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  • Blogs By Black Women
    The purpose of this community is to highlight the blogs and journals written from a black woman's perspective.

  • Atlantic Canada Community
    This community is intended for all Atlantic Canadian websites (personal as well as business), whether at home or away. Other websites with Atlantic Canadian content are also warmly welcomed.

  • Eclipse Web
    This is a community of all my pages, spanning multiple servers (Urbin.net & Geocities). Topics include: Martial Arts; Politics; 3D graphics; Role Playing Games; General Computer info; News; books; Science Fiction; and a bunch of other stuff.

  • The Mystical Places Community
    A place for Mystical Places to be :)

  • BolehBlogs
    A Malaysian online journal or blog directory.

  • Computer Friends
    "Making Friends Around the World" ~ Meeting friends from all over the world by shacommunity our personal homepages.

  • When the World Cried
    Sites with Tributes to Sept. 11

  • The Community of Lake Applets
    There is no web effect more pleasing to the eye than the Lake Applet. This Community features only sites that display this wonderful effect invented by David Griffiths. Surf this Community to see for yourself the hundreds of masterpieces displayed by Community Members. You are welcome to join this unique Community if your site focuses on displaying lake applets.

  • Obscure Logs
    Obscure Logs is a community for the all the non famous webloggers out there. Come on, we know you're one of them. Join us. Now under new management...

  • Gals With Great Homepages
    This community is designed for gals from all over to show off their homepages. Females with personal homepages are encouraged to join! *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING****

  • Redhead Blogs
    A community for redheaded webloggers.

  • Family Connection
    A wonderful group of families have joined together to build a family friendly place on the internet. Pages for parents and kids.

  • United In Spirit
    Websites that show Spirit Of the United States Of America

  • Mystickal Realms Community
    Community for members of Mystickal Realms Site Competition. You must be a member or alumni of Mystickal Realms to be on this community. Otherwise, please do not apply.

  • Serenity
    Sites that contain Inspiration, community quotes, stories, poems, graphics or photos within their pages.

  • Grandparents Community
    If you are a Grandparent then this community is for you!

  • Hope In Heaven
    A community designed to link memorial pages for our children in heaven. If you have lost a child of any age and have made a webpage to share their stories, please join my community in loving memory of my own angel daughter, Hope Christine.

  • Alaska Blogs
    Alaska Blogs: A Blog (weblog) community for people who have lived or still live in alaska.

  • A Room of One's Own
    A community for women who have their own personal websites.

  • Old English Sheepdog Merchandise
    Old English Sheepdog Merchandise Lovers Community

  • Friends of Louise's Lodge
    A community to link all my visitors and subscribers to the mailing list and also for any site that showcases their love of the home, family and friendship.{;} Members to the community can also access exclusive, member only graphics!!

  • Blogrollers
    A community for bloggers using the Blogrolling system to maintain their list of reads. Are you a Blogroller?

  • 404 error community
    a community to bring together custom 404 pages

  • The Original Happy Thanksgiving Community
    Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and loved-ones to gather together and be thankful for all that they hold dear to them. Come help us celebrate this wonderful time of the year. This was the first Thanksgiving Community on the Internet, originally founded on September 28, 1998. We are now starting over here at Community Surf on September 15, 2000. Please help us to rebuild to 116+ original Members, and sign up to join this community. All Thanksgiving sites are welcome to join.

    A community for people with to many moods in just one day=)

  • Till We Meet Again
    This community is dedicated to my son, Anthony Victor DeGennaro, who died ducommunity a liver transplant in 1997.{;}This community is created for grief support and organ donation awareness.{;}To join, your page must be a memorial page, grief support, or a page that is dedicated to organ donation awareness.

  • The Wonderful Places Community
    If you like visiting web pages with a beautiful look or just want a wonderful place to visit, this is the community for you! Everyone has an imagination different from others and this community is for you to show off your beauty from within. New Owner >>> September 23rd 2004.

  • Homepages on the Internet
    A community for any non-pornographic, non-business site that's safe for children!

  • Circle of Love, Hope and Prayer
    This is a community for sites around the internet and around the world to band together and form a neverending circle of love and hope and let people know how much we are thinking of and praying for them.

  • Women of Angelfire
    A community for women who have sites hosted by Angelfire.

  • Atlanta Blogs
    Bloggers located in and around the metro-Atlanta area. We are in the process of restructucommunity the site. Please check back soon! http://www.AtlantaBlogs.com

  • The Mystical Unicorns Community
    Unicorn Team Community :)

  • Prestigious Awards of the Web
    The Prestigious Awards of the Web{;}Community{;}consist of high quality Award winning sites of any catagory that have high quality content in them.{;}From personal homepages to site dedications.

