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  • Domestic Services: Getting Help At Home


    Domestic services used to pretty much be limited to cleaning. With a world as busy as today’s, we could use help in several areas pertaining to our homes and luckily, you can find someone offering domestic services that once we’d never dreamed of being able to pass onto another! Here’s a look at some domestic services available; some that you’ve heard of and some that you can’t even imagine.


    Cleaning. This is one of the most common types of services. You can hire an individual or a team of people to clean your home or business. The choices are vast when it comes to cleaning services so the prices are more reasonable than you may think.


    Childcare or Personal Care. You can hire someone who is trained in the care of children, the disabled or the elderly to come into your home and help you take care of yourself or a loved one.


    Errand Runners. These are people who work independently and provide errand running services for those of us who are too busy to handle some of our daily errands. Things like shopping, picking up the dry cleaning or even going to the post office to do some mailing for you are handled for a reasonable rate and sometimes a gas/travel expense fee.


    Pet Poop Cleaners. Yes, you read right! There are a handful of people who make a living going to your property once a week to clean up after your pet! Who would use this type of service?? Most commonly it’s people who are busy or have mobility issues and let their dogs out into the backyard to do their business but don’t have the time or simply can’t go clean it up. This service is one that is extremely popular in the spring when the snow has started to melt and the poop that has piled up from the winter begins to show.


    Organization Professionals. These are people who specialize in organization and can be hired to help with everything pertaining to getting your life organized, from clutter clean up to time management help. This service tends to be costly.


    Holiday Decorators. They are just as the name states; individuals who work alone or with a team to decorate your home or business for the holidays. For anyone who can afford it, it’s a great service as you not only have more free time for the millions of other things you need to do over the holidays, but you also have the joy of having your place decorated by pro’s and who likely do a far more impressive job than you do!


    That’s just a handful of the many domestic services that are available today. Most of these can be found online or in your local telephone directory. When planning to find someone to help you with any type of domestic service you should try to go by referrals whenever possible and if you don’t know of anyone who has used the particular service before, make sure that they are insured and/or licensed depending on the type of service. You should always exercise extra caution when it comes to allowing someone you don’t know into your home.