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    Emergency Medicine for health Care Professionals and First aiders.

  • Health Profession is no longer just another Career


    Ever since man has embarked on his journey of evolution he has had to overcome myriad of obstacles and challenges that nature put in his path. Generations after generations have tried to overcome these obstacles and have succeeded with aplomb. But as the triumphant march of the human being continued on this planet it had to pay for it in no uncertain terms. One such area that always remained a cause of concern for us human beings has been the general well being of the people. It can hardly be argued that with the advancements and transformations in the lifestyle of the human being on this planet, various diseases and other afflictions have continued to bother him in one way or the other. As a result different types of health services as well as their practitioners have been playing the all important role of restoring the health of the people, no matter of what age, to the best of their abilities. The zeal and the passion that these ancient and medieval health professional had for their line of work is commendable and needs to be reintroduced in our present day society.


    The modern day society that we have created for ourselves is full of stress and myriads of health related issues. The horrible consequences of such a fast paced life style are all too evident and can be seen all around us. We as the most evolved species on this planet really need to introspect about what needs to be done in order to better the health of the people and also make this planet a safe place to live in for our future generations. Many governments have realized this and are now actively involved in restoring the true meaning and the true essence of the medical profession. Procedures have been initiated as well as methodologies have been devised to create a society that is free of diseases and sickness. But still the journey ahead is a lot unpredictable as well as arduous.


    All the governments whether those of strong nations or the nations that are still struggling with the rudimentary necessities of life need to come together along with the major health organizations to find a way out of the quagmire. Although many nations have initiated the procedure by introducing measures like family health insurance, child health insurance and many other related health plans to tackle the situation but still there is a lot that needs to be done. One of the most important instruments that can be used is the imparting of health education to everybody no matter to which strata of the society they belong.


    We are standing in a battlefield and fighting a battle that needs to be won at all costs. We as human beings have done it before and would definitely succeed in proving that why we are the most powerful and the most intelligent species in the world.