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  • Field of Dreams Community
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  • The Important Role of Business Homepages


    Business Homepages are the most important interface between the Business websites and the net Surfer / User; wherein the former guides the surfer through the website as to how to find out the information the User is looking for. It is the first page of the website, which should open up with the URL or http:// link of the website, when a User logs in. The design of any business or commercial websites should be such that on the first log in the ‘homepage’ should open up, which gives the detail of the Organization, the structure, the line of businesses, projects won, customers, contacts and the site road map. In a nut-shell, the business homepage become the route map of the said Website; and it should be lucid and simple in its structure and form, so that any first time user can also get through the site smoothly. In short the business homepage defines the ‘user-friendliness’ of the site; which determines the success of the business or commercial purpose of the sites, since more simpler and menu-driven the ‘homepage’ is, the better would be the acceptability of the sites by the Users and more hits would imply success of the sites.

    Hence designing the homepage is like structuring the index of an encyclopedia; where the search for any information begins with understanding the index first and thus knowing where to look for the desired information. Likewise, when any business website is designed, the ‘homepage’ should be designed keeping in mind, what kind of Users would be searching the site, what kind of information would they be looking for, would there be any interactive or dynamic page requirement or the Users would be only specified techie users with required knowledge. Also it depends on the kind of information the site would like to share about the Company or its business profile, since if the information is not adequate or accurate or not clear to any generic or normal user, then the company might loose out on prospective business opportunities, since the User might have missed out some relevant sales points, or might not notice the special offers made by the Company, thereby not considering its commercial viability.

    Thus any developer working on any business website, must understand the business requirement and the commercial purpose of the site, wherein the homepage would essentially be required to be designed likewise, to give the most effective impact as well serve the purpose of giving the most relevant information about the site with the site tour or road map.

    Homepage for any business sites is also the link between any other URL or linked sites, which guides any User directly to any other sites / locations through either direct link or CGI BIN (common gateway interface binary link) protocol. Thus the homepage serves as the gateway to other linked sites, which may not be having a well-defined homepages or direct URL, thereby creating a site with many portals for businesses at an economic cost.