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  • Nurses On The Web
    Nurses On The Web was created to bcommunity nurses around the world together. We are a group of nurses, nursing students, CNA\'s, and professors of nursing who have united to offer each other support, communication, and assistance. Many of us have found the internet to be an important tool in completing our MSN nursing education, increasing our knowledge of nursing, and teaching patients. It is my hope that this page will serve as a tool for professional nurses.

  • Hospice Care Community
    The Hospice Care community was created in an effort to bcommunity together people who are involved in hospice care. The Hospice Care Community is a place for hospice workers, caregivers, and people who know first hand about grief and healing to come together to share ideas, and help each other. I am a true believer in the philosophy that we can learn from one another, if we only take the time to share a bit of ourselves.

  • Nursey's Waiting Room Community
    Nursey's Waiting Room Community is open to ALL Nurse's, CNAs/Techs, Doctors, EMTs/Emergency personnel or any health care workers wishing to be linked together on the web. My site if full of fun, twisted nursing humor and many graphics so come on over and tickle your humerous!

  • Nursing Community
    The nursing community is a place for nurses and caregivers of all kinds.Thisn community is full of information and products that you'll find helpful whether you care for people for a living or care for your loved ones who are elderly or ill.
    This community features  infotmation about nursing and nursing careers.You can also find all kinds of text books, DVDs,books, job information, nursing home info and much more.

  • Nursing
    All things nursing for student nurses and the professional.

  • CarePlans
    For Nursing Students for educational research as they prepare Care Plans. All web sites related to nursing are welcome to join.

  • 24hrnurse
    The place for nurses to get on their soapbox!

  • From Nursing Student To Nursing Professional: A Formal Step Towards Social Health Safety


    Nursing students as training professionals in the field of hospital operation and patient care has to have the ability to handle ethical issues within the said industry. Undeniably though, it is essential enough to consider this particular matter when dealing with health care professions such as nursing.


    True, being a nurse requires one to become highly involved in different human operations and are thus more susceptible to issues that are related to the said situations. Consequently, the said healthcare professionals are required to learn different levels of ethical concerns even during their training years yet. This particular training ensures them of the capabilities that they have to at least manifest their personal concern for their patients as well as their professional standing for the performance of their duties towards their clients.


    Being a nurse itself requires hard work and perseverance in treating patients from different ages, genders and situations. According to the Department of Nursing Education, applicants for the nursing job must have certain characteristics that will help them give the needed medication for the patients they care for. The said characteristics particularly involve that of the five major values of professionalism that must be given full attention by nurses in performing their duties to the public. The five values include Altruism, Autonomy, Human Dignity, Integrity, and Social Justice.


    One of the key factors also considered in the abilities that a perfect nurse should acquire is being able to demonstrate utilization of intellectual strength. This means that a nurse must be able to dispose off good judgment even when he is faced with exceptionally complicated and serious medical cases. A nurse must be able to promptly complete all responsibilities such as attending to the care of each patient brought in the emergency room. To become an asset to the medical team, a nurse should be able to think in a mature way and tolerate “physically taxing workloads” and yet still function at the best performance possible. Stress is always a part of the nursing job. Professionalism is also an important factor to be considered in nursing. In emergency situations, it should be preempted by the nurse to receive negative and demanding commands from the patient or the relatives as well. Remaining calm and continuously focused to aiding the patient should keep the nurse remains in his professional characteristics. In this way, instead of making the situation worse, the attending nurse would even be able to help the relatives and the patient himself to remain calm in the middle of a strenuous situation. This particular value actually involves the consideration that each nurse places on their responsibility to pose social justice in their work. Professionalism involves the consideration that each nurse palaces on the ethical standards that they are placing as part of their professional basis of competency at work.


    Yes, being a nurse has never been an easy task, and being a part of a medical team to help patients during emergency cases is much more demanding. But the strong and ideal efforts of a nurse placed in his job could help him attain the required attributes that a perfect nurse should have. His determination to continuously improve and develop his skills in becoming the perfect nurse is among the key concepts to help him attain his best in his chosen career