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  • The Official Bouncy Fan club Community
    A special community for members of The Official Bouncy Fan Club! Members only....so join today!!!

  • The Mother and Daughter Community
    For sites that share the mother/daughter bond. This can be a memorial page, or any kind of page just for mothers and daughters!

    This community is for people who attend Athey Creek Christian Fellowship.

  • Bellys, Birth & Beyond...
    This community was created to link together Pregnancy & baby blogs. If you have a pregnancy/baby blog and you are either still pregnant or have given birth within the last 2 years, submit your pregnancy blog to the Belly's Birth & Beyong Community!

  • Elmo Lover's Community
    For all Elmo Lovers! Elmo themed pages welcomed.

  • NOTI Blogs
    A group of bloggers from NOTI.

  • Twin Babies Community
    The Twin babies community is for mothers, father, grandparents aunties , uncles, anyone who has a webpage on their twins triplets, quads or more.

  • Söta Barn-communityen
    En community för alla söta barn som finns i världen. Alla barn är ju söta så alltså alla barn är välkomna.

  • Young Mommies Community
    The Young Mommies Community is for any mother or mother-to-be under the age of 25.{;}Come and meet other young/teen mommies to discuss everything from toddlers to teething,{;}from starting your baby on solids to starting your child in kindergarten... This group{;}has a wide variety of moms from all sorts of walk of life, resulting in lots{;}of great discussions and helpful advice!

  • Women With Integrity
    This is a private Community for Members of the Women With Integrity group only.{;}Please visit:{;}http://womenwithintegrity.net for further insight.{;}Thank you{;}

  • 100% Precious Miracle
    This community is designed for families that have miracle children. Preemies, babies born with chances of non-survival but did. Special needs children, etc.

  • Nalle puhs vänner
    En community för oss nalle puh vänner

  • The Moms Helping Moms Community
    The Moms Helping Moms Community was created to join together all the great sites out there that are commited to helping mothers access the resources, information and support that they need to do their job (that sometimes tough job of parenting!) as best they can! Surf this family friendly community of sites for moms and you will surely find what you are looking for online! :)

  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas community is for all your special Christmas Homes on the web.

  • Aiden's Friends
    I finally have my own community where I can tell all of my other internet kid friends my secrets on ways to keep mommys and daddys guessing on what makes us kids tick !{;}

  • Family Friendly Sitecommunity
    The Family Friendly Sitecommunity is open to all web sites that provide content suitable for all age groups. Our goal is to create a safe, well rounded network of web sites that parents and children alike can visit without fear of running across inappropriate material & pictures. This means hate speech, violence, pornography, nudity or partial nudity. If your web site falls into this category we would love for you to join us. Every web site that applies will be checked for content before being accepted into the community. If you deal with graphics & photos on your web site, please note that

  • Född år 2000
    En webbcommunity för oss som är födda under det nya millenniets första år.

  • ParentSoup Community
    This community is for those parents. Family safe sites only please. And no commercial sites.

  • Precious Children Community
    Childrens community for children with a site about themselves

  • Mommy's Little Girls Community
    If you have a little girl, or you are a little girl (even at heart), come join us. You must have a child friendly page. No age limit.

  • The Kids Community
    A community connecting all the sites created by kids, about kids and for kids to encourage child-safe surfing.

  • All 4 Kidz Community!
    A community for kids of all ages to join together. This is also for grown-ups who have pages created for children to learn from and enjoy.

  • Incredible Moms by Gods Grace
    Are you an Incredible Mom by Gods grace? Do you Rely on the Lord For your Strengh? Join us then!!!

  • Falsely Accused Parents
    Falsley Accused of a crime you did not commit? Someone filed charges against you unjustly to achieve a goal that has ruined your life? Join us in our journey for Truth and Justice for ALL.

  • Disney Warehouse
    Thee elite community for Disney fans. Come and be a part of what the web has to offer for your Disney addiction. If you operate a Disney themed website, join us now and become the best! Your site MUST be kid safe!

