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  • Urban Exploration & Abandoned Buildings
    Who needs to explore caves and jungles when you can enjoy some urban exploration! Explore abandoned buildings, subway tunnels and more and see what you might find thanks to all the great stuff in this community.
    We help you find the information you need. Find information on Urban Exploration and Abandoned Buildings in New York City and other places. See an Abandoned Sanatorium in Wisconsin and really get a feel for the thrill this little hobby is all about.

  • The Joys of Urban Living


    Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city streets or not, you can’t deny that there is a certain je ne c’est qua about urban living. There is no doubt that city living does come with many benefits that you don’t get from suburban living, such as the convenience of being able to walk to just about anything you want from your home; shops, café’s, Laundromats…you name it and you can walk to it. That has actually been the point of the urban movement all along; to incorporate every possible amenity and convenience along with employment and schools all within walking distance.


    For those that strive on being social and enjoy a vibrant nightlife, urban living is the ideal compliment to what they crave because there is usually something going on somewhere even at the ghastliest hour. The one thing that may be lacking in city living…aside from deafening quiet…is space. When it comes to buying an urban property, you get far less square footage for you dollar than you would even just a few minutes outside of the city. Houses in larger cities generally have a smaller lot which means a small yard, if any at all. The other option is a condo and there are plenty of those to choose from as larger cities are now utilizing vertical space with buildings that are taller than ever and containing apartments that are tinier than ever. This is however a trade off and one that more and more people are looking to these days.


    Another factor that drives many people to paying higher prices for the tinier spaces in an urban setting is the diversity as far as culture goes. There is no doubt that living in a heavily populated area comes with the opportunity to be exposed to far more culture than living in a town where everybody knows your name. Not only do you have a more diverse crowd living practically on top of each other, but you also get to enjoy things like restaurants of different ethnicities, cultural events, museums, theatre and more. This is something that those people living in the country definitely miss out on.


    Since you trade in space for convenience; you need to find some crafty ways to make the most of the little space that you have. The urban lifestyle movement has brought with it a variety of shows and publications dedicated to small space living that teach you utilize and maximize your space. These offer some great tips that are well worth looking into. Another incredible resource for those of you who are looking for grand style within minimal space; IKEA! The Swedish phenom does everything to promote small space living and not only offers furniture and accessories that are more than small space-friendly, they also offer suggestions for making the most of space in their catalogues and on their website. Something else that you may not know about IKEA is that they regularly offer workshops by some well known designers who offer tips for decorating affordably while also maximizing your usage of space. Urban living is definitely where it’s at!