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  • The Young Twenty-Something Mommies Community
    The Young Twenty-Something Mommies Community is for any mother who is {;}currently in her 20s and raising her child or children.{;}Come and meet other

  • The Pregnancy Community
    The Pregnancy Community is *the* community to surf when you are looking for pregnancy journals,resources, information, personal websites, and moms just like you! :) If you have a site about your pregnancy, please join us! * Established in April 2002 for all mums throughout the world - young or older, married or single, first time moms or mommies of many - any woman expecting a new little miracle! :)

  • In Family Adoptions
    We are a support group of parents that has adopted or has custody of their grandchildren or other family members

  • August/September babies 2002
    A community for women who are due to give birth in August or Sept. of 2002.

  • Fall Mommy 2002 Community
    Join us! Community devoted to Moms having a baby or babies in the fall of 2002!! (established June 2002...new community lol)

  • we love disney
    everything we love about disney and so much more, our very own Cartoon disney dolls, kid safe site logos, disney kiss dolls, and much much more

  • Motherhood Trials and Tribulations
    The members of Motherhood Trials and Tribulations community :)

  • KidsRus Community
    Community for community origanizations for children, PAL centers throughout the world, schools, home schoolers, kids, teens, early education providers or anyone working with children. Sites provide ideas, inspiration and help in dealing with a huge variety of subjects from educational enrichment to recreational ideas and even community service ideas.

  • Thank Heaven For Little Boys
    This community is for parents of little boys who love them and are proud to show it!

  • Bereaved Moms Share
    This community is to connect moms who have lost a baby by miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant loss, and remember these special babies that Jesus holds - that we do not hold in our arms, but forever in our hearts.

  • Step Into the Blender
    Creating a well blended stepfamily is not an easy task. Browse successful stepfamily homepages or find those sites that offer support for blended families.

  • Angels remembered
    Angels Remembered is for moms who have experienced multiple and recurrent losses through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or infant death to find comfort and support by finding each other.

  • Baby, Peuter en Kleuter Community
    Baby, Peuter en Kleuter Community is een community voor ouders die hun website willen promoten en hiermee meer kunnen bezoekers lokken. Hoe groter de lijst wordt hoe meer bezoekers langs komen om een een kijkje te nemen op je website. Deelname is gratis

  • Parents of Boy/Girl Twins
    A community for parents raising boy/girl twins.

  • On Familiar Ground
    Add some spice to your daily routine.This little group has something for everyone, from flower pictures, font art, web page help, and sig tags, to poverty cooking with flair, how to make a great cup of tea, to lots of great belly laughs! We are artists, women, moms and dads with a desire to live each day IN STYLE!

  • In Loving Memory Of...
    This SiteCommunity is intended to connect memorial sites for children lost to miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy and sites providing support and information to families who have suffered the death of a child in early pregnancy. This community's purpose is to provide a means for remembecommunity our children as well as calling attention to the true human losses suffered by the deaths of these children. It is also my prayer that it will also provide some meaning for our little ones' short lives by providing support and comfort for other grieving families.

  • Family and Personal Sites Community
    For all websites that are about family. Personal and commercial sites welcome - as long as they are about family. All sites must be child-safe.

  • The Blended Family Community
    The happy blended family/stepfamily isn't something that you can just create overnight. With different feelings and different personalities there is bound to be conflict but getting help on how to be a step mom or dad is here for you. This community is dedicated to all the step families who are looking for advice on making things work.
    Find Information on Blended Families and Stepfamily as well as Becoming a Stepfamily.  Leanr How to be a step mom or dad and get advice on Rebuilding and strengthening the Stepfamily and Blended family.

  • NJ Unschoolers
    This is a blog community for unschoolers in NJ, started by members of the NJ Unschooling email list and a friend (or two?) who doesn't live in NJ!

  • Frugal Living
    loads of ideas for saving money on everyday things along with great tips for getting and staying organised.

  • Furby Community 3

  • Our Angels!
    Tommy's community for Angels. Owned by his mom! Please don't copy this community.

    This is the site for the young and the young at heart. It is full of stories about baby Zapp, and her sister Squirt Zapp and their adventures and understanding of the world. Come, become a kid again and enter the land of Zapperland!

