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  • Feldenkrais®
    The Feldenkrais® Community is for sites related to the theory and practice of the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of somatic education. FELDENKRAIS®, FELDENKRAIS METHOD®, FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION®, and AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT® are service marks of the FELDENKRAIS GUILD® of North America.

  • The Worldwide Rei-Ki Network
    The Worldwide Rei-Ki Network links Sites of Reiki Practitioners worldwide, or Sites which show evidence to support Rei-ki. While we express support of the method by Dr Usui, other Sites may apply for membership of this worldwide Network.

  • Massage/Bodyworkers Community
    Massage Therapy,Bodyworkers,Alternative health care providers.Professionals in field are welcome to join.

  • All About Massage Therapy



    The benefits of massage therapy are impressive; with it being responsible for: improved circulation, stress relief, improved function and mobility, pain relief and treatment of soft tissue injuries. If you’re considering massage therapy for any reason, then your best bet would be to get your hands on as much information as you can so that you can choose the right type of massage and massage therapist for your needs.


    One way to get on the road to better health with massage would be by visiting your doctor so that you can have a full understanding of your condition, whether it be an injury or stress. The reason for this is that you need to be sure that massage won’t aggravate your condition, because as wonderful and therapeutic as massage may be, if used on certain injuries or on people suffering from certain ailments, it can end up doing more damage than good!


    Finding a licensed massage therapist is your next step. You can consult your local telephone listings, but your best bet is always to check with friends and family to see if they have anyone that they recommend. Your doctor may also be able to refer you to someone reputable. Once you do get in touch with a massage therapist; be clear about what you are looking to achieve with your therapy and be sure that they offer the methods that best suit your needs.


    There are several different massage techniques so it’s important to know which will be best for your needs. Some of the available methods include:


    ·      Deep tissue massage

    ·      Trigger point or Myotherapy

    ·      Neuromuscular technique (NMT)

    ·      Shiatsu

    ·      Myofascial Release

    ·      Sports Massage


    Most therapists are trained in more than one method and if getting your treatment at a massage centre or spa; it is likely that there will be different therapists on staff trained in the various techniques. Also, the majority of massage therapists are able to give a relaxing massage which is what most of us tend to be after when we go for a massage.


    Before you drift off into a daydream about how wonderful and soothing your massage is going to be, there is another crucial bit of information to keep in mind and that is the likelihood of a little bit of pain during and after your first massage. Yes, that’s right, I said pain! While most people do report some sort of discomfort, it normally lasts less than twenty-four hours and is a small price to pay for the relief and benefits achieved through massage therapy. Most patients begin to feel a noticeable change in their condition as early as the first session, with dramatic results after the third or fourth session


    Massage has been touted as the ‘miracle treatment’ and with good reason! With all of the great and proven benefits; massage is worth a try. So take this massage therapy info we have provided you with and go get yourself the relief you deserve.