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  • Kajn's World of Vintage Lingerie
    The Vintage Lingerie Community is for all Vintage theme sites and/or pages pertaining to lingerie of Years Gone By.

  • Survivors Offecommunity Support
    This site is for members of Survivors Offecommunity Support

  • The Path of Love & Light
    Our mission here is to support a woman's life journey, her struggles, pain, joy, tears, & laughter. We are here to support each other through good times and bad. There is no fear, bashing or hate, only love here. We stand together united as one, regardless of, color, creed, national origin, or religious beliefs.

  • JobMom Working Mom Blogs Community
    A blog about being a mom and the journey to find family-work-life balance.

  • Never Good Enough
    for those that feel anything they do is never good enough

  • Family Planning
    This community links together people who are seeking to expand their families, whether through conception or adoption.

  • Sisters of Kerridwyn
    A community for those who belong to the Sisters of Kerridwyn - an online sisterhood. Visit us at http://www.sofk.org/ to learn more.

  • Mommy of an Angel
    This community is for all Mommies coping with the loss of a child...

  • HypnoBirthing® UK Community
    HypnoBirthing® UK Practitioner Community. Taking the UK by Calm ! Now in its seventeenth year, HypnoBirthing® is a complete antenatal education. Our birthing classes are intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible, using easily-learned self hypnosis and breathing techniques. Whatever kind of birth you're planning - homebirth, hospital, birthing centre or whatever - HypnoBirthing® can help.

  • Pregnancy After A Loss
    For parent's who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or have had a successful subsequent pregnancy following the loss of a child at any stage of life, from conception to adulthood.

  • International Scout Community
    This community is setup to bcommunity together Scouts, Scouters and their websites from around the world.

  • Edwardian Era Community
    A community of sites which have anything at all to do with the Edwardian era which lasted from about 1902 to 1920. Whether your site contains graphics, art, history, literature, or other from this magnificent period, you are encouraged to submit your family friend site to the community.

  • [HOUSE] of S i N S
    this is a community to gather all pro-ed people out there. it is primarily a pro-ed community, but others are welcome such as it's sister disorders like self-injury and survivors of abuse etc.

  • CWIB - Creative Women In Business
    Creative Women In Business or CWIB assists women owned businesses {;}with increasing traffic to their site. Lot's of promotional tools for our members. Free Membership.

  • Creative Business Women
    With the growing trend of creative women who choose to become WAHM, this community is created just for these wonderfully resourceful, endless supply of energy women who juggle both family, children, school and business.

    For girls who love their boobs! BOOBIE POWER!

  • of mixed descent
    Are you a person of mixed descent or ancestry? Is your father from one cultural background and your mother from another? Do you celebrate different sets of holidays? Do you have a blog or an online journal? If so, then this community is for you!

  • ~ ~ ~ ~ Atlantean //
    Those who bear affinity for the long-ago realm of an ocean kingdom... those who feel the tides, each breath... we are the Atlanteans.

  • Gentle Parenting
    Online business that supports or promotes Gentle Parenting, including attachment parenting, breastfeeding, cloth diapecommunity, midwivery and doulas, home schooling, born at home, or unassisted birth

  • wedblog
    Are you getting married soon? Did you just get married? Share your thoughts with an online journal!

  • Anneau Francais du Mariage
    Les sites personnels et professionnels sur le mariage - Community "Anneau Francais du Mariage" is open only to the French-speaking or the bilingual (french/english) sites devoted to the wedding.

  • Moms
    A place for Moms to meet other Moms & brag about their family, share their good & bad times & support each other.{;}They can share recipes, send cards, find a pen pal, have lots of fun & make lots of great friends

  • *' Wisdom & Insights for Life '*
    Collection of sites that seek to share wisdom and insights to help others get more enjoyment out of life. Any non-commercial site offecommunity such is welcome.

