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  • Always Friends-Kids
    This community was created for kids 13 and under with their own webpages. Please no commercial sites.

  • A Child's Life
    A community to unite websites pertaining to the prevention of child abuse.

  • All About Babies
    A growing online community where parents come to share their experiences and related with others in similar parenting situations. Whether you have a angel, a premature infants, or you're parenting alone - or any other scenario - come here to commiserate and share stories!

  • Some Call It Heaven Angel Community
    This community is a place to share memories of loved ones (family members or friends)that now have their angel wings, share your loss and help with the healing process of losing someone close.

  • Vietnam Adoption Community
    The Vietnam Adoption Community is a network of sites about adoption from Vietnam. This community was created so that adoptive family websites with adoption stories and photographs families can be joined together in a community. Selected commercial websites are also eligible.

  • The ElfBabies Community
    The Elf Babies Community is for those little babies who are on the petite side. *s* Thet are like little elves on earth. :){;}

  • High-Octane Toddlers
    Our goal is to link together sites created for children who are between 1 and 4 years of age.

  • Thinking Day Around the World
    This community is for GS/GG from around the world interested in participating in Thinking Day events.{;}

  • The Parent's Community
    A community for mothers and fathers to show their love for their children. The sites can be about the parents or their kids, or parent information sites with a loving atmosphere.

  • Young Single Moms
    The Young Single Mommies Community has MOVED!!! {;}{;}Please visit http://www.youngmommies.com/ysm/ to join the community at it's new location (and to get the cool new graphic too!) :)

  • Toddlers on the Web
    Community for showing off your kids...sites MUST be kid/family friendly. Join today!!

  • Wee Ones Fairy Circle
    A community for the Wee Ones at The Site Fights!

  • The Blues Clues Community
    This Blue's Clues community is for pages that are about Blue's Clues, a children's show on Nick Jr. It is educational, and of course Steve and his Dog Blue are very entertaining. Please feel free to join, if your page is about Blue's Clues and is also safe for children ages 7 and under! This community was created on 9-18-98. {;}

  • Young University Moms
    The Young University Mommies Community has MOVED!!! {;}{;}Please visit http://www.youngmommies.com/yum/ to join the community at it's new location (and to get the cool new graphic too!) :)

  • April '99 Moms and Babies
    The April '99 Moms and Babies Community is open to any web pages about women who had babies in April 1999 or about babies born in April 1999. If your original due date was April '99 but the baby was born earlier or later, you are welcome too! This community was originally begun by a group of women who met on the April '99 Babies bulletin board at Stork Site. We recently moved our community here after Yahoo! took over Community.

  • Babypagina community
    De babypagina geeft een actueel overzicht over alle sites op babygebied.{;}De community is daar een aanvulling op.

  • Geboren in 2001
    Deze community is voor alle websites over baby's die in 2001 geboren zijn.

  • Creative Young Women of the Net
    This group is for creative young women either, or under the age of 17. This is a safe and friendly place where you can chat, share ideas and maily have fun with young women in your own age group.

  • Kids Just Wanna Be Kids
    This is a kids community your parents can join to link sites together with other kids.

  • The Preschool Community
    Watch out babies and toddlers- here come the preschoolers! :) This community was created for anyone involved in the lives of children around age 3-5, who are becoming capable little "big" girls and boys. Meet other parents and childcare providers to find information on topics related to the development of preschool-aged children (toilet learning, beginner reading skills, creative play, learning social values, etc.).

  • Baby Brabbel community
    De gezelligste babycommunity van Nederland, Op zoek naar een leuke babysite hier zal je hem vinden.

  • World Missing Children Organization
    We are presented for the parents, guardians,law enforcement agencies, free of charge, on a one to one manner as an alternative and unconventional method for locating a missing child who is lost or is suspected of having been kidnapped or is a runaway. It serves as a complement for the conventional methods and is not intended to interfere with the system's procedures or to promote false hope.

  • Canadian Parent's Online
    A community for community members of Canadian Parents Online, THE premiere Canadian parenting resourse on the net!Canadian Parents Online provides a comfortable and supportive community atmosphere where people can connect and communicate with other concerned and involved parents from all across Canada and around the world. {;}{;}

  • Mischief Makers on the Web
    Show off that pre-schooler or kindergartner...to the world!! Why aren't there warnings about this age like the terrible twos!!Stop by and check out our site!!

