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  • Get Hot With Yoga


    Even the world of ancient practices isn’t exempt to fads and trends. I’m talking about yoga, which comes and goes as a trend itself, but now has a trendy new spin off that is all the rage; Bikram or as the gyms and studios call it, hot yoga.


    Hot yoga is basically yoga performed in a hot room…approximately 100 degrees to be more specific. It is said that by doing yoga in such a warm environment that your body releases all kinds of toxins and is able to be more flexible.


    Bikram yoga is actually named after its creator Bikram Choudhury of India who is known as a yoga master as well as quite a controversy in the yoga world after having tried to sue others for teaching Bikram yoga and now fights to limit the name only to those who study yoga and become certified by his college and follow the movements exactly to his specification. So what does this all mean? That you can still find hot yoga at studios and gyms everywhere but must call it ‘hot yoga’ or anything other than ‘Bikram yoga’.


    Yoga is known to not only be a great workout, a form of relaxation and  a way to improve flexibility but it is also considered a way to get in touch with yourself and connect with your mind, body and spirit. It is often used by athletes in conjunction with their other workout regimes because of its many benefits. Hot yoga has all of the same benefits as well as those listed above pertaining to the release of toxins.


    If you’re looking to give hot yoga a try then there are a few things that you need to consider before hand. First, you should know that this type of yoga is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or suffering from a heart condition. If in doubt about your state of health, you should consult your doctor before partaking in a class.


    A little legwork and research is in order before you sign up for classes as well. You should shop around and ensure that the class that you take is being taught by someone who has been properly trained for this type of yoga so that you get the best instruction and maximum results. You’ll also need to be appropriately dressed for class and wear something that doesn’t restrict your range of motion and isn’t too heavy since you will be literally sweating buckets. And finally, you’ll need to bring your own yoga mat. In other yoga classes you can usually use one provided by the studio, but because of all of the sweating involved with hot yoga, there are no loaners available for sanitary purposes.


    Whether this style of yoga remains ‘hot’ here in the western world is something that we have yet to see, but in the meantime if you want to give this trend a try, remember these tips and go for it!