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  • The Importance of Teen Health Resources


    You know how it is with teenagers; highs and lows, boy troubles, girl troubles, school troubles, peer pressure, etc, etc, etc. Being a teenager isn’t easy! It actually never really has been easy and it is even less so in today’s crazy world. With so much going on, being on top of teen health is more important than ever. Whether you are a teen or are the parent, guardian or friend of a teenager, it is crucial to be as informed as can be about the issues facing teenagers today because turning a blind eye, even for just a moment, can have a catastrophic impact on a life.


    Some of the biggest health issues that teens are contending with these days include sex, pregnancymental issues such as depression and anxiety, addiction, smoking—just to  name a few! Many of these things are just the sort of topics that teens are not comfortable talking to a parent about which makes the accessibility to teen health resources and information all the more necessary. As well, when anyone, especially a young adult, is going through a difficult time or not feeling well, the tendency is to withdraw which just makes it harder and harder for them to let anyone in and turn to someone for help which can leave both them and their parents feeling powerless. There are ways though to help yourself or a teen you know who may be in need of some help—health or otherwise.


    The internet is a wonderful source of information on any topic, including teen health matters. Whether you’re looking for information about sex related topics like safe sex, STDs, birth control, the new HPV vaccine, abuse or information on depression, anxiety, eating disorders or body image issues; you can find it online. As well as information on all of these things, you can also find links and phone numbers to help lines and crisis centers, family planning clinics and more. This ensures access to any resource that a teen or parent of a teen could possibly need as well as support that respects your right to privacy and anonymity when it comes to these sensitive issues.


    By taking the time to read through some information pertaining to your concerns or making the information available to your teenager, you are already doing a big part in protecting them and helping them cope with whatever struggles they may be dealing with. As a teen, it’s good to know that there are people you can turn to when you feel as if you parents and friends just aren’t an option. Information will always be your best friend when it comes to any challenges that you may face regardless of what they are. The more you know, the better prepared you really will be to handle what comes your way and that knowledge is just seconds away. That’s the great thing about the internet; it’ll be there for you whenever you decide that you need it!

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