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  • The Original Valentine's Day Community
    A community for those who have pages on their sites dedicated to Valentine's Day or to love and romance. No nudity or pornography accepted.

  • A Happy St. Pat's Community
    A Community just for St. Patrick's Day webpages and sites!....your site must have a St. Patrick's Day theme or content to be included in this Community.

  • Holiday Bliss
    This community consists of websites/pages that contain holiday related material. If you've got a site with holiday ideas, activities, graphics, music files, games, downloads, decorating ideas, recipes, etc... I'd love for you to join this community. My goal is to make any holiday site containing any holiday tid-bits easily accessible through this community for visitors and other members...just clicks away. This community is a great way to promote your site and generate traffic as it is a proven fact that communitys increase traffic flow. With so many holidays being celebrated across the world

  • Family Websites Holiday Webring
    You must have a Family Friendly Christmas Thanksgiving or New Year page...it must stay on line 365 days a year. You MUST have fun!

  • Valentine Magic Community
    Do you have a Valentine's Site that stays up year round??? If so, then come join Valentine Magic Community ...Just click on the add your link above. NO PORN ALLOWED. ( THIS RING WAS CREATED IN DECEMBER 2004)

  • The Happy Easter Community
    Easter is a time for rejoicing for many wonderful reasons. The Happy Easter Community is a place where we have all gathered together to show the world what Easter means to us. This Easter Community was the first one on the Internet and founded on February 24, 1998. We are now re-opening here on Community Surf today September 15, 2000. This community is for all sites that have anything to do with the Easter holidays and Spcommunity.

  • The Original Holiday Community
    This community is for folks who have pages on their sites dedicated to any holiday anywhere in the world.

  • Holiday Fun 4 Everyone
    Websites Celebrating (Any And All) Holidays...

  • Country Holidays
    Country Holidays home site

  • The Bells Of Christmas
    Do you have a Christmas site that stays up year round?? Then you need to join this community. Just click on add my link above! NO PORN ALLOWED !!! (THIS WEBRING WAS CREATED IN NOVEMBER 2004)

  • I Believe In The Magic Of Christmas
    This site is for anyone who enjoys the wamth and cheer of the holiday season.

  • The Christmas Village Webring
    The Christmas Village Community is a Community for people of all ages, to share their ideas, crafts, recipes, and overall love for the Holiday Season.

  • Halloween Lives Here
    Does Halloween live on your web site? If so, this community is for you. Halloween Lives Here is a community for Halloween sites. Please, family orientated only. No sites about the movies Halloween. Just a fun spooky community.

  • Winter Wonderland Of Christmas
    This is the Home Page of the Winter Wonderland Of Christmas Community. This community was originally created on October 23, 2000, out of a love for Christmas and Santa Claus. Hopefully, you will find it to be one of the fastest, easiest ways to find all sorts of really great sites that are all about Christmas!

  • Easter Magic Community
    Hop on into my site for some great stories, pitcures, history about the Easter Bunny, and much more. Even apply for my award !!!!!! :0)

  • Happy Haunting Community
    Do you have a SPOOOOKY site that stays up all year long? If so then you need to join the Happy Hauntings community !!! NO PORN ALLOWED (This Community Was created in December 2004)

  • De Limburgse Vastelaovend Community
    Deze community gaat over het Limburgse Carnaval, bezoek de vele Limburgse Carnavalssites! Alaaf!

  • Thanksgiving Magic Community
    Do you have a Thanksgiving site? Then you need to join this community......

  • Holiday Honies
    All holidays...all the time! Members of the community must have at least one holiday page which is family friendly and kid safe. MORE TO COME!!!

  • A Christmas Remembrance
    Do you have a Special Chirstmas You would like to remember? A community built in loving remembrance of the tragic events of 9-11-2001. A way to show the survivors we will never forget! All Christmas Sites are welcome to join.

  • All Holiday Graphics
    Do you offer Holiday Graphics? Then this is the community for you. This community was abandoned by the old community owner and has now been opened again. If you were in the community before Oct 30, 2005 you need to join again. Must have a holiday graphics site. Meaning you must offer holiday graphics for download. You have three days to post the code to your website before your site is removed from the queue. The page you enter must be the page you post the code to.

