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  • Magnetic Therapy for Pain


     You’ve probably seen them in stores or on the wrists of men and women all around; those magnetic bracelets that people wear for anything from pain relief to keeping their nausea and motion sickness in check. Even though magnets are becoming more commonly used; the idea of using magnetic therapy for pain still seems odd to some of us, doesn’t it?? Consider that the use of magnets for therapeutic reasons has been around for thousands of years—that must mean something, right? Maybe if I explain how magnetic therapy works, it’ll help you to see what it might be able to do for you.


    The magnetic energy field that is created when you place a magnetic anywhere on the body works with the body’s natural healing process. In doing so, it increases blood flow and oxygen to that area. By doing so, you reduce inflammation and encourage healing because getting that oxygen to the injured or damaged tissues are how they repair themselves. So rather than taking medications for pain that only offer a temporary relief from pain as you wait out the injury; you could instead hurry things along with the simple and natural effects of magnets.


    Magnetic therapy doesn’t just work for pain, but for several other conditions as well. Magnets are helpful in treating: Arthritis, Circulation problems, sciatica, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, migraines, diabetes and more. And their benefits are all natural which can reduce the need for drugs; saving your health in the long term as well as your money.


    No two people are exactly the same, so the amount of magnetic energy a person needs varies from one person to the next. Magnets come in different strengths and the amount needed not only varies per person, but also the type of injury and severity of the injury. As well, magnetic therapy needs to be followed through and used consistently, because, much like all other types of therapies; if you do not follow through with treatment to the end—you will not get the desired results.


    Since the goal of magnetic therapy is to get rid of pain or discomfort; you need to be diligent with the use of the magnets. Your injury needs better blood and oxygen flow in order to repair the damaged cells and tissue that are causing the pain. This will only happen if you continue to use your magnets long enough for the body to be able to do that.


    If you are looking to use magnetic therapy for management of pain or any other symptom; there are several options available in terms of magnetic items or devices. The most commonly found and used are: bracelets, necklaces, rings, insoles and mattress pads, most of these can even be found at the local pharmacy or department store.


    If you are tired of constantly having to pop one pill after another to help manage pain, then you may wanna give magnetic therapy a try. It certainly couldn’t hurt. As with anything else though, if you find that your discomfort is lasting too long or getting increasingly worse, then a trip to your health care provider is in order.