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  • Happy Cloth Diapered Baby
    Do you cloth diaper your baby and have a webpage devoted to either the baby or cloth diapers? This community is meant to link us together for information and a way to show off our happy cloth diapered babies. The webpage doesn't have to be about cloth diapers specifically, it can just be about your baby who happens to wear them. Webpages with cloth diaper reviews and information on how to use cloth diapers are also welcome! {;}{;}NEW! As of September 2000, commercial sites are also welcome to join the community. I specifically invite WAHM who want to add exposure to their business!

  • Birth Stories
    I love reading birth stories, I can't get enough of them and I know there are a lot of other birth story reading addicts out there like me so I thought a Community was in order. If you have a birth story online, join the community :-)

  • Young Queer Moms
    The Young Queer Moms Community has MOVED! Please visit http://www.youngmommies.com/yqm/ to join the community at it's new location! :)

  • Young Mommies *Help* Community
    The Young Mommies HELP Community joins together all the sites & communitys that are out there to support & help young parents/parents-to-be! If you run a Teen/Young Pregnancy/Parenthood site, mailing list, egroup, pen pal directory, message board or community, please join the YMHCommunity!{;}(***not for personal sites! You must have a section/site devoted to HELPING young parents!***){;}

  • Babies born 2000/01
    This is a community specially cretaed for our little ones born in 2000 and 2001

  • Belly Kicks
    This Community is created for young mothers between the ages of 12-21 who have children or children on the way!! Also, if you were a teen parent, and your site discusses it, you also qualify!! A great way to meet other teen moms!

  • Angel Babies Community
    All babies are blessings. If you have a child or children then this is the community for you! Our children are our little angels, our angel babies!

  • Liams angel friends community
    This community is for memorials sites for children,lets bcommunity our angels together,

  • The January Jewels
    This community contains baby pages and family pages created by our members to show off their little jewels. We are all members of the January 2001 Playgroup and had our babies somewhere around Janauary 2001.

  • Kindergeluk community.
    Op het internet zijn veel persoonlijke zwangerschapspagina's en trotse ouderpagina's te vinden. Het lijkt mij erg leuk die Nederlandse pagina's aan elkaar te koppelen. Dus heb je een Nederlandse pagina over je zwangerschap en/of kind(eren) aarzel dan niet en join de community. Leer andere (aanstaande)nederlandse ouders kennen. In samenwerking met de site www.kindergeluk.nl. Alles over dreumes, peuter en kleuter {;}

  • Young Single Mommies Community
    The Young Single Mommies Community is for any mother under the age of{;}25 raising her child or children without a life partner. Come and meet other {;}young/teen single mommies to discuss the unique challenges (and the positives!) {;}of solo parenting!

  • Young Canadian Mommies
    The Young Canadian Mommies Community is for any mother under the age of{;}25 raising a child or children while living in Canada! Join other mommies from{;}all over Canada!

  • Zauberhafte Babys
    Ein Community für alle Babys, Kleinkinder, Kinderlieder, Erfahrungsberichte, Schwangerschaftseiten, Tagebücher, Babyphotos und und und

  • The ~ Creative Kid Sites ~ Community
    The Creative Kid Sites Community was created in August 2001 to bcommunity{;}together children's homepages that were beautiful, well-designed,{;}creative, easy to navigate, and in general, a pleasure to{;}visit. :) Please come and see all the magical little webpages{;}creative for and/or by kids...

  • Multicultural Kids and Families
    This is a community for kids and/or families with multiple ethnic backgrounds or blends.

  • The Breastfeeding Mommies Community
    The Breastfeeding Mommies Community was created to help support mommies that are breastfeeding their children and includes the personal websites of many mothers who support breastfeeding as an excellent nutritional start for babies!

    If you are a mom who is nursing - or has nursed - a baby, please join this *family-friendly* community and share your breastfeeding story with all of us!

  • My Angel Wings
    I started this ring for all of those who have lost a child/children. Losing a child/children is a lifelong heartache that never goes away. I want this Ring site to bring families together to comfort and help each other through the pain. Sending You Angel Hugs, Manager of My Angel Wings Netring Linda Emerson Rook (Ryan's Mommy) Ryan's Wings http://heavensblessings.tripod.com/id25.htm

  • Deadbeat Parents another sense
    For Parents dealing with Deadbeat Spouses, whom are or have violated Court Orders of Visitation, Partial/Joint Custody & Support Issues. Parents whom are trying to "right" the wrongs within the Family Court System as a whole.

  • Filips barncommunity
    Filips barncommunity är en community för alla barn

  • Mixed Kids
    Family homepage from children which parents are from different nationality.

  • Single Parents
    This is a community for single parents who blog or keep an online journal. This is intended for both custodial or noncustodial parents.