  • White Christmas
    For all Christmas Sites that look forward to a white Christmas.

  • Fluffy Bunny's Easter Community
    Easter fun, ideas, recipes links and information

  • Happy Birthday Community
    A Community for Pages Celebrating You Birthday

  • The Happy New Year Community
    A Community just for New Year webpages and sites!....your site must have a New Year's theme or content to be included in this Community.

  • The First Noel
    This community is for sites that do not commercialize Christmas, rather they celebrate it for what it is - Jesus' birthday.

  • Heartland Holidays
    This community is sponsored by the Community Leaders of Heartland! Anyone with a love of the Holidays can join! Please help us celebrate all the holidays!

  • Halloween Greetings...
    Festive Halloween webpages...

  • The Magic Of Halloween
    Do you have a Halloween site that stays up year around ?? If so, then come join The Magic Of Halloween Community. (THIS RING WAS STARTED IN NOVEMBER 2004)

  • The Lucky Shamrock
    Do you have a St. Patrick Day site that stays up year around ?? If so, then come join The Lucky Shamrock Community. NO PORN ALLOWED !!!! (THIS RING WAS STARTED IN NOVEMBER 2004)

  • Holidays at the Rumbles
    The Holidays Team is a part of The Rumbles Family of Web Competitions. Our member's sites specialize in any acceptable/positive holiday of the year. We are family-friendly, and would love for you to join us.

  • The Original April Fools' Community
    For all those who enjoy the folly of April Fools' Day along with all it's pranks and jokes!

  • Secret Santa Friends
    Are you a Secret Friend or a Secret Santa to someone for the holiday season? Have you created a page for your gifts given or received? Then you need join so others can also share in the fun for the holidays. Accepting all pages which have anything for personalization concerning the

  • The Original Veterans Day Community
    A Community to celebrate our military Veterans - the folks who kept us safe and protected our freedoms and our lives.

  • Spirit Obsession
    All member websites are Halloween/Samhain, manifestation (i.e. spirit, ghost, poltergiest, etc.), Witchcraft, magic, Wicca, Pagan, or those closely related, in nature. Find detailed prop instuctions and pictures, costume ideas and tips, recipies, and much more!{;}

  • Web Tricks and Treats
    My Halloween website is full of fun things including riddles, jokes, POEtry and some ghoulish delights (recipes)and more entertainment for the special holiday.... :O)

  • The Bubbling Cauldron Community

    A Community Devoted To The Halloween Holiday. Whether you have a Halloween website or this is one of your favorite holidays... your welcomed to join us. (Only Child-Safe Sites)

  • Jens Christmas Chest Community
    This site is Everything Christmas! PSP Tubes, Recipes, Graphics, Clip Art, Holiday Cards, Fun Pages, Theme Sets, Exclusive Holiday Elves Sets, and much much More!

  • The Magic Of Thanksgiving
    Do you have a Thanksgiving site that stays up year round?? Then you need to join this community. (THIS RING WAS CREATED IN NOVEMBER 2004)

  • The Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza
    A group of bloggers who want to whip themselves into a froth of excitment about the upcoming Winter holidays. Crafts, decorating, gifts, cooking, baking, games, get-togethers, etc.

  • PanHistoria Holiday Community
    For members of Pan Historia to show off their PanHistoria winter holiday-decorated homes, novel and reference book dustjackets. Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Channukah, Happy Holidays, and other winter-season salutations!

  • A Candy Cane Christmas-M
    AS OF 8/22/08 THIS RING IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS THIS RING HAS MOVED TO http://acandycanechristmas.50webs.com/index.htm

  • Christmas Lyrics & Midi Community
    A Community for personal websites featucommunity Christmas Lyrics & Midi.

  • Diandra's Christmas Community
    Various themes and stories of the holiday season.

  • Judith's Web Tricks and Treats
    A fun and friendly Halloween site full of delightful witches and creepy creatures. Ghoulishly delicious recipes and some POEtry.

  • Halloween Hauntings
    This community is for people who create their own spooky halloween displays. It is not only intended as a place to show off your decorations, but as a place to give ideas, tips, construction information, etc. to fellow Halloween-adicted members and the public at large.

  • HauntYourHouse.com Community
    Linking the best home and pro haunted attraction sites!
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