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  • DragonRose Dragons of Troop 1448
    Just for members of troop 1448, to showcase their dragon pages

  • Beautiful Baby Girl
    This community is for anyone who has a daughter.

  • Webbebie's community
    Koppel ook jouw Webstekje aan Webbebie's Community! Zo maken we er samen een TopCommunity van. Je WebStekje moet wel te maken hebben met Baby's! Deze Community is geheel vernieuwd, dus heb jij de oude code nog op je website staan, Meld je hier dan even opnieuw aan.

  • angelchild
    This community was created in memory of Samantha Ann our beloved first child. Fly high sweet angel.

  • The Young Teen Mommies Community
    The Young Teen Mommies Community is for any mother currently{;}under the age of 20 who is raising her child or children.{;}Come and meet other teen mothers for advice, support and understanding.

  • The Young Pregnant Mommies Community
    The Young Pregnant Mommies Community is for any mother under the age of{;}25 who is currently pregnant! Come and discuss everything about your pregnany -{;}from morning sickness to dealing with family and friends - with other young moms{;}who are expecting.

  • Angels On Earth
    We've created this community to show off our precious Angels on Earth! No matter the age, gender or race, all our children are Angels!

  • Julbebbarna 2001
    En community för bebisar födda runt julen år 2001.

  • Shadowdancyrs ~ Little Sisters
    Shadowdancyrs Little Sisters is for our

  • June Bugs 2002
    A Community For Babies born in June 2002 or Thereabouts!

  • May 2003 Babies Community
    The May 2003 Babies Community is for all babies due and/or born in the month of 2003.{;}Find other adorable babies the same age as your May 03 baby by surfing this family friendly community!

  • Children Of The World
    A message board/forum with pictures of all the missing,abused,kidnapped,and sadely the murdered children. Our site has there pictures and there stories. We also discuss ways to keep the children safe. This site is updated daily to keep you informed. You have the opportunity to join and be a part of our family. Post messages and alert us to any child missing in your area and we will have them listed on our site. Any information you ever needed can be found here.{;}

  • Geboren in 2002
    Geboren in 2002.{;}Heb je een kindje dat geboren is in het jaar 2002 ?{;}Dan ben je welkom om je aan te sluiten bij Geboren in 2002.

  • sidsinfo
    In Loving Memory of all victims of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

  • A person is a person no matter how small
    This community is for memorials of babies and children. It is here to let people know that our babies/children were no less important then a person who was 10ft tall! Our babies/children were our life. They DID make a differerence. They stole our hearts and made us melt and the thought of them. miscarrages, pregnancy loss, still born, born asleep, babies, and childrens' memorials are what we accept in this community.

  • 4 Fay's Dad
    In August of 2002, Fay lost her dad when he took his own life because he was unable to overcome the pain of the abuse he'd suffered as a child. Child abuse is far-reaching and devastating. Fay's dad felt there was noone he could turn to who would understand. Now he is gone, and Fay is left with only her memories of her beloved daddy. Please help us to continue the crusade to raise awareness about this enormously important issue. Help us speak for those who otherwise have no voice. Join our community and help us tell the world that child abuse must never be tolerated.

  • Mischief's Dolls
    If my dolls, bears, and adoptions have made a home on your site, please join this community. You may also join if you use my graphics.

  • Freedom Angel
    This community is for all US military spouses & parents, for Active, Reserve, and Veterans *Ü*

  • Dec2003Mommies
    This community is for mommies of December 2003 babies

  • January 2005 Babies Community
    A community for babies due in or born in January 2005! If you have a little Jan '05 miracle with their own webpage, please join this family-friendly community to find others with babies the same age.

  • Pixie Ugly
    A membership by referral only forum for creative women to discuss their lives, families, and share their creations.

  • Rated G
    This is for blogs that are rated G. G = General Audiences, this should be something that you would allow anyone to look at. This has no mention of sex, drugs, gambling, and so forth. Most of us won't fall into this category, simply because we talk about our lives.

  • KidzKomfortZone Childcare Community
    Family Home Childcare Provider trying to make it easier for myself and other family home childcare providers to gain more exposure on the internet.

  • The Motherhood Community
    A community for bloggers who are also a part of The Motherhood (www.themotherhood.com)

  • Angels Dreamz
    Community for Members of Angels Dreamz

  • Parents of the Single Nature
    This is a blog page of several different things. Mostly related to life in general, family, friends, opinions, relationships, motherhood, and just what I happen to b thinking that day!

  • South African Christian Homeschool Bloggers
    Christian South African homeschoolers who have a blog are welcome to join the community. It will be great to share our blogs and homeschool news in this way.

  • Single Parents Homeschooling
    This is a community for single parent that homeschool their children.

  • Straight from the Heart
    Mommy Elvz Daily Drops

  • Matters Of The Home
    Homemaking,Family,Parenting,Mom Blogs

    SAHM/WAHM stands for Stay-at-Home-Mom Work-at-Home-Mom. This community is for all stay at home/work at home moms who love raising their children and using their talents and passions.

  • Sapphic Womyn
    For womyn of the Lesbian persuasion

  • WinterPromise Blog Community
    This community is for homeschoolers who use (and love!) WinterPromise.

  • Widowed Too Young
    Support for young widows, widowers

  • Cute Baby Names
    The Cute Baby Names Ring Will Be a Place to talk about the naming your cute little baby
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