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  • Log Cabins for Sale
    Looking for log cabins for sale? You've come to the right place. A log cabin can be your dream home, family cottage, romantic getaway or even an investment property that you can rent out to vacationers.
    This community has been created so that anyone who has or wants a log cabin home has a place to find all kinds of great resources and information all in one place. Use it to find log cabin homes for sale, builders of log cabin homes or even information on how to build your own. You'll love all the great stuff you can learn here!

  • A Log Home Plans & Kits Community
    This community is all about log home plans and kits for those who long tolive in a log cabin and are looking for something different than the usual pre-built log homes. Find everything you need here to start making your dreams of a unique and beautiful log home of your own come true.
    This is your best source for Log Home Plans and Kits. Find everything to do with Log Cabin Home Plans and Kits! That includes finding Cheap, Luxury, Small and any size Log Cabin, Home Plans and Kits and more right here.

  • Is Rural living For You?

    Some people either love the city or they don’t, some people love the country or they don’t but the one thing they both agree on is the fun and happiness they find living in the place they love. It has long been some peoples dream to move out to the country and live in a true rural area. Rural living can be the best type of living there is. You can make yourselves all self sufficient by growing crops and vegetable and some also keep cows, chickens, sheep and even steers so that they can have meat.

    There are wide open spaces that your children can run around in to their hearts content without the worry of them being snatched or hit by a passing car. The folks that live around you are very kind, warmhearted and all look after each other making a move to the country like finding an extended family! Some people move to the country so that they feel that they can help combat climate change by minimizing their carbon footprint. Carbon emissions are one of the main talking points that came into our lives in 2008. Most of the leading world countries set about by promising to drop their carbon emissions so that they can help stop global warming in its tracks. A lot is blamed on climate change and global warming. The ice caps in both of the poles are deteriorating and causing the world oceans to rise which some say will lead to certain parts of the world disappearing under the new raised ocean. Also an increase of tidal waves is predicted due to the changes in the water. Because ice is made from fresh water the damage that is will do to the oceans is unimaginable. The salt content of the water will diminish and the animals will all die. The world is also getting hotter by the decade now and not by the century as the green house gasses are leaving holes in the ozone layer letting in harmful sun rays that are increasing the temperature. This heating will cause damage to the crops and cause a water shortage.

    Because of all these things people are taking it upon them selves to leave the cities and take residence up in the country. By doing this they are lowering their own personal carbon foot print and helping to save the world from this damming problem. By allowing their farms to be run by wind power and solar power they are harnessing the worlds natural resources that they transform into electricity to use to power their modern day lifestyles. They grow their food and crops organically stopping the leak of unnatural pesticides into the environment which helps the cause as well. They choose to ride bicycles every where instead of using cars which also cuts down the gasses and they use either bio fuel which is green or electric to fuel their machinery that helps them plant and sow.