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    intuitief-inspiratief-interactief{;}ter bevordecommunity van de creativiteit van de mensen.

  • HARTS Angel Community
    The HARTS ANGELS community is designed to be of support to those in need of Spiritual Renewal. HARTS {;} (Helping Angels of RENEWAL in Times of Sorrow) wants you to be an ANGEL. If your site has comfort, words of wisdom, or is a memorial made of love, please join us to share the love you have and renew a spirit.

  • Dowsing Community
    Welcome to the Dowsing Community - a collection of websites dedicated to many different forms of dowsing, divining, alternative healing techniques.

  • Magickal Moon
    The Magick of the Moon

  • Astrology123
    A directory of professional astrologers, light workers, and healers. The goal is to unite a community of ethical practitioners with integrity, compassion, and experience. Personal web pages with astrological content, personal growth, or metaphysical guidance are also welcome to join. Creative graphic and web design is always welcomed !

  • Hope from Incest Community
    Recovery from incest and child-abuse is not fun. Neither incest nor child-abuse are pretty. Many victime grow up to continue being victims while others grow up to be abusers. None of us grows up unaffected. This community will bcommunity you the many different sides of these issues.

  • Self Realization Positive Thinking Quotes to Attain Perfection in Life.
    Special Self Realization Positive Thinking Quotes - Our aim is to provide Rare Positive Thinking Quotes, Help you to attain Inner Peace in your Life. Daily Motivation Sayings for you to Develop Positive Thinking. Special Love Poems, Inspiration Quotes and Thoughts to achieve Inner Peace. Develop your soul in a right direction with our daily positive thinking quotes and making it attractive to God. Enjoy and Feel Positive, Spread Love, Peace and Happiness every where.

  • ACIM Resources for Students of A Course in Miracles
    This site offers resources for study of A Course in Miracles along with links to many important ACIM sites.

  • Christian Panic Disorder Community
    We are a group of sites joined together to offer Christian Bible based support and encouragement for those dealing with panic disorder and related issues.

  • Surviving Spiritual Abuse
    Site Community for Survivors of Spiritual Abuse be it at the hands of an individual, cult or church.

  • Encouragement Well
    Linking members of the Encouragement Well Community as they face chronic pain and realted illness. Also for sites who like to encourage others,offer support and/or information dealing with chronic Pain and Realted Illness

  • were
    a community for weres and otherkin to meet and discuss therianthropy and other fun things!

    A community for sites of a spiritual nature.{;}From Astrology to Healing.

  • the healing god community
    in this community we have everything wich is about 12 steps,jesus christ,humor,iceland,recovery and about the good life without drugs.

  • You are a Princess
    This community is for ladies, to help one another become all that God intends for his daughters to become.

  • Seeking Justice
    For people who want to help stop child abuse with information on child abuse and stories of survivors of abuse. Survivors of addictions. Stories of survivors of physical problems disabilites. Also spiritual Websites does not have to be religious. views of God the creator.

  • Using Spirituality to Face the Challenges of Mobility Health Problems

    Disabled people are faced with the challenge of dealing with a fast-paced society. This is the reason why many among these people experience depression and anxiety against their own situations. As a result, the people who are disabled and are generally unable to do what others in the society could do have the tendency of drawing away form the crowd. However, because of the existence of modern technology, amputation of the lost limb or leg is now possible.

    Non-government groups who are aiming to help the people under this distress have mostly funded for several amputations. As a result, many immobilized people are now able to mix with others in the society. True, the anxieties and the depression that are felt by the said people are gradually vanished from their personal system. However, it could not be denied that within themselves, the feeling of being left out because of their disability could not be completely forgotten by the people themselves in such a short span of time. This is the reason why some who have been already amputated still undergo several psychological therapies that are designed to help them cope up with their situation and thus regain the confidence that they once lost when they became disabled.

    Yes, in this discussion, it could be noted that the culture of the mobility-disabled people is based upon how their society accepts them as a group of a society that is capable of contributing to the success of the whole humanity. By doing so, the entire human society helps in alleviating the depression and insecurities that they feel from being disabled. The consequences of a social etiquette applied towards those who are disabled in mobility would indeed help in creating a better culture for the amputees who are trying to re-fit themselves in the human society.

    Enhancing Spirituality: A Therapy for the Soul

    For a long time of human history, the capability of spirituality or spiritual life [as it is mostly referred to] in bringing a person the chance to realize the hope that they need to face all the challenges in life that they need to deal with. Likely, this truth has been carried through time of human development. Without any letup, nobody could deny the fact that every health troubled individual who decides to relate to the situation through holding on to spirituality has better chances on surviving the challenge victoriously compared to those who simply rely on medical assistance.

    Why is this particular fact considered true even by the experts in the field of medical excellence?  Some do say that the said matter is related with psychological reasons. For them, simply having something to believe in gives a helpless person the reason to fight through all the hardships and challenges that they need to deal with in life. As for the health case dealt with herein, human individuals who are immobilized for several reasons and circumstance gain better understanding of the fact that they could still get on through with life by believing that God himself would actually help them towards the hope of life that they deserve to have.