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  • Christmas Wonderland
    Since 1996 the best Christmas Community on the web has been the Christmas Wonderland Community. We are the number one community for traffic ducommunity the holiday season. Don't just let your site sit in a community get traffic to your site. You can travel this community we don't keep dead site links in the community just to make it look like we have a large number of sites in the community. You can visit all the sites in this community. Take a walk threw our beautiful world of Christmas as visions of sugar plum fairies dance in your head marvel at the sites and sounds of Christmas. Avail

  • The Original A Haunting We Will Go
    If you have a site about Halloween or Horror or any other kind of darkish site we would love to have you join our community. We are looking for sites that show a love for all things spooky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://www.adoptademon.net/haunting/ - before applying to join. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • The Original Merry Christmas Community
    A Community for those who celebrate Christmas (and who have their Christmas webpages up) all year round!

  • The Happy Halloween Community
    The Happy Halloween Community was created on October 27, 1998 in the interest of Children everywhere, and the fun Trick-or-Treat, Dress-Up Holiday we all know as Halloween.{;}

  • Happy Holidays Webring
    All Holidays or Seasons sites are welcome to join!! New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Hanukkah, Mother's/Father's Day etc.

  • Santa's Christmas Webring
    The community will make it easier to find good sites that are all about Christmas! Anything that is in the Spirit of Christmas.

  • The Community of Christmas Cheer
    Do you have a great love for holidays? Christmas in particular? The Community of Christmas Cheer will take you on a grand tour of some of the most delightful Christmas sites around. All Christmas!! All Year!!

  • The Haunted Path
    Greetings Halloween traveler! Won't you come take a walk down The Haunted Path? The frights will delight you and the spooks want to meet you. Won't you join in our creepy holiday fun?

  • The Happy Valentine's Day
    Do you have a Valentine's Day page or website?? Is your page about your Sweetheart, Love or Romance?? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this community, are about Love or Valentine's Day.

  • Cheerful Celebration's Holiday Community
    Notice how so many communitys out there are full of broken links and unrelated pages. You do not have to worry about being interrupted in your journey through this community, we constantly check it. Cheerful Celebration’s Holiday Community bcommunitys seasonal, holiday or celebration related pages together. What better way to share your pages, than through a community? You can make new friends, celebrate your occasion and bcommunity new traffic into your site, all at the same time. There is always something fun going on within our site; we have a monthly awards contest and if you join you

  • Home For The Holidays
    The "Home For The Holidays" Community is a Community for ALL holidays!....if you have a webpage or site with holiday content (ALL holidays are welcome in this Community!), we would LOVE to have you join us!

  • St. Patrick's Day
    This sitecommunity unites homepages dedicated to or about St. Patrick's Day, March 17

  • Happy Holidays Christmas Webring
    You must have a Christmas site/page that stays on line 365 days a year. Christmas graphics, pages, and family sites on this community, now under new management.

  • The Magic Of Christmas
    Celebrate the Magic Of Christmas. Your graphic is included for you. You have three days to post the code to your website.

  • A Christmas Gathering Webring
    A Community just for Christmas webpages and sites!....your site must have a Christmas theme or content to be included in this Community. The page must be on line 365 days of the year.

  • Godjulcommunityen
    Communityen för oss som har julsidor och för dig som söker allt om julen. Välkommen!

  • Happy Easter Bunny
    Do you have an Easter page or website? Is your page about the Easter bunny, or Easter customs? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this community, are about the Easter celebration!!

  • The Happy Thanksgiving Community
    Do you have a Thanksgiving page or website? Is your page about the pilgrims, or early America? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this community, are about the Thanksgiving celebration!!

  • HallowFreaks
    HallowFreaks Community is part of Scrappy Kat's growing online Halloween community. Show your spooky spirit today and join our gang of Freaks! Visit http://www.hallowfreaks.com

  • Country Christmas Wishes Webring
    If you LOVE Christmas, this community is for you! It was created for those who believe in Christmas and all it stands for. For those who believe in Santa and all his reindeer friends. The Happiness and Joy that comes with the Season!

  • Christmas In Spirit Community
    This community was deleted by the old community manager...I have started the community over. If you were in the community you need to add your site to the queue again. A community for all Christmas Sites that stay on line all year.

  • The Happy New Year's
    Are you interested in becoming a Member of The Happy New Year SiteCommunity?? If so, I want you to know, that we would love to have you as a member within our community!! There are a few Rules that we all go by here though, that you'll have to obey also if you would like to be a Member.

  • The Fourth of July
    Do you have a Fourth of July page or website? Is your page about the USA, or the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!!{;}All of the sites in this community, are about the United States' Fourth of July celebration!

  • Candy Christmas Community
    You must have a Christmas Page that stays on line all year long.

  • Dreaming Of A White Christmas
    For all of those dreaming of a white christmas, either with real snow or make believe snow.

  • Happy Valentine's Day Community
    A Community just for Valentine's Day webpages and sites!....your site must have a Valentine's Day theme or content to be included in this Community.

  • Home Spun Christmas
    Do you have a homespun Christmas site? Then join our community. All sites must be about Christmas and stay on line 365 days a year.

  • A Happy Easter Community
    A Community just for Easter webpages and sites!....your site must have an Easter theme or content to be included in this Community.

  • Holidays For Fun Community
    This community was deleted by the old community manager...I have started the community over if you were in the community you need to add your site to the queue again. This is a community for all holidays. Main requirement is to have fun!