  • CSAHM Bloggers
    Join the Christian Stay at Home Moms Blog Community!

  • Basically Bluedorn
    Community for those who are home educating their children as outlined in Teaching the Trivium by the Bluedorns of Trivium Pursuit.

  • Baby's of the 21 century
    About and for baby's who are born ore due in the 21 century.{;}The 21 Century starts in the year 2001, so if you have a baby born in 2001 or later. Then you have a 21 Century baby. Pleas, join now.{;}

  • September 1998 Moms Community
    This is the community for mothers with children born or due in September 1998.

  • Young Canadian Moms
    The Young Canadian Moms Community has MOVED!!! Please visit http://www.youngmommies.com/ycm/ to join the community! :)

  • De verliescommunity
    Community met sites over het verlies van een kind.

  • - Parents Around The World
    For all parents, pregnancy's, adoptions, and family sites.

  • Home Educators and UK Muslims Community
    A community to link Muslim home educators with connections to the UK.

  • Young Married Mommies
    The Young Married Mommies Community is for any mother under the age of{;}25 raising her child or children with a life partner. Come and meet other {;}young/teen single mommies to discuss the ups and downs of being married/engaged/attached{;}while parenting!

  • Young University Mommies
    The Young University Mommies Community is for any mother under the age of{;}25 raising her child or children while enrolled in college, university or some{;}form of post-secondary education program. Come and meet other young/teen university{;}mommies to discuss the unique lifestyle of being a student parent!

  • Jelley Jar Friends
    Jelley Jar is a community of online friends focusing on family life. Our member's personal homepages reflect a wide variety of interests including genealogy, poetry, parenting, pets, recipes, arts & crafts, etc...{;}All family/kid friendly sites are invited to join our community.

  • The Joys of Young Moms
    A community for young (20-somethings) and teen moms with pages dedicated to their child(ren) or pregnancies.

  • **Speelgoed & Kinderkleding**
    Heeft u ook zo'n leuke site waar je 2dehands en/of Nieuwe Baby/Kinderkleding en/of speelgoed end verkoopt? Koppel dan ook jouw winkeltje aan De Speelgoed & Kinderkleding Community! Zo maken we er met zijn allen een TopCommunity van en kunnen we zo van winkel naar winkel surfen.{;}

  • Big Family Bloggers
    A community for sleep-deprived, multi-tasking bloggers who have more than three children.

  • December 2003 Blogging Mommies
    This community is for mommies who gave birth to, or adopted babies born in December 2003.

  • Heaven's Lullaby Community
    This community is dedicated to the memorial of all our little angels up in Heaven's Nursery! Personal memorials and free memorial pages are welcome!

  • Christian Home Education
    The purpose of this community is to bcommunity together home educators for support. encouragement and to share a few lesson ideas along the way.

  • Ladies of the Myst
    Ladies of the Myst is based on the concept that Women do indeed control their lives, or are, at the very least aware and acknowledge that they have an Inner Power and Strength. We are all unique individuals and it is not wrong to recognize this fact, acknowledge it and delight in who we are, what we wish to be and who we are in fact becoming.

  • Everything For My Family
    Sites, homepages and links to sites that are of interest to families, stay at home moms, work from home moms and anything that involves our kids!!

  • Unschooling Kids
    For unschooling children

  • Thotful friends of Classic Pooh
    a place where friends and fans of Classic Pooh can come together

  • We Are One
    A place for a man and a woman to show their love for eachother and share it with others. A place to show this divorce happy world that there are good marriages and that it can be happy and fullfilling.

  • Vi från -95
    Detta är communityen för dig som är född 1995. Här finns en massa roliga saker så som en målarbok, pyssel, lite olika program och mycket mera. Kom och se.

  • March 2000 Babies
    This community is for all pages devoted to babies born in March 2000, like mine :-) All members are welcome to join our sister community, Millennium Babies, as well.

  • October Babies
    This is a community for all the October babies out there. Hope you come and visit and see all of them.

  • tickled pink to be a teen parent
    Positive community for teen parents who absolutely adore being mommys and daddys or who're tickled pink to be expecting.
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