  • De Kinderkleding sitecommunity.
    Alle sites met kinderkleding gekoppeld aan elkaar. Nieuwe kleding also tweedehandse kledingsites zijn welkom om zich aan te melden. De community is bedoelt als extraatjes voor kopers. Op deze manier kunnen ze makkelijker winkelen. Surfend van kledingsite naar kledingsite. {;}{;}Na aanmelding is het belangrijk dat binnen je in dezelfde maand dat je je aanmeldt de code ook op je website staat.{;}Zoniet dan verwijderen we je.{;}We moeten erg streng zijn omdat er soms websites maanden staan aangemeld zonder dat de code geplaatst wordt............{;}{;}

  • Abundance of the Heart
    This community offers informationa and support for those carrying to term a baby with an

  • Domestic Divas
    This community was created for all the domestic divas out in the internet world. What is a Domestic Diva you ask? A domestic diva is the same thing as a domestic engineer, a stay at home mom. The person in the house that cooks the meals, cleans the house, takes care of the dog, takes care of the children, takes care of her husband, and somehow finds just a little bit of time in her busy day to blog or work on a webpage, and hopefully get a shower.

  • Hard-Boiled Housewives
    A league of humorous and realistic housewives.

  • One Frugal Mom's Community
    A community for like-minded frugal women

  • In Memorial's Angel Hugs
    Welcome to the Angel Hugs Community! This community is mainly for members of In Memorial but really anyone is welcome you to join our community! I only ask a few things. {;}Sites that contain pornography or any other adult material are not allowed.. {;}This is a family community and will always be free of such content. {;}You will add the HTML Fragment to the page you submit on the below form. {;}You will not remove your code at anytime while you remain a member of the community. {;}

  • Babies of '99
    This community is for babies born in any month in 1999.

  • Genealogia Polska / Polish Genealogy
    Polskie strony genealogiczne

  • Smoke Signals Corner
    We have made this community in honor of a very sweet lady who is fighting cancer. If you have cancer, have help links, stories, ect. on your site... please join us. Site must be safe for all ages to visit. You can find more communitys that we offer at http://friend-2-friend.net .

  • CommunitySurf: British Parent Bloggers
    Blog community for british based parent bloggers.

  • Mom Blog Central
    This is a community blog community for mom bloggers. If you are an active mom blogger that has a family friendly blog please feel free to submit to join :)

  • Moms In Texas
    A community for any mom living in the state of texas with a homepage.

  • Vi 98or
    Communityen för barn födda 98

  • I am a cute kid!
    This community was created to show off your cute kid. It doesn't matter if your page is about your kid, or about your entire family. Since kids, babies etc. are all cute, everyone can join:)

  • I'm a Mom
    This is a community for any lady on the web who is a mom! If you are a mom with a homepage, then this is the community for you!

  • Proud SAHM Community
    This is a community for moms who stay home to raise their children. If you are proud to be a SAHM, then this community is for you!

  • Love Being a SAHM
    If you believe staying home and raising your child(ren) is the most important job you can do, this is the community for you!

  • Cindy's Kids
    Community for Cindy's Kids. We help bcommunity awareness to missing children from the USA. Only partners and assistants may join this community.

  • Personal and Family Web Sites Community
    This Community is for those who have personal or family oriented web sites. NO ADULT CONTENT PERMITTED

  • Raising Down Syndrome Awareness
    A community for parents and/or caregivers who are raising or have raised a child with Down syndrome.

  • Simple Gifts
    A community of families who are living (or wish to live) a family-centered life which includes homeschooling, homesteading, and home-based business with a special emphasis on living gently, organic farming, heritage breed conservation, and preservation of old ways. Mainly Christian, specifically Catholic, but all are welcome.

  • Newlyweds
    A community for all newlyweds (whether married 2 days or 20 years!) What a great way for us all to be in one place and hear great stories and learn from each other!

  • 20ish AP Moms Community
    This community is designed to highlight the web pages built by or about Young Attachment Parenting Moms, Dads, and Children. This community was originally built for the members of 20ishapmoms@onelist mailing list but moms not involved in the mailing list are invitied to join.

  • charmclub
    the charm club is a great place for meeting new people and having fun
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