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  • Mid Century Style
    A community for sites that provide information or bloggers who are interested in redecorating and remodeling 50's or 60's homes.

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  • Living the Green Life
    Living the green life doesn't have to be a painful lifestyle change. The trick is in taking small baby steps during the process, and soon you will find yourself automatically thinking up ways you can green this and that up. And you will start to feel the rewards of living the green life you have created.

  • Ottawa Renovators
    A community for Ottawa small business renovators to join to showcase their work and to advertise their business.

  • Integrity Finishes Of Tampa Bay
    Interior & Exterior Painting. No Deposits/No sub Contractors/Visa & MasterCard Accepted/On time Guaranteed

  • Resource for finding quality contractors
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  • Environmenatl Heating and Air Conditioning of NC
    Welcome Home! At Environmental Heating & Air of NC , our goal is to not only to help you stay comfortable, but to also make your purchase process simple and hassle-free.. We are a full-service Heating and Air conditioning (HVAC) company with a wide range of experience. We can help you with all phases from new home construction to replacement and upgrades: We pride ourselves on being Green and choosing environmentally safe practices. Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty an

  • Understanding the Basic Ideas of Home Improvement


    Everyone knows that home improvement is an essential matter to consider for many homeowners today. In this particular article, ten major points to ponder shall be realized so as to ensure that homeowners have the right idea to improve their homestead. The said guidelines are as follows:


    • Not defining your priorities

    Before you begin in your home improvement project, you need to determine your needs and your budget, which may be dependent on whether you rent or you own your house; who actually lives in the area, and how long do you intend to stay within your house.

    • An Uncomfortable Conversation Area

    Are people able to sit facing one another? Can they chat without raising their voices? The ideal conversation area is U-shape; the least desirable is L-shaped. In this phase of the home improvement project, you should also learn how to choose your seats and how you should ix and match them in case they do not fall off with the same design.

    • Poor furniture placement

    Avoid pressing all your furniture up against the walls as if there were a dance floor cleared in the middle; but also makes sure that you can pass through the room unobstructed by pieces of furniture.

    • A room that is off-balance

    A room is off-balance when all the large and heavy pieces are on one side while the smaller ones on the other.

    • Furniture of different heights

    When seating is of different designs and heights, or other decorations are placed in different uncomfortable angles, the scene would be much tiring to the eyes.

    • A room that lacks cohesion

    The quickest and easiest way to achieve a cohesive and pulled-together room is to use pairs of chairs, lamps and end tables and so on to make the room less boring to not boring at all.

    • Ignoring the focal point of the room

    A focal point could be a fireplace, a window with an interesting view, a large painting or something that directly attracts the eyes. When going for a home improvement project, it is important to play-up these areas thus making the said points of interest a source of conversation.

    • Improve Use of Artwork

    Hanging an artwork too high or scattering it on every area of the house incorrectly may make it a rather disturbing scene than that of an interesting piece for the eyes to see. Art is best to hung about three inches lower that you’d normally think is correct. One wall should always be left bare to give the eye a place to rest.

    • Ineffective use of accessories

    Over time, most people have accumulated a lot of knickknacks that may not be anymore updated to go along a home-improved area. Hence, choosing the right accessories for the right design is important.

    • Using Lighting Incorrectly

    Each room needs lighting, but every lighting piece should conform with the size, the shape and the whole presentation of the room.


    These ten points of consideration to be understood when dealing with home improvement project plans are noted for being effective as per applied by several other homeowners in the past.