  • The Holiday Hotel
    The Holiday Hotel Circle of Friends where you can visit many delightful holiday homes!

  • The Mother's Day Community
    This community is to celebrate Mother's Day and our moms.

  • Christmas Is For Everyone!
    Christmas is for Everyone! Christmas is for All Year Long!{;}Christmas is not just for Christians! All Faiths are welcome. No hate, bigotry, sexism, racism or other prejudices welcomed. No Pornography or X rated sites. Our community is appropriate for most viewers. If you believe in the Spirit of Christmas, we believe in you.{;}

  • Secret Lovenote's Valentines Community
    Visit or join this vibrant and fun community for Valentine pages around the world and share your romantic ideas and fun, loving, inspirational webpages.

  • Always Christmas Community

  • The Original Easter Community
    This is the first ever community dedicated to Easter - and anyone with a page dedicated to Easter is welcome to join

  • The Father's Day
    Do you have a Father's Day page or website? Is your page about your dad, grandfather, or someone that was like a dad to you? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this community, are about Fathers!!

  • A Thanksgiving Gathecommunity
    A Community just for Thanksgiving webpages and sites!....your site must have a Thanksgiving theme or content to be included in this Community.{;}

  • Happy Birthday America Community
    This community is primarily dedicated to sites/pages about Independence Day (NO Porn will be accepted -- this is strictly a family rated community!!). However, other patriotic holiday or theme sites/pages are welcome, too. If yor site/page deals with 4th of July celebrations, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Presidents' Day, a memorial to 9-11, or any patriotic subject and is kept up all year long, this community is for you! If you are going to put the community code on a community page other than the main page, I have a space provided for that address, so please do not make me go searching for it.

  • The Giving Thanks Community

  • September 11, 2001
    To bcommunity together all those that wish to communicate their thoughts and feelings of September 11, 2001.{;}{;}Dedicated to All those injured, lost, or killed ducommunity the Attacks.

  • Ecard_Greetings
    For all poetry online greeting card and ecards. Electronic Cards Poetry Family Holiday Occasion Love Romance Wedding Marriage Valentine Cupid Family Mother Father Grandparents Sister Brother Son Daughter New Baby Grandchild Wife Husband Birthday Christmas New Year Religious Inspiration Sympathy Life Old age Hugs and Invitations Thoughts Friends Friendship Love Is Sorry Apology Forgive me Thank you Humorous & Funny Postcards ICQ send to friend pages.

  • The Original St Patrick's Day Community
    This is a community for folks who have pages on their site dedicated to the St. Patrick's Day Holiday.

  • Joy Of Christmas
    For webpages that express the joy of Christmas and the Christmas season. Your Christmas page must stay on line 365 days a year.

  • Holiday Magic Webring
    Family oriented Holiday Pages for both the young and the old.

  • The Bouncing Bunny Trail
    Come take a Hop down the Bouncing Bunny Trail! This is a community full of fun Easter and Spcommunitytime sites. Happy Easter! Happy Spcommunity! Come on, Join us!

  • Parade of Southern Holiday Traditions
    Southern Women's Parade of Southern Holiday Traditions, celebrating Southern Thanksgiving and Christmas, recipes and tradtions. NOTE: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF SOUTHERN WOMEN TO JOIN THIS RING.

  • Holidays and Sports: Starting A Family Tradition


    Holidays are certainly the best time to gather your family members together to spend time with each other. With the many stresses in life that people get involved with today, anybody could sure use a holiday that would best give them the chance to recreate and relax with those that they love. And one of the best ways to enjoy any family holiday is being able to create a sport event for the holidays, like football on Thanksgiving! Likely, through these sporting events, family members are given the right chance to enjoy each others company with the existence of a healthy competition on the line. The question to consider though is that, which kind of sports for the holidays would be best applicable for your family?


    Through the different choices of sports for the holidays you could certainly be able to find the right one that fits the characteristics of all your family members. How should you actually choose one? Listed herein are some of the guidelines that needs consideration for choosing the right kind of sports for the holidays that your family would best enjoy:


    (a)        Is your family more physical oriented?


    Families that have physical orientation usually prefer having physical events as their chosen sports for the holidays. These may include team sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball and other team sports that could be played within open spaces and in large numbers.


    (b)        Does your family better enjoy indoor recreation?


    Family holiday sports could also take place within a covered area. If the area of playing is limited, whereas the area for gaming could only be done within the limits of the house, certain sporting activities could still be considered. One could be that of the table tennis or foosball.


    (c)        Where would the holiday sporting event for your family occur?


    The choice of area of gaming is important. Whatever the family wants to play may be decided upon through considering the location of the family get together. However, in considering outdoor events, the planner of the holiday sports event should always have an alternative in case the weather does not get along well with what has been primarily planned.


    With these choices and issues taken into careful consideration on the part of the event planner, the family get together is expected to result well with what is wanted from the occasion. In further planning for the holiday sports competition set for the family though, the planner should understand that the occasion is first and foremost designed to help every member of the family enjoy the entire event. Hence, the preparation should not only involve the fact that the sport is designed for competition but at this point, it should also involve the need to consider the camaraderie needs of the each family member who are to be part of the event. The best plan is the one that is able to turn any competitive sport into an event of healthy development of relationship among the players. It should be remembered too that with this situation being attended to, rules and regulations of the games could be rearranged so as to meet the skills, the capabilities and the demands of the players, who are the family members. No, in this sporting event, winning is not the issue, but the possibility by which everyone is able to enjoy the event and be able to relax along with recreating with other members of the family.

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