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  • Living Bipolar
    There are other existing bipolar communitys, but this one will be one to connect only those who are bipolar (manic depressant), or shacommunity their lives with someone who is. {;}{;}There are many of us out there writing about our daily lives and the difficulty our disorder creates. Hopefully this community will connect those with different experiences and we can learn and share them with others.

  • participation positives
    a community for journallers/webloggers who participate in participation positives on a regular basis - people who like to try to start their week out on a positive note.

  • Survivors Against Domestic Violence
    This community consists of survivors of Domestic Violence and other types of abuse.

  • Jaded
    jaded is a community for people who are jaded, depressed, sad, angry, bitter, lonely, suicidal, mistreated, anti-social, etc.

  • Angel_Tears
    This is a community for ANYONE (especially Teens) who are/have or know someone who suffers from Depression, Self harm, eating disorders, child abuse, lost of someone close to them or anything like that! Because we're all Angels! :){;}

  • Healing From Abuse
    This is a collection of websites to promote healing from abuse. These include: Forums, Survivor Poetry sites, Sites with personal experiences of abuse, informational sites, inspriational sites, etc..... Thank you for visiting us.

  • All These Years
    Tori Amos (Chair founder of RAINN) Inspired Site for Survivors of Rape, Abuse & Incest in a Mission to bcommunity forth the Tori Amos and Survivors of Sexual Abuse Communities together to share in the inspiration and Hope. www.alltheseyears.net

  • Emotion Sickness
    For those who like Silverchair and/or suffer from a mental illness.

  • Why Be Normal?
    A sanctuary for that elite group of people that make this world a more interesting place. Part of the "Why Be Normal?" website. Come and see what we are all about!

  • TooMany2Think
    Shacommunity experience, strength and hope with those who have survived emotional, mental and physical abuse.

  • The Dream Warehouse
    Welcome to the Dream Warehouse. This is the best place for dreams webpages to be stored, so join now. If you have a webpage dedicated to dreams, then fill out the following form and store the page here in the Dream Warehouse.

  • Silent No More
    Childabuse advocate. Survivors Support and poems of insperation. Help stop childabuse

  • Journey Through Time
    This community is open to all sites using alternative healing methods. This will include astrology.

  • Fortune Tellers Community
    This is a community for Divination sites of all kinds, Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Palmistry or whatever other form you use.

  • Life Experience
    The Life Experience Community is devoted to aiding in the spiritual awakening in people. The member sites here offer to help you become aware of your direction in life and attempt to empower you toward it. They offer advice and insights in a variety of ways in which this might be done.
    {;}All sites in this community should be non-commercial.
    {;}Some are religious, some are not. This is not a weakness but a strength. Because the human condition involves diversity and variety, it follows that sprirituality must also be various and diverse.

  • Survivors' Poetry Community
    Domestic and childhood violence and abuse is more common than it's thought to be. Healing from this abuse is possible. This community focuses on the poetry of those who are in the process of healing.

  • I Won't Cry
    A community for strong survivors of mental and/or physical abuse.

  • Stalking, It's a CRIME!
    Information and links for survivors of stalking and criminal harrassment. Open to anyone who has ever been stalked or harrassed. Share your story if you wish or help others learn to deal with the emotional upheaval of this type of abuse.

  • Le réseau du développement personnel
    Le réseau francophone du développement personnel: stage, conférences, consultations...

  • CommunitySurf: Self Improvement
    This is a site for "Helping People To Succeed !". Here is where we receive self improvement with a personal life coach, and come to share open discussions on a variety of subjects and topics, such as self esteem, depression, anxiety, relationships, etc., with each other, and to help one another and ourselves. Where we expand our awareness, understanding and knowledge, through shacommunity and exchanging lifes experiences, thoughts and ideas...Get ready to start creating the life changes you want.

  • Self Improvement
    Shacommunity around the world. Self Improvement and Internet Marketing are related in some ways...

  • Finding the Therapy and Guidance You Need


    Regardless of whom we are and where we come from, at one point or another in our lives the time will come when we need to seek some kind of therapy and guidance. No matter how powerful and invincible we may feel for the most part, no one is immune to feeling lost or powerless when it comes to certain situations like illness, the loss of a loved one or any other difficult life challenge. It is because of this that there are groups and organizations dedicated to helping people deal with health issues and the upset that can arise because of it. If you are reading this article then it is likely that you may be in some need of guidance as well whether for your own situation or that of someone that you care about.


    Finding the therapy and guidance that you need has been made far easier thanks to the invention of the internet. These days you can pop online and have access to valuable information and resources in a matter of seconds. You can save precious time by having an idea of what kind of help you’re in need of so that you can quickly and easily navigate your way past the type of help that doesn’t refer to your specific situation. A search of a particular condition will take you to some helpful links as will something more general like a search of ‘mental health’ or ‘diseases of the heart’, etc. If you’re not quite sure of what it is that you need exactly, then a forum or web ring could be the most helpful since it puts you in contact with many other people and groups that could prove helpful in terms of referral and information as well as support.


    Proper therapy and guidance can help a person get through any health crisis that may arise and help a person suffering to feel comforted and secure. It allows you the opportunity to talk about what you’re going through with professionals who have helped people in a similar predicament before. Also, simply having someone to talk to can make all of the difference in the world when you’re going through a difficult time— especially as one of the most common upsets is feeling as if you are alone with nowhere else to turn. Therapy can help you learn how to cope with what you’re feeling and make the most of the card that you’ve been dealt. It can also prove helpful to the loved ones of someone who is struggling with health problems, mental or physical by allowing them the opportunity to cry and talk about the feelings that they may be trying to hide from the ill family member. Trying to keep a strong appearance up for the sake of someone who is ill or going through a difficult time can be draining, so you need to know that there are people you can turn to when you do need to vent. Therapy and guidance can help us all and it’s good to know that it’s there if we need it.