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  • C.I.S.S./Cuz I Said So
    One in six women in America today will never have a child. Some women deliberately choose not to have children. Others postpone motherhood, often in favor of a career, and then find themselves unable or unwilling to become mothers. Still others yearn for children and are unable to conceive or adopt. The common assumption is that women without children either suffer lifelong regret or tend to{;}be cold and

  • I'm a Mom-to-Be!
    For all of those pregnant women, or those who KNOW they will have a child in the near future (whether by adoption, or birth). Feel free to join!

  • The Golden Goddess
    Another place for women. {;}Do you feel you are a Golden Goddess?{;}Does someone you know think you are a Golden Goddess? If you are a mother,sister,grandmother,friend,wife,{;}just plain female, then join {;}The Golden Goddess.

  • provoke
    a community for those whose sites contain essays or other expressions of opinion; whose words provoke thought.

  • Mind, Body, and Spirit
    Women in Harmony with their Mind, Body and Spirit and learning to live each day in unity with each other. A place where we can come together in peace and reach out to each other for guidance, support and sisterly unity. A blending of many faces, religions, and personalities to create a wonderful group of Women who care about each other.

  • Love Your Shelly
    all about loving your shelly and shellys all over the world

  • I Kiss Boys
    Fabulous community for girls who like boys and are damn proud of it! Any girl can join, the only requirements are a well set up page and interesting content.

  • the sisterhood
    not your so average feminist, powered with blogs and artwork.

  • Nocturnal
    There are those of us awake by night. We get up as the sun goes down. This community is for anyone who is Nocturnal. Those who lead a night lifestyle out of necessity are welcome as well, but the community is really for those of us who are Nocturnal by nature, and proud of it. No Diurnals need apply. (Formerly hosted at Community.)

  • Ladies of Love
    This is the official LOL community for LOL members.

  • BlissWeddings.com's Engaged and Newly Married Couples Community
    A network of personal websites of couples that are engaged or have recently wedded. No vendors please.

  • Displaced Ducklings Adoption Community
    This is for anyone who has been touched by adoption.

  • More Than Rubies
    Welcome to More Than Rubies. It is our desire as women, wives, mothers, and single mothers to bind together for strength, support, and friendship. As we strive on a daily basis to raise our families and take care of our homes it is our desire to have a safe place that we can come to for that support. We pray that you will find warmth here.{;}

  • theresian sites
    for theresian made sites...{;}class websites, etc.

  • So Fucking Beautiful
    A community to gather people who feel beautiful , no matter how they look like !

  • ACSGWeightloss
    This community s for anyone having or had weightlos surgery.

  • Iranian Parents
    weblogs of Iranian parents about their babies and children.

  • Pamper Me Place - Gifts, Gourmet, Bags, Bath, Body, Scents & Healthy Homes
    Natural Bodycare . Gold Canyon Candles . ChicPursenality Handbags & Italian Charms . Airsource Air Purifiers . Shaklee . Fuller Brush . Creative Gifts & Gourmet . PS I Love You Stationery & Cards

  • Young Mom Sites
    If you are a pregnant teen, Teen mom, Former teen mom, or young mother under 30, Add your site!

  • Saying No 2 Drugs
    a community that shows our support for drug free nieghborhoods around the world etc.

  • Breast is Best for Mamas and Babies
    It is proven that breast milk is the best possible food for babies--nothing else offers the exact nutrients an infant requires. Another benefit is the great bond breastfeeding creates between mother and child! If you are a breastfeeding mom, breastfed your child in the past, or plan to breastfeed your children when you have them, you can join. Support and educate mothers everywhere--breast food is the best food for mom and baby!

  • Western Wear
    Search for western wesar or other western items, if you have a western site group it with other western sites

  • The Pleasures of Herbs and Teas
    Here is the perfect place to start if you are searching for information concerning herbs and tea. Meet people that share a common interest, share recipes, ideas and useful facts.

  • Sexiest BBBW'S On The Planet
    where the sexiest bbbw's and their male admirers live. Photo's, poetry, and bbbw and admirer of the week. You can also add your link to the site

  • Lose it For Good Community Challenge
    Weight loss journals kept by members of the iVillage.com Lose it For Good Community Challenge.

