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    A community for people participating in The Seven Things Project, a year-long experiment with getting rid of seven things a week by selling, donating, giving away, or recycling.

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  • Tackling Personal Organization


    How much do you love to have your things all neat, tidy and organized? How much do you actually enjoy spending time on personal organization tasks? Yep. That’s what I thought. Let’s face it; no one enjoys having to spend hours on organizing and it’s even more of a pain when you’ve got a lot of clutter that has accumulated over a period of time where organization was not on your mind. You need to psyche yourself up to get in there and tackle it no matter how daunting it seems because eventually the chaos will start to haunt you.


    It’s a proven fact that people are more productive when working in an organized and uncluttered environment. Those who claim to work best in their own version of ‘controlled chaos’ are either lying as an excuse for not keeping on top of things or just think they work better this way because they don’t actually know any other way! I’m sure if given a choice between their disorganized space and one that has been perfectly organized; they would jump to choose the latter. So, let’s get started with some advice that will help you tackle your clutter and get on top of your personal organization ASAP.


    ·      You need to set aside enough time to tackle the project. Even if you have a long day ahead of you, you’re more likely to get the job done if you strive to finish it at once as opposed to spreading it out over days. Keep a day completely free to you can avoid distractions.


    ·      Create a list of the things you wish to accomplish. And you need to be more specific than just writing ‘clean up’ on the list! Is there a filing cabinet that doesn’t need to be in your office anymore or maybe a pile of old blankets that you want to donate to the shelter? Maybe some old bills and paperwork that needs to be shredded and disposed of. Any task that you wish to accomplish should be on that list. It’s a fact that people who make lists are more likely to accomplish their goals than someone who doesn’t jot them down.


    ·      Look to websites, forums and Denver SEO rings for links to personal organizing advice, shopping and more. Forums are also packed with people who can share valuable tips and advice that they’ve learned. You can even find buisneses that handle organization tasks for clients, though this could prove costly.


    ·      Purchase any organizational tools before your scheduled clean up day. Things like bins and baskets, storage boxes are great to organize everything from paperwork to clothing to DVDs. You can buy these sorts of things just about anywhere and even choose decorative storage solutions for those things that you can’t hide away in a closet so they are easily incorporated into your décor.


     or a ghastly expense. A little planning and some elbow grease…and a few nice containers… are all you need to stop living in chaos.