  • Country Blessings
    this community is for those who love anything country, to make friends and have fun!

  • The Official Homepage Lovers Community
    A Community especially for those who love working on their home pages, and whose love shows all over the site.

  • Circle of Links NetRing
    The "Circle of Links NetRing" was established for anyone who wants to promote their website by joining a community. All subjects and topics are welcome. If you have a webpage, join today. If you have more than one, you may add them all. Hate and porn sites are not allowed.

  • Award Community
    A community for those who offer awards to other sites on the web

  • israeli blogs
    a community that links together weblogs written by israelis.

  • In Memory Of Attack On America
    This is a community to join all of the In Memory or In Tribute pages of Attack On {;}America together. To join the community all you need is a page honocommunity the victims {;}and/or families of Attack On America.

    The I LOVE MY FAMILY Community is for anyone that loves their family with all their heart and to bcommunity together homepages that are family friendly. We'd love to have you join! :) (NO adult, hate or commercial sites will be accepted.)

  • Living Under the Moon
    My community is for family-friendly, fun, quality sites that can hold someone's interest for hours at a time, keeping them up all night. No specific topic is required, but your site must contain a lot of interesting content. No porn, hate or business' please.

  • Serenity Cartoon Dolls
    we have lots of Cartoon Dolls come and take a look.

  • e-male
    they are few and far between, but there are men out there whose sites reflect their personality in ways which are male-rare. filled with visual appeal and literary charm, they break preconcieved molds allowing the world to take a gander at what makes them unique.

  • Online Moms Forever Friends Community
    A place for online moms and their forever friends to come and enjoy their computers without any pressures.

  • Moms of Angels
    This community is to bcommunity Moms of Angels together, to remember..

  • Memorial Sites Community
    Community for memorial page sites, anyone with a memorial page for a loved one is encouraged to join this community.

  • Country Living
    A community for any site that has country crafts, decorating, recipes, etc.

  • Potpourri of Good Things
    The Potpourri of Good Things Community is to bcommunity together family friendly homepages that are a "potpourri of good things" -- Angels, poetry, family, etc. We'd love to have you join! :) (NO adult, hate or commercial sites will be accepted.)

  • One Pound at a Time
    A collection of sites focusing on self-improvement by weight loss One Pound at a Time.{;}{;}{;}{;}

  • I *Heart* PSP
    Paint Shop Pro community

  • The Purpose of Homepages


    Homepages are the most important interface between any website and a net Surfer / User; wherein the former guides the surfer thro’ the website as to how to find out the information the User is looking for. It is the first page of the website, which should open up with the URL or http:// link of the website, when a User logs in. The design of any website should be such that on the first log-in the ‘homepage’ should open up, which gives the detail of the website road map. It should be lucid and simple in its structure and form, so that any first time user can also get through the site smoothly. In short the homepage defines the ‘user-friendliness’ of the site; which determines the success of the very purpose of the site, since more simpler and menu-driven the ‘homepage’ is, the better would be the acceptability of the sites by the Users and more hits would imply success of the sites.

    Hence designing the homepage is like structuring the index of an encyclopedia; where the search for any information begins with understanding the index first and thus knowing where to look for the desired information. Likewise, when any website is designed, the ‘homepage’ should be designed keeping in mind, what kind of Users would be searching the site, what kind of information would they be looking for, would there be any interactive or dynamic page requirement or the Users would be only specified techie users with required knowledge. Also it depends on the kind of information the site would like to share, since if the information is not adequate or accurate or not clear to any generic or normal user, then the very objective of the web page or the site would be defeated.

    Thus any developer working on any website, must understand the requirement and the purpose of the website, the information it requires to carry, wherein the homepage would essentially be required to be designed likewise, to give the most effective impact as well serve the purpose of giving the most relevant information about the site with the site tour or roadmap.

    Homepage for any sites is also the link between any other URL or linked sites, which guides any User directly to any other sites / locations thro’ either direct link or CGI BIN (common gateway interface binary link) protocol. Thus the homepage serves as the gateway to other linked sites, which may not have a well-defined homepages or direct URL, thereby creating a site with many portals at an economic cost.

    Homepages thus truly serve as the ‘front page’ of websites, which fairly gives the first impression of the full website, wherein the broad links are specified to reach to other parts of the Website. This is the page which carries the profile of the website, the names and contacts of the owners, the purpose of the site, relevance of information provide, various details and features and direct links to other searches.

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