  • In Susan B. Anthony's Footsteps: Pro-Woman, Pro-Life
    Feminists like Susan B. Anthony saw abortion as a symptom of, not a solution to, women's oppression. We continue her legacy of protecting women and their rights even while they are still temporarily residing in their mothers' wombs. This community's open to any pro-lifer who views the issue in a woman-positive and peaceful way. Because abortion is a human rights violation, not a political or religious opinion, the community is open to all faiths and political leanings.

  • Sassy Hangook Yuhja
    A community for those 'few and far between sassy hangook yuhjas' XD In other words, a community for sassy Korean girls. XD

  • Sisters Forever
    An online group for women over 18 years of age that want to meet and make new friends. Currently the group is closed due to personal reasons however it will be reopened July 19th 2002. Please feel free to join the community now and be the first to know when it will reopen.

  • Friendly Shacommunity Moms
    This group, Friendly Shacommunity Moms, is just that! A friendly group of moms from literally around the world who share everything from jokes to recipes to quotes! A greater group you can not find elsewhere!

  • Bitch'n Babes Community
    This is for Independant_Self Made Women...Of All Walks of Life!

  • ZappingBlogEsp
    La mayor comunidad de weblogs Espańoles

  • Work @ Home MommyTips
    Promoting the work-at-home websites of MommyTips community members.

  • Hunger Hurts But Starving Works
    This is a PRO-anorexia community. It is a place for pro-anas to come together and get support from each other. No one will be judged here and everyone is welcome!

  • Blogging Jens
    ...for Jens who blog

  • Women of Academe
    All professional academic women are invited to join this community.

  • Reusable Menstrual Products
    Reusable menstrual products offer women economical, eco-friendly and often more effective menstrual gear. Menstrual Cups, Cloth Pads, Sponges, Knitted Tampons, DIY alternatives and more.

  • Healing From Incest- You Are Not Alone
    You Are Not Alone in your recovery from incest, the sites in this community all deal with incest and abuse issues.

  • Panty Sweat
    Who makes yours sweat?

  • The Travel Corner Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Travel related Web Sites.

  • Natyre's Coven
    "Come explore Natyre's Pathe with us and may we find all that we seek and much, much more..."

  • Reproductive Health
    Connecting sites which address reproductive and sexual health issues.

  • Mothers of the World Web
    The purpose of this community is to promote friendship and understanding between women around the world.

  • Australian Maid
    SiteCommunity for all Australian women, wherever they may be. Your sites must be family safe, non-racist, contain no porn or vulgarities. This SiteCommunity will showcase all websites for Australian women worldwide.

  • Ex-Girlscout
    Ex-Girlscout is a community for girls who are not innocent little angels.

  • Hey you, you're beautiful.
    Hey you, you're beautiful. Pass it on.

  • Womyn of Spirit
    Womyn of spirit: for women of all colors, creeds, races and religious affiliations

  • MomsUnited
    This community is to combine webpages created by and for mothers. For us mothers to join together to form lasting friendships and to combine our efforts to make the internet a friendlier and happier place. It only takes a few moments to commit a random act of kindness! Why not spread some joy across the net. Brighten someones day or make someone smile.

  • Clubhouse ASL
    Websites creating deaf/hoh awareness, offecommunity information on schools, education, entertainment, interpreting, and more

  • Pristine Princess
    The Pristine Princess community is for all those sensitive souls who wish to be cherished for their feminine purity, honored for their inner beauty, and respected for their noble spirit.

  • BYB Bloggers
    A blogcommunity for women that know how to bcommunity their brains!

  • Beyond Babies Parenting Community
    Online parenting community dedicated to bcommunitying new and seasoned parents together for support and advice.

  • True Blue Friends
    True Blue Friends is a place for women to find that special friend or two or even more. A place for real friendships that are often so difficult to find or maintain in this faceless computer world. The members of True Blue Friends are committed to friendship and we understand that when we call each other friend in this group, it REALLY means something.
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