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  • A Sister A Friend
    A Sister A Friend is a place for women who have lived life where it is often unbearable, a place to feel safe.

  • feminist mommies
    the feminist mommies community is for mothers who advocate feminismand are raising their child(ren) to advocate feminism as well...our children will grow up challenging the discrimination and inequalities that they see in our world... please note that this community is family friendly...

  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi
    Sci-Fi and Fantasy sites and message boards.

  • Bored moms
    My website is for making friends with other parents and surfing the internet

  • In Ireland
    Come join us In Ireland!{;}A community dedicated to Ireland, the culture,people,and places.

  • Sisters In Spirit
    A Woman's group aimed at bcommunitying women together to make the internet a better place for women, creating lasting friendships

  • More Than Just A Space
    A monthly collab project for online diary or weblog holders.

  • Bay Area Blogs
    San Francisco Bay Area Blog Community

  • BBW Goth Girls Community
    BBW Gothic community

  • the feminist collective
    This is a collab where fellow feminists can discuss current issues related to women's rights. Each month, a topic will be given relating to a specific aspect of feminism, and members will respond with their reactions by posting them on their websites. A link to your response will be posted on the site. For more information, please see The Feminist Collective's main page.

  • Introverts Unite
    an attempt to link together self declared introverts who refuse to change their personality in order to make others more comfortable.

  • Parenting Connections
    Parenting Connections isn't just a community. We aim to create a family friendly community across the web.

  • Gorgeous Young Mums
    This community is for moms groups or sites.

  • World Of Friends
    A community of people from all over the world becoming friends on the net. Together we can make the net a better place to meet.

  • MotherhoodTandT
    Are you trying to become a Mom? A Young Mom? A New Mom? Or Just Thinking about it one Day? Come and share your thoughts with us. We are a supportive, friendly site...Who with open arms welcomes you to kick back and relax....And meet some new friends ! So Come Join us!{;}{;}

  • The Mexfiles
    A community for Mexicans, ex-pats, and/or sites about Mexico or Mexican people and culture.

  • We Can End Child Abuse
    I believe we can end abuse thru knowledge and prevention.If your site is child abuse prevention related,or your own personal triumph over tradgedy story...Please join this community...

  • WeddingDepot.com
    WeddingDepot.com offers couples and vendors opportunities including shopping, message boards, and wedding industry links. Share our thousands of brides who visit each day!

  • Tag Buddies
    For Woman who enjoy tag boards {;}on there web site {;}

  • Community of SiSters in SPiRiT!
    A warm and friendly place containing many things of interest to women. Included in the SiSters in SPiRiT group and website pages you'll find... contests, games, information resources on lots of topics, inspirations, jokes, poetry, recipes, shopping and more.

  • Social Tool
    Feeling like a social tool without a use?

  • PASS Awareness
    A community for those women who suffer from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome and have websites about PASS, abortion or in rememberance of their angels. Not for those with graphic content on their sites. I will be the SOLE judge of what is acceptable

  • HeartAtHome
    Natural Parenting sites... Promoting mother's milk, co-sleeping, gentle guidance and attachment parenting on the web.

  • Lesbian Mafia
    Community to connect feminists / lesbians / queers.

  • Pregnancy Pals
    A community for members of Pregnancy Pals, a group of expectant mothers, those trying to conceive and those that have had a baby within the last year.

  • Advocates For Children
    This community is for all survivors of child abuse who support and are advocates for children. As survivors, we must make sure that another child never suffers as we have.

  • Heavenly Angels
    Heavenly Angels is dedicated to helping grieving familys from all over the world

  • Naptural Nappy hair love
    This is a community for people who love their natural, chemical free hair in all its naptural glory and want a place to show it off, talk about it, brag or whatever!

    An exchange of ideas and comments for people diagnosed as suffecommunity with fibromyalgia; those newly diagnosed; and those who have mysterious pains that their GP does not recognise and may be fibromyalgia. Let's talk.

  • Living Smart Girl
    A Healthy way to an Organic You. Women supporting Women on the fitness journey.

  • Sensual Women
    We are strong women that love our sensual selves! We dress, we tease, we enjoy pleasing our lovers.

  • Sindrome post aborto.
    Información, opiniones y testimonios sobre el síndrome post-aborto.
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