  • Fresno Family Blogcommunity
    Blogs, journals by families in the Fresno CA area.

  • Babies of the XXI Century
    In spite of word "babies" in the name of this community - I created this community to gather all the pages of babies/children born in any month and any year of the New Millenium (I mean 1.January.2000 and later). No matter if your child was born in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005 - it is a place for just you to show him/her/them off! Expecting mothers or women planning their pregnancies are also welcomed to join as long as they have pages of their future babies already :-)

  • Premature Child
    A place for parents and carers of children who were born prematurely

  • 101+Things About Me
    This is it! The community for those who are not afraid to shre themselves on the net. Site must be family friendly, no hate or satanism. If my grandkids cannot see it, you cannot join.html must be on sign up page

  • Virtual Moms Club
    A blog community for moms who are members of the Virtual Moms Club. Suggested activities and topics are geared towards moms making time for themselves, taking time for their projects and hobbies, and connecting to other moms who are interested in similar pursuits. Visit the Yahoo Group for more details. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/virtualmomsclub/?yguid=62050671

  • Hogwarts Online Community
    A Hogwarts Community

  • The Baby Names Community
    The first community for parents looking for babynames! This community links only sites with the goal of finding the perfect baby name. For parents to be, name lovers, authors and anyone looking for the perfect baby name!

  • The Baby World Community
    For anyone who loves babies and has info or anything to do with babies! Graphics, personal, help sites, even commercial sites are welcome.

  • ~* Help Stop The Tears *~
    both of my children where sexaully molested by a babysitter, so i have set out to inform everyone that i can about what CAN and DOES happen to our children. Please join us and help us in our fight!!

  • July 99 Babies
    Babies born in July of 1999

  • Pageantsrus
    pageant information, kids brag pages, directors information, photo gallery, advertising and lots more

  • The Summer Babies '98 Community
    The Summer Babies '98 Community is the community members of the Summer Babies '98 email list through ONElist. This list bcommunitys together moms from all over the world who have little ones born in the Summer (June/July-Sept/Oct or thereabouts *s*) of 1998. It is a friendly, open list where its members are free to discuss their parenting styles and experiences and anything else about their babies :) {;}

  • May 2000 Babies Net Community
    This community was created to join homepages of moms who met on the parentsplace May Expecting board. We welcome any babies born in May 2000, or babies who were due to be born in May 2000!

  • The Mommies Little Girls Community
    The Mommies Little Girls is for members of the Mommies Little Girls email list. A list for mothers of little girls, it bcommunitys woman together from all over who share the common bond of being mothers to little girls :)

  • May 2000 Moms
    A community to join the websites of the May 2000 mailing list members. Join us if you've had a baby in or near May of 2000!

  • Mother's Against Abortion
    For women who are against abortion, and don't agree with the recent legalization of the abortion pill

  • August 1998 Parents Community
    The Community for parents with children born or due August 1998.

  • Babies of The New Millennium
    The founding community of the Y2KFamilies Community, a place for families to find and share resources.

  • Loving Daddies Community
    This community is for Daddies that are proud to show off there love for there children!

  • Kidz Awardz
    A community dedicated to people or sites that give awards to children and young people.

  • The Mom's Online Community
    For mom's of the web to come together.

  • February98 Babies
    Community for all children born in February 1998. (Should have their own webpage.)

  • Country Hamlet

  • The Our Children Community
    A community created to bcommunity together people who believe that our children are the future to bcommunity hope, love and harmony to our world! You don't need to be a parent to join this community- just someone who cares and believes that our children hold the light of the future in their hands!

  • Babies of 2001
    This is a community for all babies born and/or due in the year 2001. If you have a baby that was due in January 2001, but arrived in December 2000 instead, that's all right. The baby just has to have at least been due in the year 2001.

  • Greatest Job of All
    This community contains sites that give good honest info to help all of us on our life long job of being Great Parents !

  • N.P.U. (Native parents united)
    N.P.U. native parents united, for native american or related parents, to share tips, experiences, stories, recipes, learning experiences , or just to meet other native parents that share similar interests or that have gone through the same thing, we discuss from issues, to every days ups & downs, to just plain conversation.{;}to qualify for membership in this community you will only need to have a child safe site. your site can be of any theme aslong as its is safe to be viewed by children.

  • Blossom´s Powerpuff Community
    A Blossom´s Web Wing for all Powerpuff Girl´s Pages.{;}Un Community de Bombon para todas las paginas de Las Chicas Superpoderosas

  • Kids World
    ~^~*~* Kids World *~*~^~ This Community is created for kids keeping in mind the needs and liking of children. Please do visit the web sites listed and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.For joining this community, please submit your web site for approval. Your web site will be re-viewed and approved.
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