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  • Unique Ideas for Entertaining


    Entertaining friends and family is by far one of the joys we have when it comes to our home. Being able to share your time and your space with the ones you love is priceless and what memories are made of, so coming up with different ways to make your gatherings special is deniably appealing. You want to make your guests feel comfortable and at home, but deep down, you know you want to wow them too. So check out these tips that can help you turn any gathering—big or small—into a day they’ll never forget.


    Choose a Theme. You can make even the smallest gathering more fun than Mardi Gras with the right accessories. As a matter of fact, Mardi Gras would be a great theme for a barbeque or small party! Things like cheap colored beaded necklaces for your guests and strewn about as well as paper lanterns and any other colorful and cheap goodies you can think of can turn a lazy Sunday into Fat Tuesday!


    Make it Fancy. You don’t need to be Ivana Trump in order to throw a swanky little soiree. Even if you’re just having a handful of friends over for a dinner party, you can add sparkle and glam by using your good crystal, lighting candles all over, adding some bling to the table with silver and mirrored candleholders and setting a table that would put Martha Stewart to shame. If it sparkles or has Zsa-Zsa Gabor-esque feathers on it, then you’re headed in the right direction!


    Have a Potluck! There is nothing that brings people together quite like food, so why not let all of your guests get in on the feeding as well as being fed by having each one bring a dish that they’ve prepared. If the group that you’re entertaining includes a mix of cultures, then have each open bring in a dish from their country and make it a celebration of cultures!


    Play Games. Most of us can’t remember the last time we played a board game, but probably not since we were kids. How fun would it be to have a game night! As much fun as Guitar Hero parties are; playing board games, especially those we all enjoyed growing up, can be a perfect way to bring everyone together, have a few laughs and reminisce about days gone by.


    You see, with a little thought and imagination and the odd cheap accessory from a dollar store, you can create a mood that will carry a gathering like nothing else. Some other ideas for you: Christmas in July, Movie Night, Cookie Baking Soiree…just to name a few. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to entertaining, so if you give it a little thought, you’re bound to come up with some neat ideas of your own that will surely inspire some oohs and ahs from your guests. And if all else fails, there’s always the internet: ready, waiting and full of unique ideas.