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  • Förlossningsberättelser
    För alla som har förlossningsberättelse på hemsidan.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness
    The Breast Cancer Awareness Community was created to form a strong bond between individuals with a common goal...to spread the word about this important issue. Your website need not to contain anything pertaining to Breast Cancer to join. All I ask is that your site be family-friendly and that you commit to become more involved, even in a small way, for yourself as well as your family and friends. Remember...THINK PINK!!

  • Ippocr@te Community Italia
    Circuito italiano di siti Web di Area Biomedica

  • communitypsychologue
    ce community est reservé aux psychologues qui ont le titre de psychologue

  • The Nurse's Station
    The Nurse's Station is a community which is open to everyone ~ not just nurses or people in the healthcare profession, although I expect that they will be our major contributors. Our goal is to create a network of health care resources, support links, humor and entertainment which can be used and enjoyed by all on the World Wide Web. We welcome anyone with an interest in the health care field and relevant content on their websites to join.

  • AromaticLife
    For aromatherapy related sites, must have essential oils, education, or such to join the community.

  • Rapid Eye Technology Community
    A resource for existing therapists and users, as well as for those who come across Rapid Eye Technology by chance.

  • Protect Earth's Angels - Our Children
    Dedicated to protecting children. Raising awareness of the need for protection in policies for children's provisions.

  • God's Special Hearts
    On-Line Support Group For parents with children who are living with Heart Defects

  • Health Publications: Getting the Information You Crave


    Whether you like to read articles in magazines and books or while sitting at your computer clicking through an E-zine; health publications can be a source of entertainment as well as valuable information. And how wonderful is it to be in an age where health news and information is so readily available and not just limited to a doctor’s office or hospital anymore!


    When it comes to getting informed as to the goings ons in the health world as far as new developments and progress in treatments go; your best source if information would be in health and medical journals which are easily bought at bookstores or ordered online. Cutting edge information about health matters are not limited to medical journals though; these days most men’s and women’s magazines contain sections dedicated to health and offer bits on health news and tips. And because these articles are written in plain ol’ English as opposed to medical jargon geared for med students; chances are that you’ll actually enjoy reading the information and retain/understand it!


    Another type of publication that can do the trick in giving you your health news kick would be anyone of the magazines or E-zines dedicated to health and fitness. While these magazines have a strong focus on exercise and diet, they also offer a good variety of tips for over all healthy living as well as blurbs on the latest in health news. These are actually great for tips that can be used day to day to improve your health and quality of living. There are a few that cater to bodybuilders and hardcore athletes but for the most part they offer easy reading and excellent and accurate information that can be used by people like you and me. While we’re on the topic of tips for the average Joe, another neat little source for health information would be what people refer to as ‘supermarket magazines’. I’m talking about then flimsy little weeklies geared for women that you flip through when waiting in the grocery store checkout line. These magazines usually throw in health news as well as health-related tips and suggestions for a family which is great if you have children.


    Finding a health publication that touches on the topics that matter to you can be simple if you just take a little but of time to flip through a few or even visit their websites for a preview. Some publications also offer a preview issue for free or for a nominal fee. It’s a great way to sample a magazine before committing to a subscription and adding more junk to your recycling bin every week. Don’t just look for one that covers the subjects of interest to you but also one with an overall tone and style that resonates with you so that your read can be informative AND enjoyable. As I said, you’re more likely to retain the information you read if you can actually relate to it and understand it. This way  guarantees that you’ll get the most for your money.