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  • bipolar planet
    This community is for individuals who are bipolar and/or have a loved one that is bipolar.

  • Gift of Plurality Community
    This community is for multiples (persons living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, aka Multiple Personality Disorder) and/or related dissociative conditions, and for their supporters. Sites should focus on the *positive* aspects of being gifted with multiple selves. If your site is more focused on the actual experience of abuse or trauma, please consult CommunitySurf's search engine for a more appropriate community.

  • Social Anxiety Community
    For people with websites pertaining to social anxiety and shyness.

  • Piece of Mind
    Our everyday challenges. A positive, creative look inside of individuals mental illnesses.

  • My Tears Are Real
    This community is for all personal mental health websites.

  • the alt.support.depression community