  • Our little Preemie's Community
    A community of miracle babies. Stories and pictures of preemie babies and their families.

  • Please, No More Tears
    If you are a survivor of abuse, if you would like to help spread the message that child abuse will not bemtolerated, and you believe that children are a precious gift not to be harmed in{;}any way, then this is a community for you.

  • The Breastfeeding and Childbirth Art Community
    Dedicated to the very special field of childbirth-related art. Some of the contents may be offensive to certain people. We believe in the beauty of the pregnant and birthing woman and the incredible awesomeness of the nursing relationship. If you don't agree, we would discourage you from joining.

  • TvillingCommunity
    En community med tvillingar

  • Community Nasze Dzieci
    Community grupy pl.soc.dzieci.

  • bloggermom
    This community is for weblogging Moms who update as much as humanly possible - depending on how longs those naps are...

  • Mother's Milk, by any means
    A community dedicated to moms who breastfeed and who pump milk for their children. Support those who choose to provide their children with mother's milk, by whatever means necessary!

  • Moms of Todays Parent Online
    This community was created to link up homepages of moms who met at Todays Parent Online (http://www.todaysparent.com) or who love the Todays Parent magazine.

  • Nov-Dec '97 Babies Mailing List
    This is a members only community for the Nov-Dec '97 Babies Mailing List.

  • Barnens Djurklubb
    En community för barn och av barn, om djur, djurskötsel mm.

  • Teddy Bear
    A community for sites dealing with and loving teddy bears.

  • Geboren in 2000 community
    Deze community is bedoeld voor gebruik op websites van kinderen die in het jaar 2000 geboren zijn.

  • The Harry Potter Community
    A community for all Harry Potter sites; whether they be fan sites, news sites, games sites...anything!

  • Babies of 2002
    This community was created for all pages containing something about a little baby, due in 2002. You should have a little section about the pregnancy and a family friendly site! {;}

  • Rare CyberPets
    community for rare cyberpets that people can adopt.{;}

  • Handsome Little Boys
    This is for our sons who have thier own pages :)

  • Our Angel babys
    The our angel babys community bcommunitys parents and angels together, a community of memorial sites

  • Dutch Division of NoMoreAngelBabies
    Tegen kinder mishandeling en huishoudelijk geweld

  • Our Little Princess
    This community was created to show off our little Princesses! Whether you're a Mommy, Daddy, Grandparent or sibling, as long as you want to show off your little girl, then come join us!

  • Michaela's Angel Friends
    A community dedicated to all Angels who left this world too early and who are greatly missed on earth

  • Young Queer Mommies
    The Young Queer Mommies Community is for any mother {;}under the age of 25 raising her child or children, and who is

  • The Spirit Of Avalon
    The Youth group of the Quests Of Avalon.This group was founded for the many youth that spend time on the net,we offer a safe environment where they can learn graphics,html,participate in competitions,talk when they need a shoulder,or be there for someone else (we are open to parents). So come on over and check us out,Join!

  • ... an empty room ...
    a community for those who have room in their hearts and their lives for a child but whose dreams have been put on hold... this community was created for: partners/individuals with infertility problems, women who have experience a miscarriage (or recurrent miscarriages), individuals with medical conditions that make either pregnancy, childbeacommunity, or parenting too difficult at this time, partners/individuals putting their family on hold due to financial, carreer, or any other reason, single women/mothers, single men/fathers, and partners/individuals who are unable or w

  • Nana's Place for Long Distance Grandparents
    Our goal is to have a place where Grandparents who are separated from their grandchildren can come to visit with other long-distance Grandparents. We offer great links, quotes, ideas, and a club to help ease the separation anxiety grandparents feel when the distance seems unbearable.

  • Grandparents Seeking contact with Their Grandchildren
    This is a community for grandparents who have been denied contact with their grandchildren and have built web sites dedicated to their grandchildren. It is our hope that someday our grandchildren will see the sites we have made for them and know that they we always loved!

  • Bloggin Noggin
    A community geared solely for kids (or parents of kids) who maintain some form of online journal (i.e. weblog, blog, journal or diary).

  • June '01 Babies
    A community for pages about babies born in June of 2001.
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