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  • Binaural Beats
    Binaural Beats are audio recordings that help you reach deep meditative states. These specially created recordings help you to find a quiet place inside your mind to relax and recover from the stresses of the day.

  • Music for Meditation

    There are many different styles and types of music; the same rule applies when it comes to buy music from stores both on the internet and in your local music store.  No two people are the same when it comes to their individual style. Some people like music that is soothing, others like music that gets them moving and some like music that is expressive to their moods and feelings.

    When buying music for meditation it can be quite hard to know exactly what to buy. By looking at different types of meditation we can see what music is best used for that form of mediation. For example;

    This meditation technique is from the Buddhist practice called Metta.  Metta translates into English as; unconditional love and kindness or loving-kindness as it is called by some; it is a central tenet of Theravadã Buddhism. Theravadã Buddhism teaches its students that love is unconditional for everything and everyone. This technique helps you to strengthen the view that we are all one. This allows you to realize that you are part of the grander scheme of things whilst also allowing you to improve positive relationships. 

    You start this meditation technique by clearing your mind in the same way as any of the others we have discussed in this chapter. Focusing upon breathing, a mantra, a positive affirmation or even your favorite MP3 are all effective. Now once you are calm, relaxed and ready you can begin to pour unconditional love into your mind, soul and body.

    Start with filling up yourself with unconditional love, forgive yourself for any wrong doings you have done in the past which will enable you to move on from any guilt that has stored itself up inside you. Accept who you are as a person at this stage in your life and let go of who you once were, thanking those who helped you along the way. Think of these people even ones that did you wrong, because without them you wouldn’t have learnt any of the lessons that you have because of them and their deeds becoming who you are now. Send them unconditional love and forgive them. The release you will feel from letting all that negative weight go will be extraordinary and you will wonder how you never did it before.

    Move on to the friends you have in your life both past and present, wish them well and imagine in your mind them filling up with unconditional love too. Imagine giving them all the love that you can whilst receiving nothing in return. Move on to the other people in your life, the good and bad alike. This meditation is about giving and forgiving. Fill them all up with unconditional love, whilst again receiving nothing in return. Imagine that this love you are giving is then spreading to others that they meet, which spreads to more and more people eventually touching the whole world. This should leave you feeling refreshed, fulfilled and content with your life. The forgiveness of others wrong doings will free up space and eradicate negativity allowing more love and positivity in.

    By using music you are enhancing your state of mind. Choose what you buy wisely and you will have a long and lasting relationship with your CD for a long time. Links to where you can buy your CD’s are often advertized on the relevant websites of your chosen practices/games and activites.