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  • BrainTalk Communities Community
    The BrainTalk Communities Community is a collection of patient and caregiver created websites relevant to the BrainTalk Communities website (www.braintalk.org). These patient and caregiver websites are useful to anyone dealing with neurological conditions, and provide wonderful examples of resources that patients and caregivers are creating by themselves to help each other.

  • SIDS Families
    The SIDS Families community links together all of our memorial pages in memory of our little ones lost to a sudden infant death.

  • DUI Memorials
    This Community was made in Memory of Barb Urban(Ronde). Born ~ April 4, 1962 Heaven Date ~ Aug. 10, 2000. These are sites with Memorials to loved ones lost by a Senseless crime, Drunk Driving...Please leave a fallen tear in memory of your loved one here ~ http://www.abstine.com/dui.html{;}To Visit my DUI Memorial to my Aunt please visit here http://www.abstine.com/barb.html{;}May someone out there care enough to make a difference and NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!! Someone will lose someone they love!{;}

  • Links 'o Littles
    Link 'o Littles is a community of websites for the child alters and inner children of survivors of child abuse or other trauma.

  • HelloSites
    Sites web des médecins Hellodociens{;}Websites made by french medical webmasters using Hellodoc softwares

  • The Saferoom Project
    The Saferoom Project is a nonprofit organization providing diverse support resources for adult survivors of sexual assault and their partners. The Project includes a chat, private forums, mailing lists, and an art gallery. We also host an annual national conference each fall.

  • The Unlocking Autism Representative Sites
    Community where all UA Reps from across the USA and the World can interconnect their communitys to show their support of Autism Awareness!!!! (Open only to current UA Reps PLEASE!!!)

  • LoveCry Ottawa's Community
    LoveCry is Non-Denomination in our Religious beliefs. All are encouraged to practice their own personal or family beliefs regarding RELIGION, as we believe All Gods Are One! No Discrimination. We work with all homeless and abused. Being a Part of the Homeless and abused community personally and having survived the hells, we know we have a great deal to offer other then clinical care and treatment. We know that Love Is The True Healer and it is the most important ingredient of any Healing especially Healing within the Mind, Heart and Soul. LoveCry is Owned and Operated by People who are

  • Web-OOS Network Community
    Stories of people who have been injured at work, how their injury happened, handling insurance and employers and change in their lives.

    Sites for helping and inspirating friends and family.

  • Emergency Medical Services
    A site where everyone can just hang out and see what's going on in our state.

  • PreemieTwins.org
    PreemieTwins.org is Resource for both parents of multiples and/or parents of premature infants. Resource websites, homepages of preemies and/or twins and merchants selling items pertaining to preemies and/or twins are welcome to apply to the community!

  • Women's Health and Wellbeing
    The Women's Health and Wellbeing community connects interesting and informative sites that are of particular interest to women, with the focus being on health and general wellbeing issues. This guided tour provides an excellent alternative to often confusing results of search engine queries. Hop on to get information, education, articles and tips concerning women's physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • Understanding How Health Organizations Work For the Human Society


    Health as noted has always been recognized as one of the most important factors that make up the human society today. For this reason, governments around the world are trying to spend as much fund as needed to ensure that the health status of their people is secured. How does the system actually work?


    Through the help and cooperation from different health organizations present within different communities around the globe, the possibility of creating a much controllable process by which the health of the people are rather mandated and well assessed. Certainly, it is through the existence of these particular health organizations that the different programs for community health check needs are being scheduled well. Understandably, it is through the said organization’s staff that that the level of health development that a community receives depends. With the rightful control on the quality of service that the people working for health organizations provide the human community that they are aiming to assist, the possibility of encouraging everyone to take responsibility with regards the fact that they need to give concern on the process by which they enhance their health and push further to making things better for themselves in preparation for a healthy future becomes an easier task to consider.


    Obviously, every health organization plays a key role with regards the human realization on health issues and health procedures aimed to keep one’s self healthy and protected from all the possible effects of stressful living. With the existence of such organizations, each individual’s health status is well guarded and well focused upon. How do the administration of health organizations make all things happen according to plan?


    Heath Organizations and the Significance of their Operation as an Administration


    Thus, the quality of healthcare service presently rendered by the hospital institution is significantly important for the promoting of the basic principles of healthcare itself. With this concept, indeed the institution’s healthcare administration should be constantly monitored to determined possible dangers and complications and thus, developing protective measures and safety programs for the development itself of the hospital’s service. Administering the said healthcare evaluating modules is also considerably meticulous and complicated at some point however, the benefits these modules can raise through providing important qualitative information is generally more relevant than previous aspect. Thus, evaluating the quality of the healthcare service being rendered by the hospital’s administration is indeed important as both a precautionary and preventive measures for possible complications and in developing further the present condition of the said institution for more efficient and effective healthcare service.



    Getting the Best Benefits From What Health Organizations Offer


    With the many aims of health organizations, most of these team-based groups offer a number of programs that are aimed in helping each human individual in every community realize their responsibility of becoming healthy all the time amidst all the challenges that they are facing from their daily lives. As responsible individuals, showing appreciation towards these programs may involve enrolling within the said offerings and rather work cooperatively within the system that the program falls under. Through this, each and every individual in the human society becomes directly involved in making he world a better and healthier place to live in.