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  • Happy to be at Home
    A community dedicated to helping mothers and families live frugal, abundant, and joyful lives.

  • Housewives United
    A place for housewives of the world to come together . If you have a site or blog about home and family and you are a housewife (or househusband) you are welcome .

  • Titus 2
    Do you have a heart for living out your life as described by Titus 2? If you have a blog that promotes Biblical Womanhood in any form or fashion, then this community is for you! Anything relating to Biblical Marriage, Motherhood, Homemaking, etc. is welcome!

  • Decorating
    This community was started is a place for those who love to shop, decorate, and talk about any issues realted to making your home and life beautiful. Our blog is the Adventures of the Merry Treasure Shopper. This blog features decorating ideas, shopping information and links to contests and giveaways on the web. It will also link you to our home store that features many home decor and specialty gift items.

  • Domestic Bliss
    Since happiness begins at home, this community is dedicated to food, crafts, sewing, decorating, and any other domestic art. We welcome any blogs that make a house a home...Let's not just sit around--Let's make something!

  • FLYlady followers blogcommunity
    This is a group for Blogging FLYbabies who want to see what other FLYers just might be doing.

  • The Toilet Community
    For all domestic goddess' who need a bit of encouragement to not only meet the Summer Reading Challenge; but to clean the toilet - oh say after every book read! ::snort::

  • My House, My Heart
    A community for the homemaker. Cleaning tips, To Do lists, general day to day life events. We want to show there's nothing wrong with being a housewife!

  • The Happy Housewife Community
    A community dedicated to helping mothers and families life frugal, abundant, and joyful lives.

  • I'm a Glamorous Homemaker
    A guide for the modern christian women to bless her husband and family!

  • Simplify
    Simply Life. It all starts with a change of heart that comes from learning true principles. Simplify before you organize.

  • Women on the Journey
    Join a community of blogging wives who are on a journey to being help meets for their husbands.

  • Green Living
    Chemical free cleaners, antibacterial microfiber cloths, certified organic body products and more!

  • Self Reliance
    Self reliant living with an eye towards reasonable self sufficiency. This ring encompasses a broad range of topics including homeschooling, do it yourself, vegetable gardening, raising small animals for meat and eggs, homesteading, fabrication, creating your own energy sources, personal responsibility, wise money management, emergency preparedness and generally any activity or practice that lead members towards a more self directed life of freedom and achievement, and away from increased dependency on others.

  • flydusterbabes
    Community for flydusterbabes

  • Indian Homemakers
    this community for all the Indian homemakers who are stay at home moms and write about what they do -cooking, kids, decorating and whatever comes to their minds...

  • Creating a Charming Life
    Observations, Inspirations, and ideas for creating a charmed life

  • Homemaking Today


    Homemaking no longer brings to mind the likes of Florence Henderson. These days being a homemaker involves much more than baking cookies and attending PTA meetings. Today’s homemakers go to gym, take lessons of all kinds and even manage to earn money from home by offering different services. We’re not in Walnut Grove anymore!


    For those that make the decision to stay home and care for their families, the opportunities of ways to utilize any free time you have is vast. Homemakers are often busy enough as it is with the household duties and children, etc, but in keeping with our fast paced world, many homemakers need even more and thrive on living very full and very busy lives. For those looking for some opportunities to earn an income from home, there are all kinds of opportunities geared to you. Some of them are listed here.


    Paid Blogger: You can actually make money blogging and depending on your type of blog, you can earn anywhere from pocket change to a nice part time income! You can get paid to blog several ways; either by using things like pay-per-click ads which involves little more than offering up a tiny corner of your blog to an advertisement. People click on it and you earn money. The other way is to blog for someone who pays you to blog. Many companies are now looking for bloggers and there are sites dedicated to those who want to add their blog to a community and get paid based on interest in their blog/traffic.


    Virtual Assistant: You can work as a virtual assistant, meaning that you’re handling everything from emails and phone calls to data entry for a client from your own home. On occasion you can find companies looking for a virtual assistant in the classifieds or you can apply for a position with a company that hires out virtual assistants.


    Telemarketer: Telemarketing has always been a great back up for anyone in a pinch who is looking for a job.  Now there are organizations that let you do your calling from home on their behalf making this job even more convenient and appealing!


    Phone Fantasy Operator: Also known as phone sex operator; this is not everyone’s cup of tea but it has been the source of a fairly good income for those who can pull it off. This is definitely a unique one that is sure to inspire a lot of work stories!


    These are just a few of the moneymaking opportunities available for today’s homemaker. On a final note, the internet is full of appealing ads to “make big bucks from home” but not all are legit. Do some research before contacting any of these companies and don’t ever agree to giving out any of your personal information! As well, beware of anyone asking you to send them money in order to get started. And remember, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!