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  • ReikiOne
    ReikiOne is based on the foundation there is no right way to practice Reiki - all energy comes from the same source, the Universe, no matter what it is called. **One World, One Universe, One Source**

  • Reiki Universal Healing
    Reiki is an ancient energy healing method that everyone can easily learn. Info about Reiki treatments, initiations and distance courses.

  • I'm a Breastfed Kid
    This is a community for any children who are breastfed!

  • Mikao Usui Reikicommunity
    Op deze community vind je spirituele en Reiki site's met veel informatie over Reiki en spirituele onderwerpen.

  • Reiki Kids: Little Hands That Heal
    A wonderful place to introduce children to the power they hold within and the universal love they are a part of. A terrific site for children interested in Healing Touch & Reiki (and the supportive parents that support them on their journey!)

  • The Orgonite Exchange
    The Orgonite Exchange is a community dedicated to the application, research and development of orgonite and related life-energy technologies. Some are discussion forums or sites with information on making and using orgonite, and some are vendors of orgonite devices and other metaphysics/alternative health tools.

  • FIRM_Believers
    Web sites of FIRM Believers. FIRM Beleivers are people who are totally hooked on using the exercise videos, the FIRM, and the fabulous results they produce!

  • Dieren Reiki Community
    Community voor Reiki beoefenaars die vooral Dieren behandelen. Voor het behandelen van poes tot paard. Community for Reiki practisioners who treat animals in there practice.

  • Ripple Effects of Reiki
    From Reiki Schools, to Reiki Students, to Reiki Healers and Reiki Teachers, this community shows how the ripple effects of Reiki is changing the World to be a better place.

  • Tall
    A community for those tall kids.

  • PRISMology of Light Healing
    The PRISMology of Light Healing community is available to all students and teachers of this healing modality. If you are interested in learning about these healing energies, please do not hesitate to contact me at adrien@healingspiral.com

  • The Healing Power of Reiki


    When you consider that it is Japan that is home to some of the oldest people in the world, you have to wonder what it is that they’re doing differently that enables them to live such long and productive lives. It’s not secret that the Japanese are a culture that very much believes in the importance of physical and spiritual well being and this includes practices such as Reiki which is a natural technique for reducing stress and increasing your body’s ability to heal by using the power of touch. It is believed that by laying the hands on another person, the practice of Reiki is able to transfer a positive life force to the person that is being worked on which in turn leads to a feeling of inner peace that can improve other areas of  life. The word Reiki actually means ‘universal life energy’. It is believed that this healing energy is able to pass through anything so the person receiving the treatment need not get undressed as with many other forms of touch therapy and massage.


    When you go in for a Reiki session, you’ll be asked to lie down on a couch or table, though this can also be performed in the seated position if needed. Once the Reiki Master sees that you are relaxed, they will place there hands gently on various parts of your body and hold them there for a few minutes before moving onto the next. It is during this time that they are transferring the power to you and helping you heal. Touching is something that we as humans long for, need and crave in order to feel balanced and this has much to do with why it’s believed that Reiki is so effective; because it utilizes the power of touch to its fullest. A session generally lasts about an hour though a true master will work on you longer if it is sensed that you need it. It is said that you can feel the positive energy going into you during the session and that you leave the session feeling significantly different than when you walked in.


    It is believed that Reiki not only offers a relief of stress but that it can also heal other conditions and ailments whether they be mental, spiritual and even physical. Reiki can even be used to treat some terminal illnesses or at the very least offer a sense of peace and balance to a terminally ill person for the remainder of their life. This is not to be considered a quick fix or an overnight miracle. Treatment requires time and the length of time needed depends on the type of injury or illness as well. It is also not based on belief which means that anyone and everyone can reap the benefits of Reiki.


    If you’re interested in receiving a Reiki treatment, you can consult your local massage college or visit a center dedicated to natural health and wellness. And when all else fails, you can also try a search online for Reiki masters in your community.