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  • Holistic Health Exchange
    This is a community to showcase holistic therapies, products, services, practitioners, schools, and related information. We are looking for content-rich websites, that will provide holistic information for the purpose of helping and healing. MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES Websites in this community need to have a holistic health focus. We are interested in sites that provide information on holistic therapies, practices, and products, such as, but not limited to: acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, ayurveda, chiropractic care, essential oils, flower essences, herbalism, homeopathy, jin shin

  • Reiki4ALL
    This site is dedicated to Reiki which was created by Mikao Usui a Tendai Buddhist who created a Hands on Healing Technique.

  • What is Holistic Health


    Holistic Health is the philosophy of remedial care which views mental and physical mental features of life as intimately unified and evenly significant approaches to cure. While regularly linked with substitute medicine, it is even gradually more used in the mainstream medicinal practice as part of broad view of the patient care.


    Holism as the health concept has long survived outside of educational circles, however only comparatively lately has the contemporary medical enterprise started to incorporate it in the normal health care system. In United States, first National Conference on the Holistic Health was performed by Health Optimizing Institute as well as The Mandala Society with University of California and San Diego School of Medicine in 1975 June. This sustained there for 10 years with about 3000 health professionals taking part every year. After the 2nd year it was not in the Medical School.


    The recording of such Conferences that was the rising of Holistic Health in America is in nine volumes of Journal of Holistic Health given by Mandala Society. More than 150 authorities in features of Holistic Health took part as well as are recorded in Journals. The Mandala Society work and conferences supported the formation of Association for Holistic Health in the year 1976 and Holistic Medical Association in the year 1978. Many local Holistic Health Associations chased with American Holistic Health Association being founded in the year 1989. Traditionally, Holistic health is not been extensively practiced in the North America as well as is not legitimized as the valid procedure.


    Holistic health is not on its own a way of cure, however is an approach to how cure must be applied. Holistic ideas of fitness and health analyze attaining and sustaining good health as required over just taking care of the a variety of particular components which make up a physical body, in addition including the aspects like spiritual and emotional happiness The objective is a wellness that included the complete person, rather than merely the need of physical disease or pain. This means that not feeling ill does not essentially mean that you are well, only that you are between sick and well. When symptoms grow, it is regularly long after the reason of the indications occurred. It is regularly used in contrast to medical model which focuses on curing symptoms as well as syndromes devoid of trying to address running afar the nonexistence of the disease; the Holistic approach concentrates on the reason.


    In “Gender as well as the communal construction of sickness”, authors provide alternatives which have worked instead of hormone substitute therapy. Mood enhancers as well as tranquilizers might work for a few women; however herbal remedies, exercise, dietary supplements and yoga are options that have been supportive to other women. Soy products contain necessary minerals and vitamins which could aid with the consequences of menopause. The vitamins comprising the soybean are A, C, B complex, D, and E along with K.