Gabriel at thought-space.com.

  • Momma Bear's VE Group
    Momma Bear's VE Group and Lady Charlotte's VE Group joining forces to help our members drive traffic to their sites. These are sites who are members of either VE group who is lookiing for new VE's to support them in their web competition.

  • The H/D Slash Community
    A community for people who love the idea of a relationship between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

  • The kat's meow bbs and general community
    This community has a variety of options available. The focus being a fully interactive BBS board. Or just put your homepage on here as well.

  • DiP
    Community de webloggers de Barcelona

  • Rivu's Friends
    Moitreyo, a two months old Indian (Bengali) baby boy from Calcutta. Meet him, watch his photos as he grows up, know about his daily routine, read his babybook. His mother is Suchetana Dutta and his father is Mouli Nath Ganguli

  • Thailand Community
    Thailand community for Thai webblogers and jourists.

  • MWD: Multiple Webpage Disorder
    MWD: Multiple Webpage Disorder. Do you suffer from MWD? If you own/maintain more than 2 sites, then you are qualified to join.

  • melbchat
    melbourne based chatroom for single people looking for friendship or maybe more, international visitors welcome.

  • Amigos
    paginasas personales, de todo estan bienvenido, no se aceptan paginas con contenido violento o e odio

  • We are Australian
    We are Australian community for Aussie's all over the world.

  • engelenvriendjes
    Deze community verbindt ons engeltje Anouk met al haar engelenvriendjes en engelenvriendinnetjes

  • wrld clqu
    This is a community that simply connects people who have personal sites from the world over. Different backgrounds, nations, races, genders, whatever's clever.

  • colourmepurple

  • Just say It!
    For the Bloggers with an alias, who know what they want to say and do it. Bloggers who use their real names are just as welcome.

  • Reliants Online
    A Website For All Reliant Cars

  • Amazingly Woman

  • Mystik Brews Witches Cauldron
    The official community for past and present members of the Witches Cauldron team of the Mystik Brews Web Competition.

  • Heavens Angels
    This community is open to anyone who has a memorial page or site for someone they have loved who has passed away. The loved one may be anyone: a parent, child, friend..All links must work.

  • Anima611 Community
    Il community del sito Anima611

  • Crazy4WebTV
    For all WebTV/MSNTV users who like show off their pagebuilding skills. All sites are welcome: F-keys, tools, premade email sigs, personal pages, fan sites, slide shows, blogs, HTML codes to copy and paste. Your site must be optimized for WebTV and readily viewable with a set-top browser.

  • Friendly Heart/Loving Souls
    This is a community to spread the feelings of true friendship on the internet. And to share our loving souls around the world. Have a personal website? then please come and join.

  • Mermaid World Community
    Mermaid World Community Community der alle Sites die das Thema Mermaid Melody haben verbindet. Community that Unites all websites related to Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.

  • The World of Jessica
    Hi, I'm Jessica and I invite you to browse through some of my favorite stores. Some are based on my hobbies - others are based on what matters to me most. I hope you enjoy!

  • A Community for Everything!
    This is a Community to connect any site of any genre! I welcome all sites, except adult oriented sites, hate sites, and any site containing content degrading to people and animals.

  • AMS Community
    This community contains some interesting sites in all genres.

  • Rapid Hot Links
    Free softwares, games, movies and magazines.

  • akward and ordinary - supermodels need not apply
    This is for those of us that just dont want to deal with fake, superficial people. We want to discuss real things on a real level. Visit my blog at http://thingsicantspeakaloud.blogspot.com/ to learn a little about me and see what it is I am all about. Join in...share your stories...we all have something hidden in our closet that we just cant really say out loud.
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