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  • False Accusations of Rape
    The FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE Community is open to sites which deal with the problem of false accusations of rape. These include sites which profile individual cases of false accusations, sites which raise awareness and educate regarding false accusations of rape, and sites which provide information and assistance to people who have been falsely accused of rape.

  • Dangerous Women
    Community of sites dealing with problem of female violence, treachery, abuse against men, children, and even other women.

  • Men Against Abortion, Men for Life
    A community for men who support life! Abortion is murdecommunity an innocent life--it's time men stood up and defended these children! Men do care and must care for change to occur! This community supports paternal rights in abortions-- women should not be able to abort our children! Women who agree with this community's values are free to join.

  • Domestic Violence Community for Men Who Batter
    Finding help if you are a man who batters is crucial to your well being as well as that of the people around you. This community is dedicated to domestic violence and help for men who batter.
    This is a free and safe place to find out what resources are available to you and get the help you need. If you know someone who batters then this can also prove to be a helpful source of information and advice for you as well.

  • Men’s Health For Guys Who Won't See A Doctor


    Men will be the first to admit that they don’t handle being sick very well. The problem is that they don’t often like to admit it to the ones who can help them—the doctors! It is because of this that online men’s health resources are so important. Most men don’t want to go to the doctor when they’re feeling sick; many because they’re scared, but mostly, it’s about some silly pride and being THE man, blah, blah, blah. So for those of you who are under the silly notion that going to a doctor or asking for help is ‘weak’ or ‘for sissies’, then you, more than anyone else could benefit from online health resources.


    Going online to a men’s health site; you will have access to information about all kinds of issues affecting men’s health, including those ‘delicate’ issues that you’d never dream of talking about out loud! You can get help with anything! Some sites allow you to search different symptoms so that you can have an idea of what might be going on, though this is not a substitute for medical care. You can also read up on the issues affecting men in health as well as find out about different remedies, medications and treatments.


    When a guy is dealing with an issue that is troubling to him, a lot of the times the first instinct is to retreat and hide away from others. Things like sexual dysfunction, addictions or mental issues like anxiety and depression have been known to cause men to withdraw and not want to ask for help. The thing that you need to realize is that these are very serious issues that will require help whether you’re embarrassed or not. As a matter of fact, any issue that affects the quality of your day to day life is a serious matter worth getting help for. There is no reason why you should live a life less than wonderful! So if something is stopping you from enjoying your life or is causing you concern, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get help.


    If your need is more to just talk to someone rather than something medical that requires a doctor’s visit, then something like a men’s health site, web ring or forum can give you that. You can use these types of resources to chat with other guys who may be going through something similar. They can offer advice and solutions based on their personal experiences or direct you to someone who can help you. The good part about all of this is that it doesn’t require any face to face time so that you can speak freely and openly without worrying that they will know you, judge you or anything else.


    You don’t need to be a big baby when it comes to dealing with men’s health no matter what the issue is. Just have a look around at all of the great resources and information and start using it.