  • SingleMothecommunity
    single mother community

  • Mommies Club House
    Mommies Club House offers Mothers a chance to join and meet other mother's who love to brag about their children and make new friends themselves. Enter our FREE photo contests with prizes going to the winners. Submit your Birth Announcements,Birth Stories, In Loving Memory Pages, Preemie Pages, Even print out a page for the little ones to color! There is information on Pregnancy,Parenting,Domestic Violence,SIDS and so much more!Even join our UNLISTED yahoo club! Mommies Club House{;}

  • Still~Born and Still~Loved
    This community is designed for everyone who has lost a child to Stillbirth.

  • New York City
    This is a Community for all Web Sites that are about the historic City of New York, Businesses and Companies that are located in or near the City of New York, and/or any other New York City or New York City area related Web Sites.

  • Snarky Bitches
    This community is for girls/women who are bitches, plain and simple. Bitches who talk smack behind people's backs. Bitches who screw over their ex's in any way possible, and anyone else in their way. Bitches who've done real shitty things to people, and quite frankly don't give a damn. "Hell hath no fury like a bad girl dumped ill." And all that.{;}

  • Goth Grrls
    This community is for goth grrls with something to say. Join a network of grrls just like you and get the word out about your home page.

  • PEI Birth Parents
    birth Parents Support,Our Darlings Registry and Help;Links

  • Sybermoms Parenting Message Board
    We are a community of parenting sites dedicated to real women who enjoy freedom to express their thoughts and share a strong desire to protect children.

  • Mommies World
    To Help with the growth and developement of raising children of today. This site is for encoragement for stay at home mother....

  • Sad Gurlz Community
    Girls who are often sad and lonely unite.

  • African American Webmistresses
    This community was created to link African-American Webmistresses together. We would like to unite and form a strong bond as we make our impression on the internet. If you are a woman of color, please feel free to join!

  • Margaret Sanger - Celebrating Choice
    This is a community that is dedicated to promoting the truth about the concept of pro-choice. We will not allow the radical right to tell us what it means to be pro-choice and refuting the lies about Margaret Sanger. This site is for those of us who know that choice entails many things, most of which is the choice to choose what is best for us.{;}{;}Only those sites committed to reproductive freedom will be allowed to join. {;}{;}

  • friends of cuntzilla
    show your love for cuntzilla, feminist zine for everyone!

  • Southern Girls Convention supporters
    The Southern Girls Convention is an annual grassroots meeting of pro-woman activists devoted to empowecommunity women and girls in the South, and discussing Southern culture, views and stereotypes of the South, and the struggle for social justice. Each year's convention is hosted by a different Southern community and facilitated by local organizers who manage fundraising, facilities, entertainment, the website, and more. The participants themselves facilitate workshops and discussions, and share ideas, learn new skills, and have fun as a community. The Southern Girls Convention supporters comm

  • Mums Around The World !!
    This community is a collection of safe places for parents and mothers to visit. A great group of sites to make new friends and learn valuable informtion, or just a place to get away and take time for just YOU.

  • My Pride & Joy
    A community to show off your little Pride & Joy's to the world!

  • Blogging Bloggers
    Blogging Bloggers was created for Blogging Bloggers ofcourse! Blogging Bloggers who love to Blog, Blog and Blog :-)

  • In Loving Memory of David
    A memorial I made for my son who was stillborn at 24 weeks gestation. He died from lack of oxygen from the placenta due to dehydration because I was very sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Links to other sites, our story, photos, a special Mother's Day page, and journal of a subsequent pregnancy.

  • Down The Aisle
    Down The Aisle is our new gallery of wedding web sites. If you've taken the time and effort to build your wedding web site, why not show it off to other couples who visit USABRIDE.COM?

  • Healing Hearts
    This community is dedicated to women who have survived abuse- whether it be domestic, sexual, verbal, or rape. Finding the road to healing is a hard thing to do, but having friends to share and talk with who understand helps the heart to heal.

  • i'm a boricua
    This is a community for all the people of Puerto Rico!!

  • The Teens Community
    This community is devoted to personal homepages, online communities, and just fun, interesting, and creative sites run by teenagers (and for teenagers) from around the world!

  • dork
    hey, decided to make my own community, where people like me can be. . .well. . .dorks. ^_^

  • Angry Young Female
    This community is for people who are concerned about sexual assault and other violence against women. Of course, men can join too.

  • Mommy's Little Angels
    This community is for memorials in honor of our children who have passed away. We greive for them daily and love them eternally.
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